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Wentworth Miller returns as Earth-X's Leo Snart in a filler episode

The Flash

S4 E19
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April 25, 2018 at 11:59 AM EDT

No one is ever really gone in the Arrow-verse. Wentworth Miller was supposedly done with the world after his last turn on Legends of Tomorrow earlier this year; however, it appears the actor just couldn’t stay away from the universe that allowed a Prison Break revival to happen. Miller returned as Cold’s jollier Earth-X counterpart Leo Snart in tonight’s episode of The Flash, elevating a filler episode with his always-welcome campy performance.

Picking up in the wake of Ralph’s death, “Fury Rogue” finds Barry and Iris in therapy with Dr. Finkle. While Iris is more than willing to open up about how Ralph’s death has affected her, the same can’t be said of Barry, who believes that he’s become a pro at grieving and doesn’t really need to at this moment. In other words, are you ready for an hour that’s mainly concerned with Barry working through the denial stage of grief?

As Barry ignores his grief, he must also contend with DeVoe, who wants to capture walking nuclear-bomb metahuman Fallout. Why? Well, we still have no idea, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with DeVoe’s very ambiguous enlightenment scheme. Is it frustrating that we’re a handful of episodes out from the finale and still have no idea what DeVoe’s plan really is? Yes, extremely so. However, “Fury Rogue” does provide us with some hints. Marlize keeps trying to reconnect with her husband, who finally looks like himself. But Clifford has no time to indulge his emotions because he has logic! If you’re seeing a very obvious theme take shape, then you’re on the right track: This episode is very much about the importance of emotions. As DeVoe’s intelligence grows, he also becomes colder.

Team Flash decides they need to move Fallout to a secure ARGUS location. However, they’re concerned that the move will cause him to go nuclear. So, they do two things: First, they build a suit that will hopefully contain him. Second, they travel to Earth-X and ask Leo to be their backup. In case the suit fails, they’ll be able to use Leo’s cold gun to lower Fallout’s temperature before anything bad happens. Unfortunately, Leo isn’t the only Earth-Xer who travels Earth-1. Siren-X, Laurel Lance’s evil Nazi doppelgänger who is still pissed about Dark Archer’s death in “Crisis on Earth-X,” follows closely behind him.

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