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October 23, 2018 at 09:00 PM EDT

We knew it wouldn’t be long for the other timey-wimey shoe to drop after Team Flash decided to let Nora stay in the present — and now it has. “The Death of Vibe” revealed exactly how Nora’s presence in the here and now is affecting the timeline, and not for the best. The episode also introduced Tom Cavanagh’s latest incarnation of Harrison Wells: the French Sherloque Wells. Let’s dive in.

“The Death of Vibe” opens with a really cool look at the Hall of Villains in the future Flash Museum as Nora, speaking to Team Flash, reveals that Cicada is her father’s scariest enemy because, well, he was never caught. Supergirl, Green Arrow, the Legends, and the League (!!!) all failed to apprehend him. But there’s more! It turns out that Cicada’s metahuman purge is happening earlier than it should and his victims are completely different, which is obviously a result of Nora traveling back in time. Does anything good ever come out of time travel?

But no worries, because Nora has an idea for how to defeat Cicada: recruiting a new version of Wells to join the team. Apparently, Team Flash never thought to try that in her version of the timeline, so maybe that’s what’ll tip the scale this time. Nora wants to bring Herr Wells onto the team, but the good German scientist/Flash family fanboy is too busy and recommends turn Sherloque Wells, a French master detective who also charges for his services. Honestly, I remain in awe of just how many version of Wells Cavanagh has played at this point, and I really enjoyed what we got of Sherloque in this episode. In terms of cartoonish-ness, Sherloque lands somewhere between season 3’s H.R. and the very silly Herr Wells.

Early on it’s clear that Sherloque may be a bit too good to be true. After a cursory glance at the info the team has on Cicada, he sends them after a man named David Hersh and even helps them navigate a few of the obstacles in capturing him. However, it turns out that Hersh isn’t the real Cicada, which motivates Sherloque to come clean and admit that he cheated. Apparently, he’s caught Cicada on 36 different Earths and each time it’s David Hersh, so he just assumed that was the case again (Yes, the team rightfully asks for a refund). So, the fact that it’s not Hersh on Earth-1 means Nora’s presence has caused yet another change in the timeline. And cue Nora’s guilt rising! At first, Barry struggles to understand why she’s so anxious to do something, but then Iris helps him see that his daughter is basically going through what he used to go through, well, all the time, and he gives her a cute pep talk.

Thankfully, the team won’t have to wait too long to encounter Cicada again because Wannabe Bane takes Joe hostage and orders him to call Vibe to the West home so he can kill him. Again, the show’s cast wasn’t lying when they said that Klein’s baddie was pretty scary; however, I’ll admit that the intimidation factor definitely dropped a bit when Joe said that Vibe only shows up at crime scenes and Klein responded with the unintentionally hilarious line, “This could be a crime scene.” Unfortunately, Cecile wakes up, realizes what’s happening, and calls Cisco to the scene before Cicada can hurt her. Vibe breaches into the leaving room and Cicada pushes him back through the portal and they land in a forest.

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