Cisco and Gypsy make an important decision about their relationship while DeVoe pushes forward with the Enlightenment

By Chancellor Agard
May 01, 2018 at 10:37 PM EDT
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S4 E20

Yes, Marlize, run away! We’ve been building to this moment for weeks, but Marlize finally saw the writing on the wall and left her husband at the end of “Therefore She Is,” which tries to set up her departure with some perfectly fine flashbacks. However, the DeVoes aren’t the only ones who part ways in tonight’s episode. Let’s dive in!

As I mentioned, “Therefore She Is” flashes back to the early years of Marlize and DeVoe’s relationship. Given all of the terrible things we’ve seen Clifford do this season, it’s hard not to feel a creeping sense of dread as you watch their relationship. However, it’s not long before Marlize realizes that her lover is dangerously technophobic (TL;DR: he believes technology is the root of the world’s problems because man always uses new developments for evil).When they move in together, Marlize discovers a journal where DeVoe outlines the scary Enlightenment: He wants to rid humanity of its dependence on technology by rebooting their brains back to a primitive state. Naturally, Marlize is frightened by this and runs the hell away. Unfortunately, she returns to his side and agrees to help him realize his vision after a humanitarian project she was working on in Kenya is attacked and hijacked by local terrorists.

In the present, Marlize and DeVoe are hard at work collecting (read: stealing) the equipment they need to make DeVoe’s dream a reality. As we saw last week, DeVoe is colder than ever and that’s still the case here because he seems more than willing to kill innocent guards to get what he wants even though he doesn’t need to. Little does he know, his newfound penchant for murder is starting to turn his wife against him. Apparently, creating and then killing mostly innocent metas is totally fine, but Marlize draws the line at security guards.

As has been the case for most of this season, Team Flash is playing catch-up and Barry is anxious. Barry begs Cisco to ask Gyspy to help him vibe DeVoe again in order to figure out his next target. By the time that happens, however, DeVoe has already stolen what he needs because Cisco and Gypsy’s vibe was incomplete since they’re having relationship problems. See, Cisco still hasn’t given Breacher an answer about the job and that’s apparently causing some tension. Barry, who is very worried about DeVoe but also the state of Team Flash, tries to mediate for them, but fails miserably. Where’s Dr. Finkle when you need her?

Once they’re free from Barry’s meddling, Cisco and Gypsy finally get around to chatting about their issues. Cisco admits that he doesn’t want to take the job, and Gypsy confesses that she doesn’t want him to either because she’s perfectly fine with their current, long-distance relationship. It’s enough for her. That’s the last thing Cisco wanted to hear because he needs more. Clearly, these two vibers are at an impasse, and I don’t think any amount of seismic breakdancing will help them work through it. (Next:Team Flash vs. DeVoe, Round 1,000)

While Cisco and Gypsy are working through their rough patch, Barry has his a-ha moment and figures out that DeVoe is stealing equipment to build five satellites. What for? Well, he doesn’t know just yet, but he knows that DeVoe will need a quantum computer from Mercury Labs to make it work.

So Team Flash speeds and breaches over to Mercury just in time to stop DeVoe and Marlize from walking out of the building with the shrunken computers. In a surprising twist, Team Flash briefly gains the upper hand thanks to Iris quarterbacking from the Cortex. Even Caitlin shows up to the fight hoping DeVoe will scare her enough to wake Killer Frost back up. She fails, and DeVoe eventually recovers from Team Flash’s surprise salvo and subdues them all. DeVoe starts choking Gypsy Star Wars style, but Marlize manages to talk him down before he actually kills her. Honestly, this was the first time in a while that I was genuinely worried about a character’s fate. I would’ve been very pissed if they had killed Gypsy off like this because I really like her character.

While all of this is going on, Harry, whose intelligence is slowly disappearing, is tasked with distracting Cecile while Joe plans her baby shower. Although he’s initially annoyed with this task, it ends up helping him because Cecile’s able to use her powers to help him complete his thoughts before they disappear. And by the end of their time together, Harry is able fill in some of the blanks of DeVoe’s plan, mainly that he plans on using dark matter to reboot everyone’s brains. It took 20 episodes but we finally know what DeVoe’s planning! It’s rather frustrating that it took so long because his plan isn’t some big twist.

Two relationships comes to end as the episode conclude. First, Cisco accompanies Gypsy back to Earth-19 where they break-up, which is a big bummer. Elsewhere, Marlize breaks away from DeVoe, which has been a long time coming. Not only does she leave DeVoe alone, but she also does it after delivering quite the kiss off. “You’re nothing without me,” she says, throwing his words back at her (in flashbacks, he kept telling her that). What’s unclear is what Marlize will do now. Will she team up with Team Flash, or sit on the sidelines? (Let’s be honest, most likely the latter).

Wall of Weird:

  • Mystery Girl shows up at Cecile’s baby shower with a present, but speeds away as Iris comes to the door. The fact that Mystery Girl has super speed squashes my theory that she was a Monitor, which would’ve been cool.
  • I laugh every time Harry refers to Cecile as D.A. Cecile Horton.

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