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The twisty first season of The Catch has come to an end with a super-sized two-hour finale, and though we finally got closure on some things, we’re still left with a lot of questions! There’s so much to get through, so let’s jump in right away.

The finale picks up right where the last episode left off — Agent Dao explains to Alice that Ben has agreed to work with them as an undercover informant, and he gets his first task right away once he receives a text from Rhys to meet for dinner. Well, actually the text was from Sybil, Rhys and Margot’s mother, who’s sent similar texts to her two children, as well. Over the most threatening family dinner ever, Sybil demands that Margot give her the counterfeiter Leah Wells, and Margot shoots back that she wants control of the Kensington Firm. “You will give me what’s mine, or I’ll take it from you,” both women menace at one another. All the while, Rhys and Ben just sit on the sidelines — clearly it’s the women, not Rhys, who are running things in this crime syndicate, as if there was any question of that.

Later, Alice has an encounter of her own with Margot. Still under the assumption that Margot is her therapist, she begins to tell her about her doubts in Ben, until a sparkle catches her eye, that is. Alice sees the necklace that Princess Zara gave to Ben (remember that from like 5 episodes back?) and, like the good investigator she is, immediately puts two and two together. She tells Ben, Dao, and Val that she knows Margot has been masquerading as her therapist, and Val captures her bestie’s fire perfectly: “This bitch is going down.”

Seeing the anger in Alice causes Ben to protect the one person he probably cares most about within the firm: Reggie. He gives his partner a stack of money and asks him to leave town and protect himself, warning him that the Kensington Firm is going down very soon. Seeing as Reggie’s already hopped town when things were getting dicey earlier this season, you’d think he’s listen to Ben, right? Well…he doesn’t. Instead, he tells Margot that Ben’s working against the firm! (Why, Reggie, why!?) Margot, livid at her mom and Rhys, is forming her own little crime group with Leah and invites Reggie into the fold, as well.

Meanwhile, the other group of criminals is planning their big con. Sybil informs Ben and Rhys that their mission is to get invited to a major wedding that promises to be the social event of the season, but she won’t tell them why. Of course, charming people is Ben’s MO, and all it takes is a well-tailored tuxedo and the offer of a rehearsal dinner venue for the con man to butter up the groom, Morgan (who’s played by Zachary Knighton, for all you Happy Endings fans out there — yup, he’s making his first appearance on this ABC show with a wedding, as well.)

Ben and Rhys take Morgan and his bride-to-be, Stephanie, to the Weatherby restaurant to try the place out for the rehearsal dinner. While eating, Morgan and Stephanie assume that their new friends are a gay couple, and before straight-laced Ben can correct them, Rhys goes along with it, saying that they’ve been together for 15 years and the secret to their happiness is not remaining monogamous. In all the fun Rhys is having torturing Ben, he takes it a bit too far, and his criticisms of marriage convince Morgan and Stephanie to call off the wedding.

Speaking of having fun at someone’s expense, now that Alice is aware of who Margot really is, she decides to use her next therapy session to really ruffle her feathers. The investigator tells her therapist of “Ben’s partner,” saying that “he couldn’t stand the touch of her,” “she repulsed him,” and the most insulting to Margot, that “he would’ve left her years ago, but she’s so fragile.” While Margot suppresses the urge to scream or kill someone or most likely both, Alice slips a tracking device into the faux-therapist’s purse.

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After the session ends, Margot finally unleashes her anger once she meets back up with Leah and Reggie. She unloads all the awful things Alice had said about her, and Leah is quick to realize that it must mean Alice knows the truth about her. Sure enough, Margot checks her purse and finds the bug. At the same time, Alice and her team are outside the Weatherby and preparing to storm Margot’s room, but they’re stopped by Dao, who has them wait for a warrant first. The waiting causes them to just miss Margot, but they notice that she had taken a hefty sum of counterfeit money with her when she left.

Things aren’t much better for Rhys and Ben. The two men are walking to Sybil’s room with their tails between their legs to tell her that not only did they fail to get invited to the wedding, but they caused it to get canceled. As they enter her room, they find Sybil casually threatening the lives of a sobbing man’s children to get an access code. Once he writes it down, she has her assistant, Jamison, shoot the man. The breezy approach to murder intimidates Rhys into lying and telling his mom that he and Ben got the wedding invites she had asked them to get. Such a momma’s boy, that Rhys — especially when he’s watching his momma emotionally torture and then kill a man in cold blood.

After a quick pep talk from Alice, Ben comes up with a plan to get the wedding back on. He and Rhys invite Morgan and Stephanie to lunch and pretend to have broken up. They say that Ben proposed to Rhys, but Rhys refused because he doesn’t believe in marriage. As the real couple talks the two men through their issues, they’re forced to reflect on how important marriage can be to them. To put the whole thing over the top, in typical Rhys fashion, the Brit goes off script and fake-proposes to Ben in the middle of the restaurant. The plan works, and Morgan and Stephanie announce that their wedding is back on and that they want to invite their new gay couple friends to the ceremony, as well.

