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Following last week’s episode of Arrow, Felicity has decided to pay Barry a visit in Central City and surprises him and Iris in his lab. As always, Emily Betts Rickards is an amazing presence and helped give Barry and Iris’ scenes the jump-start they needed. After showing off his newfound powers to her, Barry takes her to S.T.A.R. Labs to meet his Team Flash. Naturally, Caitlin and Cisco respond in predictable ways: Caitlin’s worried about someone knowing about Barry’s powers and Cisco’s caught up in how cool it must be for Felicity to work with the Arrow. Dr. Wells eventually comes in and reveals that he already knows who Felicity is because he likes to keep an eye out for promising talent in the scientific field—that’s how he found Caitlin and Cisco.

(ASIDE: It’s not clear how soon the show will move Cisco and Caitlin toward their comic book destinies. However, assuming that’s the plan, do you think Wells already knows who they’ll become? Wait, why am I asking? Of course he does.) 

Although she’s impressed by everything Barry and his team have shown her, Felicity is also worried that they still don’t know how much that lightning bolt changed Barry: Is he aging quicker? What happens when he runs too fast? Dr. Wells tries to ease her worries by saying that everything they do there is meant to protect Barry and promises her that he’s in really good hands.

Iris insists on inviting Barry and Felicity out on a double date because she’s started shipping Barry and Felicity, and wants to force Barry into making a move. Later that night, Felicity bolsters Iris’ ship when she shows up looking amazing, albeit slightly overdressed, for trivia night, and when Barry and Felicity turn out to be the perfect trivia night partners.

Meanwhile, Cisco realizes that his cold gun has been stolen, and Wells is not happy to learn that Cisco built such a gun. For one, Wells hates weapons and believes they have no place at S.T.A.R. Labs. More importantly, however, he’s upset because of the danger the gun poses to Barry—and also to innocent lives, even though this last bit rings rather false since he killed several people in the particle accelerator explosion just to create Barry. This is the first time Wells has let the rest of the S.T.A.R. Labs crew see how much he cares about Barry.

Unfortunately, the double date is cut short when Eddie and Barry, separately, are called to the museum when Joe spots Snart there. Barry arrives on the scene just in time to jump in front of Snart’s cold gun to save Joe. However, his daring save not only slows him down, but also reveals his second weakness to Snart: how much he cares for innocent bystanders. To make his escape, Snart distracts Barry by shooting at an usher in the theater. Unfortunately, Barry isn’t quick enough to save him and the usher dies.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry’s also not happy to find out that Cisco built Snart’s new weapon. Cisco explains his reasoning to the group: Speed and cold are opposites, and he built the gun that could achieve absolute zero in case Barry turned out to be like Mardon or Nimbus. Caitlin can sympathize with Cisco’s worries, but Barry feels betrayed because Cisco didn’t tell him about it. What’s interesting about this latest development is how it basically positions Cisco as the team’s quasi-Batman; in the Justice League of America story “Tower of Babel,” it was revealed that Batman had devised ways to take out every member of the league should they ever become a threat to the world. Part of me wishes that the show had held off on this reveal (that Cisco was devising contingency plans) a bit longer, but it’s nice to know that the writers were aware that this is something that should’ve been on either Caitlin or Cisco’s minds. Furthermore, it goes a long way in helping us take Cisco more seriously; he’s not just the guy who makes the toys.

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After the success of Arrow, Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash) gets his own CW treatment in this comic-themed spin-off.
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