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'We Are The Flash' is a strong, pathos-filled finish to an uneven season

The Flash

S4 E23
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May 22, 2018 at 10:39 PM EDT

So Barry has Ralph now, but he still doesn’t have DeVoe. Ralph suggests they visit the DeVoe’s classroom since he loved teaching so much. However, that’s a dead end, too — literally; they find the good DeVoe’s dead body in the classroom. But all hope is not lost because Barry realizes that Ralph is more than capable of taking back control of his body if he makes it through the nexus. “Remember who you are, Ralph: a hero,” says Barry, trying to convince his friend to give it a shot, because every episode needs at least one pep talk.

So, the dynamic duo returns to the street and makes a mad dash for the big wormhole in the Thinker’s mind as they fight off an army of Thinkers. Meanwhile back in the real world, Team Flash is busy trying to evade DeVoe, who obviously knows what they’re up to and is trying to stop them. He tracks them down to the pocket dimension and tries to kill Cecile in order to kill Barry, but Barry and Ralph make it through the nexus in time and Ralph regains control of his body. See, emotional attachments helped Team Flash win! With the Thinker dead, he loses control of the satellites, and Marlize and Team Flash are able to override them and terminate the Enlightenment.

But the beauty of this finale is that it had one more twist: Before Ralph regained control of his body, DeVoe transferred his consciousness to his chair and made a last ditch effort to destroy everything. Marlize destroys the chair, which kills her husband and activates a dead man switch that sends of the satellites hurtling toward Central City. In the season’s most thrilling sequence, Team Flash heads out into the field to handle business. Barry plans on using his sonic punch to destroy the satellite before it reaches Earth, which would kill him, too; however, Mystery Girl arrives in time and helps him destroy it and saves his life in the process.

With the day saved, Cisco uses Marlize’s knowledge to fix Harry’s brain, which doesn’t go as planned. Sure, Harry is able to function again, but he doesn’t regain his intelligence. And in another surprising twist, Harry is more than fine with that because this entire ordeal helped him gain some balance. He may not be the smartest man in the world anymore, but he’s more in touch with his feelings now and he’s no longer just defined by his IQ. Harry learning the importance of emotions is definitely cheesy, but it’s endearing. With his newfound emotional intelligence, Harry decides to return to his Earth and reunite with his daughter. This obviously means we’re probably getting another Wells next season.

After that, Team Flash retires to Joe’s home to celebrate the successful birth of Joe and Cecile’s daughter, Jenna Marie West. Wally West even shows up for the party! However, he’s not the only guest. Our Mystery Girl crashes the party and drops a bomb on everyone: She’s Barry and Iris’ future daughter Nora Allen-West and she has made a “big, big mistake” by traveling back in time — because like father, like daughter. What exactly did she screw up? Well, we’ll have to wait until season 5 for that answer, but I’m happy that this season didn’t end on a dark note.

Season 4 of The Flash was all over the place. While it addressed many of season 3’s problems, it also found a whole host of new ones because despite the writers’ efforts, the Thinker was not a strong enough big bad to carry an entire season. However, despite this season’s rough patches, I feel like it’s worth applauding the writers for how much effort they put into crafting this season. In the end, almost everything that was introduced — from Barry’s Speed Force ramblings to the various bus metas’ powers — ended up playing a role in the end (whether or not all of those elements actually worked is another question entirely). While I don’t think “We Are The Flash” absolves this season at all, it definitely delivered on the season’s “all you need is love” theme.

Wall of Weird:

  • Make sure you read EW’s postmortem with The Flash‘s showrunner here.
  • “There will be no defeating the big bad this year,” the Thinker to Team Flash in a very meta moment.
  • I’m really excited to see what happens with Nora next season.
  • My favorite moment of the episode was when Joe scolded Marlize for ever believing what she and DeVoe were doing was right. It wouldn’t be a Flash finale without an emotional scene with Joe West.
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