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The Strucker twins learn more about their combined powers, just in time for a break-in attempt

The Gifted

S1 E9
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December 04, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST

Dr. Roderick Campbell, you’ll be happy to know, is screaming painfully in a hospital bed, his face swathed in bandages after his run-in with the nuclear-powered Otto Strucker. Jace Turner, however, is more than happy to clean up his mess. Although other Sentinel officials are skeptical, Jace is convinced that the mutants are going to try attacking Trask, and he wants the Sentinels to be fully prepared when they do so. On a phone call with his wife, our Evil Cory Booker once again brings up his dead daughter as a justification for his police-state authoritarianism. I’m sure one of these days we’ll get a closer look at what actually happened on July 15th, but I’d bet money Grace was actually killed by cops or Sentinels in the crossfire, not mutants.

Unaware that the Sentinels are ready for them, the mutants move in on the Trask lab. Reed and Caitlin stay in the truck watching security camera feeds (they insisted on coming with since Andy and Lauren are there, but being powerless, they won’t be much help in the field). John, Esme, Polaris, and Eclipse stake out a position outside the fence, while Blink teleports herself, Dreamer, Andy, and Lauren inside the facility to see what’s what.

At first things seem to be going well; Dreamer is even able to convince a guard to throw his gun and radio in the trash rather than impede them. But then Caitlin sees a Sentinel spider-robot moving in, and this one has learned its lessons; it’s too fast for Andy to destroy it with telekinesis. As the robot grabs Blink, Dreamer and the kids try to make a run for it, but soon they’re grabbed too. Trapped on a basement level, Andy and Lauren decide to use their combined powers to fight their way out. They clasp hands, start feeling the glow…and then give up, once Andy realizes they’d just kill everyone in the building, friend and foe alike. So Jace and his goons run in, collar them, and arrest them, even as Caitlin screams helplessly in the van. They and the other mutants get away, though John has to carry Esme over his shoulder in order to take her out of there.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that the mutants have suffered one of their worst defeats yet. Their most powerful trump cards (not just Andy and Lauren, but the incredibly useful Blink and Dreamer as well) are now in the hands of the enemy.

Coolest power use: Since Andy and Lauren didn’t actually do anything with their powers, I’m giving this week’s award to Esme. Using her telepathy to get inside Polaris’ head and watch the first scene of the pilot was pretty fun — especially useful for any viewers who haven’t been following since the beginning!

Dumbest Reed move: There wasn’t really one this time. Go, Reed! 

Most impossible choice: Obviously this one goes to Lauren and Andy at the end there. I understand why they passed up using their powers, but these mutants are just going to keep getting their butts handed to them if they aren’t willing to kill some Sentinels every once in awhile. First of all, they’re evil fascists (especially Jace — the vague nods at him being slightly uncomfortable with his job have left me cold). Second of all, they already hate you! There’s little to lose, especially since the Sentinel camp is already treating this like a war. If one side in a war isn’t fighting to win, they’re going to lose.

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