The race is on to save Barry and Jesse, but Zoom has a fatal alternate plan

By Keertana Sastry
February 17, 2016 at 02:18 AM EST
Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
S2 E14

Could Barry actually be fast enough to defeat Zoom after all?

This is the question left in my mind after “Escape from Earth-2.” But before delving into this question too deeply, a recap is necessary because wow did a lot happen tonight. After last week’s action-packed episode, our Flash gang happens to be in a rather severe predicament at the beginning of “Escape from Earth-2.” Not only has Earth-2’s Joe West passed away (still teary from this loss!), but Barry has also been captured by Zoom in a prison right next to Jesse, the girl he swore he’d help save. And to add insult to injury, Zoom knows he has the upper hand, as he taunts Barry and Jesse with their lives and speeds around Central City-2 making public demands for Harrison Wells — the same Harrison Wells who still can’t track his biggest foe. “You can try to hide,” Zoom says. “But I’m the fastest man alive.” (Is he really a man at this point? Seems more monster than human to me.)

But fear not Flash fans, there is no way Barry and Team Flash are losing to Zoom so early in season 2, it’s just not quite time for the epic battle between speedsters (especially if Jesse Quick and Wally West are to become speedsters, as well). Harrison is feeling the pressure from Zoom, especially as media outlets cover the manhunt of Harrison by Zoom himself — the burning demand for Harrison on the side of the building is a nice touch. Harrison tells Henry Hewitt to evacuate S.T.A.R Labs and lock the facility down as he prepares to escape, his fight or flight kicking in with full force when he almost shoots Cisco, who somehow makes his way back from the fight against his alter-ego, Killer Frost, Deathstorm and Zoom.

Cisco fills Harrison in on all that went down, and the infamous Earth-2 scientist immediately starts talking about an alternate plan, which Cisco instantly shuts down thanks to his overt optimism and faith in his team’s abilities. But as they begin to figure out what must come next, they both remember Earth-2’s Barry is still locked away after being super annoying just 24 hours ago.

Barry-2 demands to know what the hell is going on (and rightfully so), but it’s too late for words: Zoom has made his way to S.T.A.R. Labs. The time to escape is now or never. Harrison reveals that his S.T.A.R. Labs also has a secret room, which Zoom knows how to phase through. But thanks to quick thinking, Harrison puts up a fake wall to hide himself, Barry-2, and Cisco for the time being. Of course, a fake wall is not going to stop Zoom from finding him, and Barry-2’s not going anywhere without an explanation. Thankfully for Cisco and Harrison, Barry’s need to tell his wife everything actually comes in handy, as well.

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Meanwhile in Zoom’s lair (Cisco knows that a villain’s hideout must be called a lair — that’s obvious), Barry-1 gives Jesse a pep talk about her father that is immediately interrupted by Zoom’s threats to once again kill Jesse in front of Wells and to kill Barry-1 after stealing his speed. We get it, Zoom, now stop giving your plans away so easily.

Zoom tells Barry-1 that just because he needs his speed, that doesn’t mean Barry has to be healthy to get the process over with. He immediately gives Barry a thrashing after phasing through his prison. But while Jesse is worried about Barry’s safety and body, Barry’s happy that Zoom gave him a possible way out of his cell. Oh, and let’s not forget the mysterious man locked with a Man in the Iron Mask-style shackle on his face who keeps tap, tap, tapping away to try and get Barry and Jesse’s attention. Who is he? When Barry and Jesse finally figure out his message — Jay Garrick — why does he seem so devastated Jay’s not with Team Flash in Earth-2? And why is Zoom so adamant about shutting him up when he tries to speak to Barry and Jesse? These questions will haunt me until we discover Iron Mask man’s identity (Is it silly to wish Leonardo DiCaprio was in there?)

While Earth-2 is in constant peril thanks to Zoom, and Cisco and Harrison are trying to find Barry-1 and Jesse, Earth-1 is in its own crisis. It seems the Geomancer on this Earth is just as obnoxious (oh and evil) as the one Jay already faced in Earth-2. Jay laments that Velocity 7 was unable to hold on long enough to defeat his enemy, but Caitlin is hard at work again and eventually comes up with a new version of the drug: Velocity 9. Thankfully for a local hospital, Jay’s speed is retained long enough for him to save a few patients and staffers from the Geomancer’s demolishment of the building. Iris learns that her new editor isn’t as optimistic about the Flash’s ability to protect Central City on a consistent basis, but Jay’s saving of the hospital hostages is more than enough material for her to write a piece about how at least someone will always be around to save the city.

