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After The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 left us all hanging with last week’s dramatic cliffhanger, it’s no surprise that we pick up where we left off in this week’s hour, “Infinity War.” If that episode name has you expecting some real fireworks, you’re right on the money! Turbo is still fighting off three beefy security guys while Jordan is just relaxing on a couch as Paulie of all people tries to calm him down. Theo’s trying to work his way into Turbo’s room but a producer won’t let him in, while Nany is heard screaming at Ashley for instigating the entire thing and being “a f—ing shady bitch” and a “snake.” When Cara Maria steps in, Nany then goes off on her too! It’s absolute chaos and I’m living. For. It!

While Turbo calms down, he admits that he tried to physically hit Jordan. This is where it gets confusing, because I know if things actually did get physical, Turbo would be automatically out of the game. But what if he admits his intentions were to get physical but security stopped him before it happened? I don’t know if that’s grounds for disqualification, but in my opinion, it should be. Turbo is at least taken out of the house for the night, and Nany is taking it hard — she starts to cry about how she wishes she could communicate to Turbo that he’s being used and manipulated. The language and culture barrier has been more difficult for him this season than it was last season and that shouldn’t be used against him. Sure, he can control his reactions and not take arguments to a physical level, but Ashley absolutely used his struggles with the language and culture differences against him and that’s just too low — even for her.

And despite their earlier team agreement not to send in any of their own Team U.S. members, Cara, Ashley, and Kam decide that Jordan and Tori are going to be thrown into elimination next, whether they win or lose. And even Fair Leader Leroy agrees, deciding to play with the numbers instead of keeping his loyalty agreement going! This is going to be a dangerous move for all of them because it means no one is going to be safe going forward.

The Challenge: Incoming

Before the challenge begins, TJ makes the announcement we were all waiting for: Because Turbo displayed violence towards cast members and crew after getting his first and only warning against it (and there are no second warnings here), he’s gone. Some people are happy, others are disappointed. But despite everything Jordan did, despite the manipulations from Ashley, despite the language and culture barrier, Turbo dug his own grave here by resorting to violence, and we all know that has no place in the Challenge house. I do love how TJ singles out Jordan, Paulie, and Josh with his warning about not tolerating violence moving forward, because they’re all “f—ing hotheads, man.” You right, you right!

And now, on to the actual challenge. In a giant mud pit field, played in two heats of four rounds each, players line up on the sides of the pit while TJ launches balls into it. There are fewer balls/”bombs” than there are players, and players must try to retrieve the bombs and bring them to the finish line. Players who retrieve bombs successfully move on to the next heat. First team to win two games wins the challenge. The losing team sends a female in to elimination. And since the teams are uneven, TJ randomly selects names out of the bag to determine who will play. Cara Maria, Kam, Ninja, Tori, Jordan, Josh, Zach, and Leroy are playing for Team U.S., with Paulie, Ashley, and Nany sitting out. All of Team U.K. must play — and CT is so serious about this one he actually takes off his shirt to showcase his “dadbod,” “for all you fat motherf—ers out there.” Let’s go!

Degree of physical difficulty: High. This is a headbanger!

Degree of mental difficulty: N/A. This is all physical.

Potential for drama: High. Tensions are already running high and this physically brutal game is only going to add fuel to the fire if players resort to dirty tactics (which they probably will).

Winner: I never thought I’d see the day, but it finally happened… Team U.K. wins!

The guy heat is first, and Jordan is immediately eliminated in the first round. In the second round, Josh mistakenly wrestles Leroy, but successfully plays defense against CT, so both Josh and CT are eliminated next. In the third guys’ round, Theo and Zach are eliminated. The final guys’ round, it’s Leroy against Rogan and Joss, and the numbers being in Team U.K.’s favor here means that they win the first heat. Now it’s up to the girls! In the first round, Ninja’s eliminated after she throws the ball over the line and Georgia jumps across on top of it. In the second round, Kam successfully plays defense, eliminating herself and Jenny. In the third round, Georgia and Tori get eliminated, leaving Cara Maria against Dee and Kayleigh for the final round. Cara gets ahold of the ball first, but with two girls wrestling her, Kayleigh eventually frees it and carries it across the finish line, giving Team U.K. their first actual win (that Team U.S. didn’t give them on purpose). Is this going to be the turning point for their team?!

Tribunal: Nope — they can’t agree on a speaker because of the weird alliance makeup, and everyone just starts screaming. They have to vote individually and Kayleigh ends up as speaker. She picks Jenny and Joss as the rest of the Tribunal.

