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May 15, 2018 at 10:38 PM EDT

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Heartbreak has done wonders for Clifford DeVoe! Tonight, the Thinker was the most entertaining he’s been since he debuted, and kicked off the episode on a very exciting note. “Think Fast” began with a very fun scene in which DeVoe, masquerading as Diggle, infiltrates an A.R.G.U.S. facility and summons all of his powers to take down the agents guarding Fallout as the Hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah plays. Without Marlize there to hold him back, DeVoe is free to embrace his violent impulses and goes full showman as he lectures the agents in the process in this visually exciting sequence. Neil Sandilands also looks like he’s having quite a ball, too. If only the rest of the episode could live up to this opening scene!

“Think Fast” is the penultimate episode of the season, but there are long stretches of it where it doesn’t really feel like it, and it never feels like the characters are racing against the clock. Luckily, the hour’s final scenes don’t disappoint. It’s just a shame that everything in the middle couldn’t live up to the bookends. (All of that being said, “Think Fast” does point out that the writing team deserves some kudos for how intricately they plotted this season.)

Anyway, after that amazing opening sequence, Team Flash is alerted to the situation at A.R.G.U.S. when Borman’s body temperature starts rising as he’s about to go critical. A quick check-in with the real Diggle confirms that DeVoe is up to no good (shoutout to Arrow‘s David Ramsey for cameoing). The gang quickly deduces that DeVoe wants Fallout to go critical so he can then shrink his containment unit and use it to fuel the Enlightenment. And they only have 12 hours to stop him!

Unfortunately, Barry can’t just zoom into A.R.G.U.S. because the facility is covered with plates that will electrocute him and explode if he steps on them, and DeVoe is holding hostages over said plates. So, Barry reasons that the only solution is to use Flashtime, but that still won’t save him and the hostages from getting blown up by the plates. Thankfully, he’s not alone! Cisco and Caitlin volunteer to enter Flashtime with him and to help save the hostages while he rushes ahead to jump through DeVoe’s breach before he disappears. This sounds like the perfect plan, but of course, Barry’s resistant.

Even though we’re a few weeks out from Ralph’s death, it still weighs heavily on Barry’s mind, and now he’s worried about risking Cisco and Caitlin’s lives in Flashtime (because he never puts their lives in danger). It doesn’t help that Flashtime training — which saps a lot of the tension out of the episode and detracts from the race against the clock — doesn’t get off to a great start, either. At one point, Barry decides that it may be best to go at it alone, which leads to a big scolding from Cisco, who points out that Barry isn’t the only one who feels guilty about what’s happening. Sure, Ralph died after Barry trained him, but Cisco also bears responsibility for allowing DeVoe’s plan to get this far in the first since he’s the one who freed Barry from the Speed Force at the beginning of the season. This conversation has been a long time coming, and ultimately ends with Barry agreeing to resume Flashtime training. (Next: The Enlightenment begins)

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