NEXT: Jay’s future is grim.

Thanks to Iris and, surprisingly enough, Barry-2, Harrison and Cisco realize that perhaps their best bet at finding Zoom’s lair is to find Killer Frost and appeal to her heartbroken side to lead them to their friends and family. Barry-2’s incredible CSI skills lead the makeshift Earth-1 and Earth-2 team to Frost’s hideout in the forest. They’re optimistic that because her one and only love, Deathstorm, was killed by Zoom, it will be easy to change Frost’s mind to the side of good. After a bit of a skirmish, she agrees to take the team to Zoom’s hideout at the top of some cliffs and fashions some icy paths up the cliffs for the team to hoof it to the top, Elsa-style (thank goodness Cisco commented on the obvious comparison between Frost and the Frozen heroine, but did it look to anyone else like the people of Earth-2 may not have known what Frozen is? How different would our lives be if we, too, had not been introduced to “Let It Go”?)

Back on Earth-1, Caitlin discovers that the Velocity 9 has somehow stopped the degeneration of Jay’s cells, but there’s still a lot more work to be done to fix his condition. As Caitlin calls for Jay to join her in the cortex at S.T.A.R Labs to hear the news, the Geomancer walks on in and looks hellbent on destroying both Snow and Iris. Unfortunately Jay is taking a heavy nap after over-exerting himself during the hospital save, so Caitlin steps in as the badass she truly is and shoots the electric collar onto the Geomancer’s neck before he can do too much damage to the lab and to Iris. Unfortunately, however, the breach is now compromised, and there are only mere hours left before Barry-2, Harrison, and the rest of the gang have to return through the portal before closing it for good.

Because of the heroics of Joe West combined with Jay’s speed, which is still intact thanks to the Velocity 9, the breach is stabilized, but our Earth-2 rescue team has yet to resurface. That’s because they have finally found their way up to Zoom’s lair, where they save Jesse. Unfortunately Barry is still unable to phase through his cell, and Frost is unable to freeze it open thanks to the cell being made up of carbide. The issue continues to be the frequency on Earth-2, the main reason for Cisco’s inability to Vibe as well. Barry doesn’t believe he is fast enough to make up for the frequency differences…until his doppleganger gives him a major pep talk. (It’s all about the pep-talk on this show.)

Barry-2 reveals to Barry-1 that he did things today he never thought were possible, mostly to show his wife and himself that he could. If Barry-1 believes he can phase through his cell, he can do it. Barry-1 gives it one more try and stumbles his way through to freedom. Unfortunately, Zoom has found the team thanks to Frost’s double-crossing. But when Zoom almost kills Jesse in front of Harrison (just as Zoom promised he would), Frost finally realizes that this “man” does deserve to be punished for Ronnie’s death. She holds off Zoom while the rest of the team escapes, and Barry-1 promises the Man in the Iron Mask that he will return for him. Can we all agree that it’s likely Caitlin-2 is dead, as well, now? That’s a bummer.

As Harrison and Barry-1 tell Iris-2 and Barry-2 to leave Central City (apparently Iris has family in Atlantis?), Cisco and Jesse make it through the breach first. As Barry tries to grab Harrison to go through the breach, Zoom, ahem, zooms in and readies himself to kill our favorite Earth-2 scientist. But Harrison, ever prepared, is ready for the attack. He stabs Zoom with a needle, presumably of the vial that can slow the evil speedster down temporarily, and the two jump through the barrier while Jay throws the detonation to close it for good. The team’s celebration, though, is cut extremely short as Zoom is able to phase his arm through the breach and into Jay’s body, pulling him back into Earth-2 as the breach closes for good.

Things look dire for the Earth-2’s former Flash, and at the moment, there’s no way to save him or the Man in the Iron Mask. What is Team Flash to do now?

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