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Wentworth Miller returns as Earth-X's Leo Snart in a filler episode

The Flash

S4 E19
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April 25, 2018 at 11:59 AM EDT

Leo Snart is definitely the highlight of this episode. As I mentioned above, Miller’s playfully campy performance makes the very obvious “get in touch with your feelings” theme a bit more enjoyable. Leo spends most of the episode trying to get Barry address to Ralph’s death, not only because he’s worried about Barry’s mental health, but he’s worried Barry’s denial will endanger the rest of the team in the field.

Spoiler alert: Leo is absolutely right! Barry freezes when DeVoe attacks the van transporting Fallout because he can’t help but flash back to DeVoe killing Ralph. Taking advantage of Barry’s distraction, Siren-X enters stage right, subdues Team Flash and DeVoe, and kidnaps Fallout, Joe, and Caitlin. Even after this failure in the field, Barry still refuses to admit why Ralph’s death is so much different than the other losses he’s suffered before.

Meanwhile, DeVoe can’t understand why his plan is falling apart. He expected Siren-X to intervene, but he thought Barry would easily defeat her there and then. Marlize, who was ordered to leave the thinking to DeVoe, points out that he’s missing something obvious: Barry is grieving. That doesn’t compute for our human computer, though, which brings tears to Marlize’s eyes at the end of the episode as her husband pushes her away.

Siren-X decides to exact her revenge on Earth-1 by using Fallout to kill every CCPD officer. Team Flash suspects that she chose the police station because they destroyed Earth-X’s protectors (read: Nazis soldiers) and now she wants to take theirs away. That’s a very flimsy and silly explanation, but whatever; let’s just go with it. Barry and Leo arrive at the station to confront Siren-X, whose Canary Cry is causing a lot of damage to the station as Fallout temperature increases. Barry’s unable to get his head in the game until he realizes mid-fight that he feels guilty for Ralph’s death, which motivates him to take Siren-X out. After the fight ends, Joe finds Barry crying in his lab, which is admittedly rather poignant. The same can be said of Barry finally opening up to Dr. Finkle about how he regrets that he never got a chance to tell Ralph that he was proud of the hero he turned into.

Speaking of which: I really liked that Barry and Iris turned to Dr. Finkle for help in this episode. As Dr. Finkle listed the number of people Barry has lost since the series began at the beginning of the episode, we’re reminded that superheroes encounter so much bloody trauma; however, a lot of them don’t have a place to go to deal with that apart from more brooding or fueling the cycle of violence. I’m glad that Barry has someone he can talk to, and I actually do hope that Dr. Finkle remains a part of the show going forward. In this cluttered age of superheroes, it’s nice to get something new, and superhero in therapy is something no one on the big or small screen is doing right now.

Barry and DeVoe aren’t the only ones who were struggling to deal with their feelings in this episode. Harry learns that the dark matter he injected into his brain is actually causing him to lose his intelligence, which he believes is the only thing that makes him valuable to Team Flash. At first, he tries to hide his deterioration, but he finally comes clean to Cisco about it once he decides to leave the team. But Cisco convinces him to stay, pointing out that he couldn’t have raised an amazing daughter like Jesse just on his IQ alone. Meanwhile, Caitlin is forced to come to terms with the loss of Killer Frost, which might be my favorite part of this episode. There’s something very moving about Caitlin realizing how much Killer Frost meant to her. Thankfully, she might not be gone for good. Caitlin discovers that even though there’s no trace of dark matter in her DNA, there’s still some cryogenic anomaly.

Wall of Weird:

  • Fallout ends up being transported to the super top-secret ARGUS facility that DeVoe wanted him to. So, his plan is still on track, and now he’s even more committed to eliminating emotion from the equation.
  • I love Katie Cassidy on the Arrow-verse, but it felt like she was absolutely wasted here. Siren-X wasn’t different from her portrayal of Black Siren, and this story could’ve worked without her.
  • That being said, I did love Cisco’s attempts to explain the Lance women’s loose relationship with death to Leo.
  • “There’s no outrunning grief…If that’s a pun, I’m sorry.”
  • Also congrats to Leo Snart, who returned to Earth-X to marry the Ray.
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