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Last week’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 saw both teams making the dumbest moves, putting in their strongest female players into elimination. Everyone’s playing a numbers game, even when it means working with the opposite team to weaken their own team, which only makes sense if this season ends up becoming an individual game eventually. But nothing that TJ has said has indicated that kind of a twist is coming. This is a team season. Play with your team! Will Team U.S. regret losing Tori over to Team U.K.? Will Team U.K. regret getting rid of Georgia? Will Tori regret switching to a losing team that has already proven they will throw in their strongest players? Will strong players keep getting thrown in by their own team? Let’s find out!

After the elimination, Tori and Jordan know they’ve got an uphill battle to fight, Theo is “disgusted” with his whole team, and Jenny is outraged that Kayleigh is likely going to make the finals for Team U.K. knowing that she won’t be able to carry her own weight. Kayleigh, meanwhile, is talking smack about Jenny, which makes no sense! According to Kayleigh, all Jenny talks about is “sunbathing and tanning lotion,” but girl, have you seen her outperforming every other female player this season?! What is Kayleigh even talking about?

And don’t even get me started on Joss, who looks the worst out of everyone — he has shown that he’d rather run a final with Kayleigh than Georgia, which makes absolutely no sense. It’s been a week and I’m still flabbergasted at what these players did, so I don’t blame everyone in the house for being shellshocked a mere few hours after it all went down. But if I have to continue listening to Josh talk about how losing Georgia was like losing a piece of him, I might vomit! Please stop that!

The Challenge: Temple Wall Traverse

Six climbing walls are suspended 35 feet above the water. On the sides are painted tiles to match the Roman numerals dispersed on the climbing walls. Players must race to match the tiles to their corresponding places on the walls, placing only two tiles per turn, and all teammates must have a turn before anyone can go again. Meanwhile, the opposite team will be turning three cranks that separate all the walls, making it more difficult for whoever is climbing. Whoever places the most tiles in 15 minutes wins.

Degree of physical difficulty: High. This combines strength, agility, and staying calm under pressure.

Degree of mental difficulty: N/A. This is all physical.

Potential for drama: High. With the opposite team getting to throw off climbers and tensions already running high on both teams, someone is probably going to explode.

Winner: Team U.S. They’re the first to go and Zach is the first to fall in glorious fashion, letting out the least manliest scream ever (which you know is what’s going to embarrass him more than falling will!). Once CT gets on the cranks for Team U.K., the walls start whipping even harder and faster, and Ashley is the next to fall off. Cara Maria practically jumps off, eliminating herself, and it’s just a poor performance from her. Jordan falls while trying to transfer from one wall to the next, and then Ninja falls, which is a huge blow for Team U.S. since she’s the best climber they’ve got. They end up with 10 tiles, but still end up winning.

Team U.K. goes next, and Rogan immediately falls … and takes down Tori with him! What an idiot! CT is the next to fall, with Theo not far behind him, and it’s clear that Team U.K. is going to fail miserably on this one. Especially because Kayleigh starts arguing about getting back on the wall and refuses to even try. She even wants to call it before their time is up! The Team U.K. members who sided with Kayleigh about throwing in Georgia should absolutely be regretting their choice now. Even TJ calls out Team U.K.’s “pathetic” performance, and a dressing down from TJ is the worst. I’m more worried about disappointing TJ than I am about my own parents. Kayleigh trying to quit a challenge before it ends, especially one that doesn’t require running or endurance like an actual final, should make it clear to her own team members that she won’t survive a final.

Tribunal: When it comes to voting for a speaker and Tribunal, Team U.S. devolves into shouting with no one listening to each other. The Cara/Paulie alliance obviously wants Paulie as speaker, and refuse to hear anything else despite Jordan pointing out how it should be the best performers from the challenge. Paulie gets the speaker title and picks Zach and Cara to round out his Tribunal. Shocking. I am shocked. Ugh.

At nominations, it’s clear from the jump that Theo is going to get thrown in just because of the alliance numbers, and it’s so dumb. He’s proven to be a strong all-around competitor that you’d want to run a final with — he came second only to Turbo on the most difficult Challenge final ever! Since Theo’s pissed, he makes a bold claim: If he’s thrown into the elimination, he’ll either be a turncoat for Team U.S. or stay with Team U.K. and make sure they lose everything, even a final. What a way to inspire confidence from a team already gunning for you! The majority votes for Theo and then Joss burns a vote on himself, feeling the heat after his Georgia betrayal. It’s just such a disheartening display from all sides.

