In one fell swoop, the cast changes dramatically.

By Jessica Goodman
December 19, 2015 at 12:14 AM EST
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Just when you thought The Challenge couldn’t get any more insane (just kidding, it can always get more bonkers), the entire show changes.

Straight out of the gate, three teams are out: Candice and Leroy have to leave because she can’t compete with a broken toe, Tony and Shane are out because of Tony’s mysterious “injuries,” which landed him green as the Grinch in the hospital last week, and Camila and Larissa head home after Larissa loses to Jenna in the Pit.

It’s a disastrous turn of events for Challenge obsessives since Camila and Leroy are such beloved players (and Tony’s brought basically all of the drama thus far). But since the previews teased arrivals of Challenge legends C.T. and Abram, there’s roid-ragey hope ahead, plus the promise of an ultimate Thomas-Cara-Abram showdown.

Since voting on the guys’ elimination round was “to be continued”-ed until next time, let’s head straight into the Bloodline Rankings, which exclude the three pairs (who were our top three last week!) that left.

1. Aneesa and Rianna

Last week we prayed for some real Aneesa action and now IT’S HERE. Or, the beginning of the Aneesa-Cory saga is here, and that’s good enough for now.

Early in the ep, Aneesa admits she has real feelings for the RW: Ex-Plosion alum and, when prompted in her confessional, says, “He makes me feel sexy and smart. I feel comfortable with him. I trust him.”

But her cousin Rianna hears that he may be playing her (thanks, cold cut loving Mitch) and she makes Aneesa eavesdrop on Cory and Mitch’s conversation in which he denies having any real feelings for her and talks about a woman back home. He makes her look foolish, and we know Aneesa won’t stand for that. “That’s not gonna fly — I demand respect,” says Aneesa, who’s basically the Nicki Minaj of the Challenge universe. “Bottom line.”

And she does. She tells him off cordially, dismisses him like a punk, and goes about her business. Praise Aneesa.

2, 3, and 4. Cara Maria and Jamie / Abram and Mike / Thomas and Stephen

Abram will undoubtedly find out and based on the anger we’ve seen from him previously, Thomas should be terrified. (Cara calls it “serial killer quiet.”) Hell, he started blushing like mad as soon as Abram showed up at the trivia challenge.

Cara Maria also may have busted up her alliance with the vets by hooking up with Thomas — the entire second half of the ep focused on the divide between rookies and vets — and literally everyone (even Jenna!) knows what’s gone on between them. Abram may be insane, but he still has ties to folks like Bananas and Nany. Who will they side with when her “flirting” goes awry?

Jamie, Mike, and Stephen are just extra at this point.

NEXT: Is that Jenna we hear?

5. Jenna and Brianna

All’s calm in Brianna-land, since she sucked it up and decided to maybe possibly hopefully enjoy herself while she’s here.

But we seem to be in an alternate Challenge universe where Jenna is the narrator/star?! Jury’s still out if this is a good thing. Going solely off previews for future weeks’ episodes, boyfriend/Thor Zach comes along and we’re hoping her strong edit correlates to something that bubbles up between them.

6. Nany and Nicole

Nicole is good at trivia and notches a win for the Red team. Who knew? Nany, however, thinks she can tell Aneesa, “You know better,” when it comes to Cory. Pipe down and let the queen speak.

7. Bananas and Vince

Sixty sad faces to Bananas who lost his two BFFs this week. RIP friendship in a time of Challenge.

8. Cory and Mitch

Smh, Cory, as if you could try and play Aneesa. Did you not watch MTV for the past 14 years?

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9, 10. Dario and Raphy / KellyAnne and Anthony

Dario and KellyAnne are hooking up. Snooze. But according to next week’s teaser, someone throws a drink in KellyAnne’s face and we’re HERE. FOR. THAT.

Until next week Challenge fans. What did you think of the shakeup?

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