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In most normal relationships, pointing a gun at your significant other during a disagreement would probably be cause for a breakup. But this is The Catch — and Alice and Ben aren't exactly a "normal" couple — so we've got to suspend our disbelief a bit, as we do with most other Shondaland shows.

When we last saw our favorite criminals and PIs, more than one life hung in the balance. Did everyone make it out of "The Family Way" alive? Let's find out.

Alice and Tommy

We open on Alice and Ben arguing over who has a better claim to the $3 million. Ben is trying to save Rhys from certain death by fugu poisoning, while Alice wants to prevent Tommy from being gunned down by the Southland cartel. If I had to choose, I'd keep Rhys around simply for his voice and sheer comedic relief. (I love me some T.R. Knight, but who isn't a sucker for a British accent?)

Alice has an idea that could save them both, but it requires letting her beau in on a secret she's been keeping: She's been working with (for?) Margot, who's the only other person they know who might have $3 million in cash laying around. It's entertaining to see Ben in the same room as his current and former flames, but Alice is on brother duty, so she quickly takes off.

Back at AVI, Nick and Val give Alice the unfortunate news: The LAPD charged Tommy with the Kincaid murders. His fingerprints were all over the house, and the $3 million they stashed in his name gave him motive, so they really had no choice. Alice insists her brother's innocent, but when she arrives home to find her living room in disarray — and an angry, disheveled Tommy holding a gun — we're not so sure.

If you're wondering how a guy accused of a double homicide gets out of jail, it turns out Tommy asked the mysterious Ethan (who's presumably one of Alice's exes) to pay his bail. He claims the gun is for his own protection against Tasker, and he wants Alice to hand over the money so he can disappear, but she's not willing to play ball. She wants to bring down Tasker and the cartel her own way — and if we've learned anything about Alice so far, it's that she usually gets what she wants.

The next day, Tommy's telling his sister everything he knows about the cartel when Tasker himself comes a-calling. He knows Tommy was arrested and is interested to know what his former associate may have told the police, so he's changing the terms of their agreement: Tasker wants the money at 4 p.m., and he wants Alice to bring Tommy along with her "for a chat." If she doesn't agree, he'll come to her — and his tone is menacing enough to convey the true meaning of his words.

Never fear, though, because Alice (as always) is up to the challenge. She's about to share her strategy with Ben when she suddenly hangs up the phone, only to turn around and greet Ethan (!!!). She's there to ask for help in proving Tommy's innocence, and the seemingly charming guy agrees to do what he can, "no strings attached." As it so happens, Ethan has some friends in high places, like the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Those connections come in handy when Alice meets Tasker at the drop point. Upon seeing no Tommy, Tasker wants Alice to come with him — but he changes his tune when she reveals the SEC has frozen the assets of all the companies in his name (i.e. the SEC now controls the cartel's money). If he wants to stay alive, he'll do exactly as Alice says, which is confess to the Kincaid murders in exchange for getting the SEC to back off. Sure, he'll be in jail, but maybe he'll survive the cartel's wrath.

Unsurprisingly, Tasker isn't thrilled with Alice's idea. He pulls a gun and tells her to release the money, at which point Alice tricks him into admitting he shot the Kincaids — and since she's wearing a wire, the LAPD has enough evidence to pull in and arrest him. Score another one for AVI!

After a quick stop to return Ethan's bail money — I get the sense we'll be learning a lot more about Ethan in future episodes — Alice returns to AVI to grab the $3 million and turn it over to the LAPD as evidence. The money's missing from the locked cabinet where she hid it, and all that remains is (another) note from Tommy: "I had to. Sorry Alice."

Luckily, Alice put a tracker in the bag and meets Tommy at the airport. She's not going to stop him from leaving, but if he chooses to take the money, they're done. "There's only so many times I can let you break my heart," she tells him. Tommy, though, doesn't think he's "good like her." After a quick hug, he heads up the escalator to catch his flight, as a devastated Alice yells after him: "Don't call me. Don't write. Don't ever come back."

