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February 06, 2018 at 10:41 PM EST

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The Flash stages a perfectly fine prison break in “True Colors.” Picking up where last week’s episode left off, tonight’s episode opens with Warden Wolfe presenting his metahuman collection to Amunet Black, who decides she wants to buy all of them — especially Barry because he’s a speedster (Wolfe omits the fact that Barry’s the Flash). Being sold on the black market is the last thing Barry wants, so he starts planning his escape.

Barry sciences the hell out of two batteries he stole from a guard and creates an acid that he uses to free himself and the other bus metas — Kilg%re, Becky, Dwarfstar, and Mina — from Iron Heights’ metahuman wing. Sure, Barry would prefer not to team up with the villains, but he has no other option. Using the acid once more, Barry opens a grate in the floor and they all escape into the sewers.

It doesn’t take Team Flash too long to figure out something fishy is going on at the prison. Wolfe tells Iris and Cecile they can’t visit Barry because he’s in solitary confinement after getting into a fight. But Cecile reads his mind and learns what’s really going on at that prison. So Team Flash sets about trying to find a way to save Barry before he falls into Amunet’s clutches. Conveniently, Ralph accidentally learns that his powers also allow him to shape-shift, and Team Flash decides to put that ability to use.

As has been the case with the past few episodes, “True Colors” is partially concerned with fleshing out Ralph’s development as a hero. At the beginning of the hour, Ralph receives a visit from a shady old friend who tries to lure him into some less-than-honorable scheme, but Ralph says no, prompting the friend to hurtfully accuse Ralph of always letting his “friends” down. That really sticks with Ralph, and he spends most of the episode worried he’s going to end up disappointing Team Flash. This show is always at its best when it’s focused on what it means to be a hero, and that’s why Ralph’s story in this episode ended up being its strongest and most compelling aspect. It felt like it actually mattered.

Despite his fear of failing, Ralph agrees to shape-shift into Warden Wolfe and organize a meeting with Amunet in order to call off the metahuman sale. Watching Richard Brooks plays Ralph as Wolfe led to several laughs — something this show has not been lacking at all this season. Unfortunately, Ralph still doesn’t quite have a handle on this ability; his powers start failing as soon as he meets Amunet, and he’s forced to flee the scene before being captured. (Next: The Thinker makes his move)

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