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October 30, 2018 at 10:09 PM EDT

Why has Nora been so chilly toward her mom? That question has been hanging over The Flash since the season began. At first, it appeared as though it was just because Barry disappeared when she was still a baby and she never got to know him. But as the weeks have gone by, the mother-daughter tension has lessened. Well, we learned why Nora wants nothing to do with Iris in tonight’s episode, “News Flash.”

Throughout the episode, Team Flash is in pursuit of a meta who is somehow able to control or hypnotize people. The meta makes a police officer attack the CCPD’s softball game with a bomb, and makes Barry speed off from the scene of the fire, leaving Nora to put it out herself (Thank god, Iris was on the phone to guide her through it Harrison Wells style!). Eventually, Iris realizes that Spencer Young, a former CCPN reporter who runs her own competing blog, may be the one behind it after she notices that Spencer published articles about each incident before they happened.

To test her theory, Iris and Barry send Nora to Jitters to see if Spencer is a metahuman, but Nora ends up flirting with Spencer instead. Iris swoops in and interrupts the meet-cute, giving Nora a chance to actually test Spencer to see if she’s a meta. The watch says no, which Nora’s glad to hear since she thinks Spencer is cute, but Iris forbids her from pursuing her because she still might be dangerous. “I’m trying to protect you,” says Iris. That’s the last thing Nora wanted to hear because it’s the same excuse Future Iris used to justify implanting a power dampener in Nora, thereby removing her powers. It turns out Nora just discovered she had powers six months ago! What drama!

Honestly, this may be the show’s best revelation in quite some time. It’s powerful because it’s so personal to all of the characters involved. Of course, Nora is pissed because her mom took away part of who she is and didn’t give her any say in the matter. Iris, on the other hand, can’t believe she would do something like this and completely understands why Nora is so upset with her. Both Jessica Parker Kennedy and Candice Patton do a fantastic job of juggling this heavy emotional material in a way that makes you feel for both women. Barry comforts Iris and says she must have had a good reason to do this, but she doesn’t believe him. Well, that is until she’s forced into a position where she has to make a similar move.

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