After Theo leaves, Zach tells Paulie and Cara that he’s sticking by his vow to never say a Team U.S. name. But he also knows that he doesn’t hold the power here, so he tells them not to even let him know what they’re planning to keep his name out of the mud. Paulie and Cara holding this kind of power is not fun to watch! Zach, fight harder for a say!

During their night out at a bar, the editing could not have been more top-notch. Josh and Zach are complaining about how the alliance running the game is full of weak players who probably can’t finish a final, and how they’re probably cheers-ing with “karma’s a bitch” while the camera quickly cuts to Dee saying just that! Chef’s kiss. I do love how everyone is owning up to whatever the opposite team/alliance would call out. All of a sudden everyone is making fun of themselves for whatever someone previously tried to make fun of them for! It’s beautiful.

Also, hello surprise Jenna sighting! Nany’s anxiety is getting to her so she video calls Jenna, a.k.a. her BFF and Zach’s girlfriend. I miss Jenna. She talks some sense into Nany about how since she’s made it this far, she might as well stick it out and make it to the end. It’s what Nany needs to hear to not have a mental breakdown.

The Proving Ground elimination

Going into the Proving Ground, Josh is nervous he’s going to be thrown in while Jordan hopes it’s him so he can become a turncoat. Zach burns a vote on Joss, so it all comes down to Cara and Paulie’s decision. No surprise, but they vote for Jordan. It makes sense for their alliance and the way they’re playing this season, but it absolutely does not make sense for the actual game. Jordan is one of their strongest players, he’s a champion, and he’ll beast that final. Losing him from your team (and risking him switching to the other team!) is just dumb! Ugh, I hate the way Cara and Paulie are playing. Even Cara “joking” by voting for Josh first was lame.

Elimination challenge: Under the Hammer. Players must hammer down railroad spikes using sledgehammers until they break all the lightbulbs underneath. First person to break all the lights out wins.

Degree of physical difficulty: Moderate. It’s all upper body strength and making sure you don’t gas out after the first few spikes. Sledgehammers are heavy, so it’s important to use them correctly and not waste any energy with wild swings. My bet here is on a Jordan win — he’s worked in construction his whole life and has the experience over Theo, who is better at running than a strength challenge. I also love the flashback to the time Jordan beat Zach of all people in a strength challenge involving sledgehammers because it shows just how much Jordan is built for this one. Cara and Paulie did not think it through; as soon as they saw the sledgehammers on the Proving Ground floor, they should have picked someone else to throw in.

Degree of mental difficulty: N/A. This is all physical.

Potential for drama: High. Jordan and Theo are both strong competitors, so this is crazy that their teams have thrown them into elimination. Plus, both players have promised to shake up the game somehow if they come back. I’m excited for that aspect to play out but I’m not psyched about seeing another strong player go while weaker ones get carried to this final where some of them absolutely will quit.

Winner: Jordan! He smashes his first bulb before Theo gets his, but then Theo gains a quick lead. Tori begins yelling, “You’re behind!” which proves to be the push Jordan needs to pick up his intensity. Theo may be hitting the nails faster, but his accuracy and strength are off, whereas every single one of Jordan’s hits true and hard. Jordan absolutely wipes the floor with Theo and pulls off a clear win. When it comes time for Jordan to make a decision about staying with Team U.S. or becoming a turncoat, he actually does one better and asks Tori to marry him! He had the ring in his pocket the entire elimination!!! The confidence! The romance! Why am I crying?! I am crying!

This is amazing, so of course, Cara has to ruin it by making some comment about how Tori is going to be paying for that ring when Jordan sabotages Team U.S. She then complains in a talking head interview about how the whole moment is “eye roll-y” and “fake as f—.” Way to ruin one of the best moments of this season, Cara. Also, if that’s how you feel about a genuine, sweet moment about another couple, how do you think everyone else feels about you and Paulie rubbing your relationship into everyone’s faces at every single challenge and elimination?! I used to be the biggest supporter and fan of Cara on these Challenges but she’s become a completely different person and performer full of hate and negativity — even Paulie hugs Jordan and says how happy he is for them, and Paulie is like the worst sport there is. Cara just keeps complaining, talking about it through the lens of the game, and even flipping off Jordan and Tori. It’s sad. Thank god Jordan goes to Team U.K. so I can now cheer for the new Challenge power couple.

Challenger of the week: Jenna for talking some much-needed sense into Nany! Jenna, I miss you. Please come back to The Challenge.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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