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Welcome to Berlin, a European city Jenna cannot pinpoint on a map. But here we are at the last episode before the finals. We’ve got four teams left and it’s hard to know who to root for: Aneesa and Rianna (who seem to hate each other), Mitch and Cory (total newbs), Jenna and Brianna (the surprisingly strong, seemingly ditzy duo), and Cara Maria and Jamie (Bahston-based cuzzies). After an hour that felt like it featured more hotel champagne glasses than competition, we said our goodbyes to one team. Let’s break it down.

Rianna kicks off the episode with a deep-ish dive into her relationship with Aneesa. Though we haven’t seen the cousins interact much throughout the season — hell, at all, really — it appears they haven’t been getting along. Aneesa thinks Rianna’s annoying, and Rianna just wants to get to know her older cousin. “I came on this show to get to you know,” she tells the vet. “I dropped my life to come here.”

This leaves me wondering what kind of relationship/familial bond they actually had before coming on the show. Distant cousins? Third cousins twice removed? They seem to barely know each other, though they work just fine together. (Any Challenge truthers out there know for certain?)

Best-bro cousins Cory and Mitch try to stage a belittling intervention between the cousins, which doesn’t really work, and Rianna and Aneesa head into this week’s challenge with little connection.

The competition, though, is one of the cooler ones we’ve seen this season: Each pair must jump from car to car and climb on top of a truck while the vehicles are driven 45 miles per hour. Last week’s winners, Cory and Mitch, have Cara and Jamie go first, finish with a solid time, and tell everyone it’s so hard. (“No one believes her,” Aneesa tells the camera.)

But it turns out this challenge is actually super easy for all the pairs. Cory and Mitch finish in record time, while Aneesa and Rianna lose and get ready for the pit. On the spot, Cory and Mitch decide to throw Cara and Jamie in against them. Jenna and Brianna get a golden ticket to the finals.

But before we head into the pit, the cast takes a trip to the club, where Cara is pissed, staring daggers into everyone’s hearts. Aneesa’s annoyed and calls her out hard, making fun of Cara’s Boston accent and ripping into her relationship with Abram. “You’re gonna have to get a restraining order.” We then get the tag line that’s been promoted since day one, “Shut up, Aneesa!” Woof. (Shoutout to half the cast, though, who seem to sleep through the entire altercation in the van.)

The next day, Aneesa and Cara meet in the Pit, where they have to wrestle one another in a two-out-of-three competition. The battle’s heated, but Cara comes out on top. They finish, hug, cry, and apologize to each other while they’re saying goodbye. It’s actually a sweet moment until Aneesa tells the camera, “I think Cara’s fake… that little bitch.” Guess not.

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If you asked me 10 weeks ago who would have been left at the end, in no world would I have said Jenna and Brianna, Cory and Mitch, and Cara and Jamie. Remember when Brianna was in tears about to ship it back to New York? Or when Mitch kept deli meat in his bed? My how far we’ve come. With only one episode left, let’s get to the Bloodline Rankings.

1. Jenna and Brianna

Most improved partners! These cousins hated each other, called out each others’ fathers and boyfriends, and just generally had no chill for the first few weeks. But look at these women. They hold hands all the way through the car challenge and are genuinely excited to see the finals. Hell yeah.

2. Cara Maria and Jamie

Cara made it her mission to “flirt [her] little butt to the finals” and look where she ended up. Wicked smart, cuz!

3. Aneesa and Rianna

Another Challenge, another full season of bonkers Aneesa. Well played, old friend. Thank you for introducing us to Rianna, who I hope you get to know after this show.

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4. Cory and Mitch

Anybody else truly shocked these guys are still here? For rookies, they played a stellar, unexpected political game, but I’d still rather see someone like Abram or Bananas in the finals. Sigh.

What do you think of the final three teams? Who has the best shot at winning?

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