Everyone knows that Tori is most likely going to be sent in, and she decides she wants to go against Ninja. At nominations, Leroy kicks it off by voting for Tori, which pisses off Nany and that throws Leroy into a screaming fit because he made it clear that he wasn’t going to say Nany’s name. Then Nany and Cara start screaming at each other but it ends abruptly when everyone votes and Tori gets thrown in because of the numbers of the alliances. After Team U.S. leaves, Tori vows on her family’s life that if/when she wins, she’ll be the first turncoat, and I actually believe her. She also asks for Ashley instead of Ninja, which surprises me. But when she leaves, the Tribunal decides they don’t want/need Tori on their team (lol WHAT are they crazy?!) so they want to put in someone who can take her out.

After the nominations, Team U.S. just keeps going at each other, and Leroy takes most of the heat for throwing in their strongest female player just to stay in Cara and Paulie’s alliance after everything he was preaching about team unity and loyalty. And Leroy and Nany’s friendship is taking a real hit now after he gets in a dig about how often she runs/works out with their team, which is just not cool, bro. Then Leroy eventually loses his cool and starts shouting insults at the guys who aren’t in his alliance, prompting Jordan to threaten to go into an elimination and become a turncoat himself.

But despite all that, later Cara brags about how Georgia is going to be blindsided because she’s sure that Team U.K.’s Tribunal is going to send their own strongest player in against Tori. Wait, what?! I know a lot of Team U.K. is working with Cara and Paulie’s alliance, but right now they need to make a decision that benefits Team U.K., not their cross-team alliance. They need to keep up the momentum of winning challenges and they can’t do that without Georgia. Cara tells Kayleigh that even though they’ll lose Georgia, they’ll gain Tori and “trade up.” But if they throw in someone from Team U.S., they’ll just gain an additional strong player instead of swapping for one. Seriously, how is this even a debate right now?! Joss doesn’t seem into Kayleigh’s plan, but you never know how easily he can be manipulated. And we don’t even see Jenny being clued in to the new plan either, but that could just be editing. This vote can go so many directions!

The Proving Ground elimination

Jenny kicks off the Tribunal voting by saying Ashley’s name, which throws her off. So at least that’s one smart vote. Now it’s up to Joss because we already knew Kayleigh was planning to gun for Georgia. Her vote immediately sets off both Georgia and Theo, who are flabbergasted, and Tori shouts out that if Joss votes for Georgia too, then she won’t be a turncoat. That alone should prompt Joss to vote for Ashley. But he actually votes for Georgia and I am absolutely shocked at the stupidity of both Kayleigh and Joss, plus Joss’ lack of a spine. This is the dumbest move for Team U.K., but I guess that goes along with the theme this week since Team U.S. made their dumbest move too by throwing in Tori! Whew, what a week!

Elimination challenge: Blockbuster. Players start on opposite sides of a wall and try to slam the bricks to their opponent’s side. Whoever slams more shapes to the opposite side without falling off in two out three 90-second rounds first, wins.

Degree of physical difficulty: High. This one is all physical strength and stamina, plus balance. As strong of a player as Georgia is, her strength is running, so I think Tori has the upper hand here. Plus Georgia got blindsided and is in tears after Joss’ vote, while Tori has had 24 hours to prepare mentally and physically. Georgia’s head is not in this.

Degree of mental difficulty: N/A. This is all physical.

Potential for drama: High. Whoever gets eliminated will be a major loss for their team. Plus Tori vowed to be a turncoat if she won, but since Team U.K. put in Georgia instead of Ashley, that might negate her claims. This is going to be a huge elimination with extreme fallout either way.

Winner: As I predicted, it’s Tori who pulls off the win!

It looks extremely even during the rounds, but Tori wins the first heat by one shape. Georgia even says after the first round that if she doesn’t come back, Team U.K. should get Kayleigh out next, showing how defeated her attitude is. The second round, Tori once again wins by one shape, making this elimination a clean sweep. After Georgia loses, she kamikazes and lets her former teammates know exactly how much they screwed up by shouting at Kayleigh and Joss. And here’s the big move: Tori straight-up asks Team U.S. if they’re going to throw her down into elimination again if they lose another challenge, and their silence and faces tell her all she needs to know. She becomes the first turncoat and switches to Team U.S.

It’s the smart move for her, and we know that Jordan is next. Team U.S. is really going to regret this. But based on the preview for next week’s episode, Tori says she doesn’t know what she was thinking swapping to Team U.K. “because they suck.” I really hope she doesn’t get thrown in again by her new team!

Challenger of the week: Tori, for winning the elimination against Team U.K.’s strongest player and sticking to her vow of becoming a turncoat. At this point, I hope Jordan goes into an elimination next, wins, and becomes the next turncoat too, just to see how much that shakes up the game. Team U.K. needs to even out their loss of Georgia, pick up the slack, and win some more challenges. Otherwise, this is going to be quite the boring season.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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