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March 13, 2018 at 10:25 PM EDT

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The Flash finally gave us an Iris-centric episode. While it wasn’t as amazing as I hoped it would be, it was still great seeing Iris at the center of a story for once. Shall we dive in?

“Run, Iris, Run” opens with Cisco and Harry burning the midnight oil as they try to come up with ways to defeat DeVoe and/or handle the remaining bus metas. Cisco is frustrated and insists that they call it a night, but Harry isn’t ready to give up. In fact, he ends up receiving inspiration from an unlikely source: Harrison Wells, a.k.a. Thawne. He finds footage of DeVoe getting hit by dark matter while wearing a Thinking Cap and decides to build himself one in order to increase his intelligence. He presents his idea to the team, but Cisco shuts it down because he’s the only who realizes that pairing a temperamental scientist with a device that alters brain chemistry might not be the best idea. Ralph, on the other hand, is more than happy to take the risk because he’s terrified of DeVoe and has barely left the lab since DeVoe killed that rocker.

While Harry and Ralph team up to build the Thinking Cap without Cisco’s help, the rest of Team Flash deals with this week’s bus metahuman: Matthew Kim. Matthew lands on the team’s radar after he helps thwart a bank robbery by seemingly removing the robber’s fiery powers; Matthew believed he was helping out since the meta was abusing his gifts. However, when Joe and Iris question him later and call Barry for backup, they discover Matthew actually has the power to transfer abilities — because in a brief tussle he gives Barry’s powers to Iris. This also means there are probably several people running around Central City with new powers they received from Matthew zapping another meta, and we’ll meet the one who got the bank robber’s powers later on in the episode.

Iris is thrilled to have Barry’s speed. But I mean, who wouldn’t be? For Iris, this is an opportunity to prove Ralph (and herself) wrong. Earlier in the episode, Ralph cruelly accused her of having no idea what it was like for him, Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin to risk their lives in the field because she’s always chilling behind the computer. Now, Iris has the chance to experience it for herself.

When a fire breaks out in an apartment building, it’s up to Iris to handle it while a bummed and powerless Barry hangs back in the cortex. She has no problem rescuing people from the building, but she encounters some trouble putting out the actual fire. Barry tells her to create wind tunnels with her arms, but that only makes the fire worse, and a beam collapses and traps Iris. Barry tells her she has to phase through it, but she can’t because Barry, it turns out, is kind of a bad teacher (no wonder Wally never really fit in). Where’s Harrison Wells/Thawne when you need him?! Thankfully, Cisco breaches into the building in time and saves Iris. (Next: The return of the blog)

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