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S4 E3
October 24, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT

The Flash continued to embrace its goofy side in tonight’s episode, which managed to fill almost every scene with humor. At one point, I wondered if the episode was trying too hard to be fun and funny, but I think it’s best if we don’t complain since anything’s better than the funk the show was stuck in last season.

“Luck Be a Lady” begins with a healthy dose of schadenfreude as The Thinker coldly observes and comments on the very sad life of Subject Two, Rebecca “Becky” Sharpe (Sugar Lyn Beard), the unluckiest woman in the world. Three weeks ago Becky suffered a series of indignities — having a lactose intolerant bathroom emergency right when her she walked in on her boyfriend cheating, being fired from her casino job after pushing away a patron for sexual harassment, her car being impounded — that eventually led her to a bus occupied by Mr. Kilg%re, from last week. As the bus pulled away from the curb, there was a flash of light, giving Becky the power to give others bad luck and herself good luck.

In the present day, we find Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin playing laser tag, which I loved, especially once Cisco invoked “Run, Barry, run” before Barry charged their opponents. No surprise: They all end up losing to the rude teenagers they’re facing. On the bright side, right after they lose, Iris and Barry learn that the wedding venue they wanted has opened up, and they immediately book it.

The same can’t be said for Wally, who receives some heartbreaking news from Earth-2: Jesse wants to break up. Writers Sam Chalsen and Judalina Neira treat this development humorously, as Harry breaches over from Earth-2 carrying a break-up cube containing a hologram message from Jesse. Unfortunately, the device, made from Atlantean plastic (!!), fails, and it’s up to a stuttering Harry to deliver her message, which is as awkward and hilarious as you’d expect given his gruff exterior. Thankfully, a crime alert goes off, ending this uncomfortable conversation.

Using her newfound powers, Becky goes on a bank-robbing spree. In one of the show’s most obvious yet fun song choices, “Luck Be a Lady” plays as she casually strolls into a bank while a series of unfortunate events befall the people who try to stop her. The Flash speeds out onto the scene, but a convenient tub of marbles spills onto the road and trips him before he can stop her. As Barry notes, it’s very cartoony — but in the best way possible. The Flash is always at its best when it embraces its goofy Silver Age instincts as opposed to the grimdark tone that dominates present-day superhero tales.

It doesn’t take long for Team Flash to figure out Becky is one of the new metas Kilg%re warned them about. Cisco, Barry, and Harry manage to track the traces of dark matter on Becky to a street corner, which just happens to be where Barry came running out of the Speed Force in the premiere. That Speed Force breach released a ton of dark matter into our world, which hit the bus Becky and Kilg%re were conveniently on. So, yes, Team Flash is once again responsible for creating these new metas.

This discovery unfolds rather quickly (and with a lot of playful arguing between Cisco and Harry), which is great since the show struggles when the team is kept in the dark for too long. There is, however, one small plot hole: How does Barry remember where he exited the Speed Force? In the premiere, Barry said he remembered nothing from the time in between when he entered to Speed Force and when he saved Iris. Did coming to that intersection jog his memory? If so, the show should’ve done a better job of explaining that. Anyway, Harry gives them hell for opening the Speed Force without consulting him, and a frustrated Cisco yells at him to go back to Earth-2. (Recap continues on the next page).

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