Let the finals begin!

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The end is nigh! With only one episode to go, the remaining three teams have made it to the end and we’ve made it through possibly the most boring first half of a final challenge ever. Who had it worse? I’d argue us.

We begin the finals with T.J.’s dear friend, Franz the tailor, who measures everyone’s sizes for no apparent reason. (Finals part 2, we assume.) The gang then hops into a limo, drives around Berlin, and end up at a creepy “old CIA complex” we’re told is in the middle of the city, though it seems like it’s situated in a forest. I don’t even want to begin to think about what the compound was used for, based on Berlin’s history.

T.J. sets up the final: “I don’t think anyone would have predicted these three teams would be here at the finals.” (True!) “That being said, you’ve never done anything like this before. This is the first final challenge to take place in the heart of a major city.” A voice-over then says, “This is our most epic final yet, spanning the entire city of Berlin in five extremely diverse stages. This final will test you in ways you’ve never been tested.” Each stage will be timed and all of the times will be added up at the end. He lays out the money: $125,000 each, $75,000 to split if they come in second, and third place gets $25k to split. Sounds exciting! But then why is the rest of the episode so snoozy?

This portion of the final goes like this: They have to do laps around the compound carrying bags filled with massive weights in them — 125 lbs for the guys, 60 lbs for the women — and do various mini challenges at each lap. The challenges include flipping beer steins into barrels (and drinking a non-alcoholic beer every time they miss), rolling barrels around on the ground, walking in a circle on tires without touching the floor, and, yes, completing a puzzle.

Almost immediately, Mitch and Cory drop to third place, where they remain for the entirety of the day. Cara Maria and Jamie battle Jenna and Brianna for first place … at first. After the first lap it’s clear Jenna and Brianna have a massive lead over everyone, and they win the entire thing with ease. They even lap Mitch and Cory at points.

The whole thing goes smoothly with high fives handed out all around. Cara’s the only one who breaks down when she starts sobbing after chugging one too many non-alcoholic beers. “It’s just so much liquid!” she cries. Oof.

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They finish the day and T.J readies them for the second part of the final, teasing a scavenger hunt in Berlin, business attire (hello, Franz!), and a run-in with German security guards. Looks promising, no? Let’s hope it makes up for the slogfest of Finals, Part 1.

Onto the Bloodline Rankings, which, as you can see, reflect their standings going into the last episode of the season.

1. Jenna and Brianna

The little team that could. Who among us could have predicted the competitive turn this pair would take? Did they even break a sweat during this challenge? And they did it with a smile? Shocking.

2. Cara Maria and Jamie

Ya did it, Cuz! Coming in second ain’t bad, but based on the big game they’ve been talking, we’d assume Cara and Jamie would lock first place in with ease. Will Cara’s nerves get the best of her next week?

3. Cory and Mitch

Man, we’ve come to expect more from Mitch and Cory, who gassed out pretty quickly and ended an hour (they said) behind. Bring it hard next week, or you’re screwed, guys.

Who do you think will take home the grand prize?

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