Ben, Rhys and Diaz

While Ben's busy getting the money from Margot — who, of course, insists on charging interest on her brother's life — Rhys is busy trying to bargain with Jesse, claiming that keeping him alive will be more lucrative for everyone. The prospect of more money is enough to convince Yumi, who stabs good ol' Rhys with an EpiPen so they can hear his plans for replacing Kenji and continuing the diamond-smuggling operation. "If we don't like what he says, we can always kill him," she points out. Yeah, Yumi is much more than Jesse's henchwoman; she's his full partner in the business.

Ben rushes back to Rhys' house, only to find the trio toasting to their new partnership. Here's the new plan: Diaz wants Ben and Rhys to reopen Kenji's restaurant and take the delivery of the giant bluefin. When Jesse and Yumi come to collect the diamonds from said bluefin, the FBI will be there waiting.

Our criminals run into a problem, though — someone else already stole the diamonds. Though Ben knows it was Margot (more on that later), he and Rhys tell Diaz it was either Jesse or Yumi looking to cut the other out of the transaction. "Let's speed things up by turning them against each other," Ben suggests. The new new plan is this: Ben will take photos of Diaz/Jesse and Rhys/Yumi in what looks like compromising situations; the guys will share the photos in an effort to destroy the trust between the diamond dealers.

I guess the relationship between Jesse and Yumi wasn't that strong to begin with, because the plan — as flimsy as it is — works. Everyone ends up in a confrontation in the restaurant kitchen, and at the last possible moment, the FBI busts in to arrest the crooks.

The next day, Diaz, Rhys, and Ben celebrate their victory: They managed to bring down an international smuggling ring without creating an international incident. Diaz, though, still doesn't know who took the diamonds, but she says she's going to find out and "go after them with everything she has" — all the while making uncomfortable eye contact with Ben, as if she suspects he's hiding something. Knowing Margot stole the jewels will definitely come back to bite Ben in the ass. The question is: When?

Margot and… daughter?

As the AVI team presents Margot with bank footage of the woman who put a price on her head, new lovers Danny and Margot are playing footsies under the table. So it's no surprise that the next time we see them, they're busy getting it on in Margot's hotel room. Just as Danny's done with his post-coital shower, Ben barges in to accuse Margot of stealing the diamonds and demand their return.

An argument ensues, during which Margot reveals her lingering hurt over Ben's deception in season 1. They had a life together and planned their future, only for him to choose Alice. Yeah, she stole the diamonds — but it's nothing compared to what Ben stole from her. After Ben leaves, Danny sweetly asks if she's okay, but Margot swiftly kicks him out.

Meanwhile, the Hammer (did I miss the reveal of his real name?) and Sophie are tracking down the woman who wants Margot dead. The bank footage revealed a hotel key card in the woman's stolen purse, so they're busy making the rounds at high-end hotels to find out where she's staying. They quickly strike gold and call Val for backup.

In her hotel room, they discover a Wall of Crazy à la Carrie Mathison in Homeland. The woman hasn't only been following Margot but also the movements of her associates, including the three murdered lieutenants. She's collected intel on the firm's holdings, providing a hint at what she's really after — money. Danny, who overhead Ben and Margot arguing about the latter hiding the diamonds in "the rectory," correctly guesses where the mystery woman is headed next.

Though the woman's successful in bypassing the rectory's cameras and security guards, she's not expecting the full force of AVI to be waiting for her at the vault. Margot confronts her would-be killer, insisting she's "never seen your face before in my life." The thief's response?

"Well, it has been a while… mummy."

Odds and Ends

  • Ben: "I'll flip you for it. Heads or tails?" Alice: "I thought you said Rhys' life was at stake?" Ben: "How else are we gonna decide this? We're not gonna shoot each other… Are we?"
  • "Rhys is gonna be sorry he missed that." —Ben to Agent Diaz, after she tells him Kohana Takashi kissed her
  • Margot: "And what were you doing when my would-be killer made her escape? Danny: "Mounting your hard drive."
  • Alice: "Do you know the old saying, 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'?" Ben: "Do you know the old saying, 'You play with fire, you get burned and shot in the head'?"

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