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The Catch

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Mireille Enos, Peter Krause
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We gave it a C+

Outnumbered 2-1, Ben begrudgingly goes along with it. They split up to work the crowd and turn everyone against Taggart so his men will defect to Margot. An unhappy Raymond threatens Tessa when he realizes he’s been ousted, prompting Ben to once again assume the role of overprotective father and break Raymond’s wrist.

The trio triumphantly leaves for a celebratory dinner back at Margot’s, where we get a glimpse at the easy and familiar rapport between Ben and his ex. “You think this is what it would have been like, us as a family?” he wistfully asks her. (Is it wrong to ship these two, given everything Ben and Alice have been through together? I’m genuinely conflicted.)

Later, Margot hears a knock at her door and finds the presumed-dead Felicity, who says she’s “come to cause a bit of trouble” and wants Margot to join the fun. I have two questions: (1) How did she survive the shooting, especially without Rhys knowing? and (2) Exactly what kind of trouble is she talking about?

A new love triangle

I won’t spend too much time rehashing this subplot, as it was definitely the most uninteresting part of the episode. With Troy and Rhys’ help, Diaz successfully lures her two-timing husband — who’s been missing for months with no word, except for a hasty email telling her he’s fallen in love with someone else — out of hiding. The truth? Eddie’s been undercover the whole time, volunteering to stay behind alone when the FBI recalled everyone else on his assignment (code-named Argosy). He’s been tracking his target, a group of arms dealers, ever since. Convinced he wouldn’t come out of it alive, he claims he sent the email so Justine would move on and be happy.

Rhys isn’t thrilled at the idea of watching his object of affection reunite with her husband, shooting them dagger eyes when he spots them kissing at the door and canoodling on his couch. I’m Team Rhys all the way, which is why I let out a big sigh when Justine offers to help Eddie take down the arms dealers so he can return to his real life. A tip for the showrunners: More Justine and Rhys, please! As far as I’m concerned, said arms dealers can put an end to Eddie and I wouldn’t shed a tear.

Odds and Ends

  • “I could definitely use one.” —Alice to herself, after Ben invites Ethan inside for a drink
  • “Who doesn’t like a surprise? I know I do, especially when the surprise has the piercing blue eyes of a Siberian husky.” —Ben to Alice, after she tells him she didn’t expect Ethan to show up
  • Ben: “You’re gonna have to cover for me. I’m taking a personal day.”
    Rhys: “What? What is that? Is that a thing in this country? Can I have one of those?”
    Ben: “No, not today. Whatever’s going on, you can handle it.”
    Rhys: “Since when?”
  • “Why am I getting a photo of a dead girl instead of your penis?” —Margot to Danny, after he sends her a picture of Heather Reynolds’ dead body
  • “See, I’m afraid that will cost you a peen pic.” —Margot to Danny (again), after he asks for help finding Heather’s killer
  • Ben: “I just gave our daughter the no-gun speech.”
    Margot: “Well, thanks to me and my gun, you’ll live to bore her with it again.”
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