The other team of con men aren’t having as happy a union. After getting away with the counterfeit money, Margot tells her partners that they should burn it since the FBI and Alice’s team will be looking for it, but proud artist Leah is against that idea and suggests they just unload the fake cash fast. Reggie votes with Leah, and Margot begrudgingly goes along with them. The three take the money to a bank, but Alice and her team are already there, having scoped out Leah’s favorite spots to deal her fake dough. Margot brings the counterfeit money into the bank, but Reggie recognizes Agent Shawn outside and radios Margot that it’s a trap, just as Alice appears in front of her with a raised eyebrow. Margot runs out to the alley, followed by Alice, and when they get there, the con woman pulls a gun on her. But Val is there waiting with a gun of her own pointed at Margot.

Alice and Dao finally have Margot in custody, but she won’t talk. Dao decides to bring in Ben to see if he can get anything out of her, which of course he can — although it’s pretty much all just really scathing insults. As Alice and Dao watch from the one-sided mirror, Margot seethes at her former lover and partner, knowing that Alice is listening in. “She has no idea who you are or that you’ll betray her again, because you will… That’s what you really love: the con itself.” It’s a pretty convincing accusation, at least for Alice. She leaves the interrogation room questioning if Ben can ever really love her. Val is able to help her feel a little better but can’t assure her that Ben won’t hurt her again.

As the first part of the finale ends, we see Margot being transported from the interrogation room by a man in a suit. The man takes her outside to a car, with her mother inside! “It’s a prison break, darling. Get in!” Sybil joyfully chirps. She takes her daughter back to meet up with the whole con men gang, including Ben, who she’s well aware worked with the FBI against them. But she’s come up with a way to keep Ben loyal — Sybil reveals that Rhys has Alice at gunpoint in her home and that if he wants to keep her safe, then he will need to complete the wedding con.

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Thus begins part two of the finale. Ben tries to get Margot to tell him where Rhys is taking Alice, but of course, she’s not going to help him (what were you expecting, Ben?). Meanwhile, Rhys is playing some messed-up version of life-sized Barbie with Alice and pointing out which lipstick and dress she should wear with his gun. Alice gets a moment of agency when Val calls, convincing Rhys to let her answer or else her friend will know something is up. When Val asks where Alice is, she replies that she’s feeling sick. This is a red flag for Val, who says Alice has never been sick before, and she starts to head out of the office toward her friend’s house. However, she’s stopped at the elevator by Ben, who says he is looking for Alice as well. Of course, Val isn’t too trusting of Ben and pulls a gun on him, demanding that he tell her where Alice is.

And when it comes to pulling out guns on people, best gal pals think alike. After a stroll through the park, Rhys sits down with Alice and offers her a deal: Stay away from Sybil’s con, and then he will help her and Ben get away together safely. Alice smiles and reveals that she has a gun pointed at Rhys underneath the table they’re sitting at — she hid it in the purse Rhys picked out for her. She forces him to let her go; then she runs into Val’s office to find Agent Dao and Ben are both there, as well. Alice tells them of Rhys’ deal, and they realize that it means Sybil is planning to kill Ben after the wedding con. The group decides again to all work together against the Kensington Firm.

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Alice, Danny, Sophie, and Val realize figure out that the real goal of Sybil’s con is to go after Morgan’s mother, Virginia, who is connected to the mob and owns one of the largest fleets of ships in the world. Sybil wants Ben and Rhys to get herself, Margot, Leah, and Reggie into the wedding, along with $20 million in counterfeit money, so they can rob Virginia’s massive safe unnoticed (that access code she got from the guy she had Jamison shoot earlier opens the safe).

Ben and Rhys put on their couple-y alter egos to meet up with Morgan, Stephanie, and Virginia, who is threatening to cancel the wedding because it isn’t being planned properly. This is a perfect in for the two con men, who offer their services as party planners. This position also gets their team in as various workers, and Ben also takes a few invitations so that Alice and her team can be there, as well, to stop Sybil. Well, it looks like that’s what he’s doing — actually, the address on the invitations Ben gave to Alice’s group led to some construction site. “Your boyfriend played us, yet again,” Val says in exasperation. But Alice knows that Ben didn’t do this maliciously; he was just trying to protect her by keeping her away from the con. Sophie is able to find the real wedding location, and the good guys are on their way.

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At the wedding, love is in the air for all of our Catch romances. Agent Dao and Val get flirty at the bar, and things are finally happening between Danny and Sophie after the season-long buildup. The two agents are getting close when Shawn pulls Danny aside. Danny assumes Shawn is going to be mad that he was putting moves on Sophie, but it’s revealed that Shawn is actually gay and is asking Danny out on a date himself. With his insecurities about a relationship between Sophie and Shawn finally fully put aside, Danny returns to his crush and finally kisses her.

And when Ben sees that Alice made it to the party, he has a similar reaction. He walks over and embraces her, saying that if the two of them make it through this night, he wants to marry her, and she happily agrees. If only there were a photographer around to capture this happy moment! Oh, wait… I spoke too soon. Reggie, posing as the wedding photographer, snaps a picture of Ben and Alice embracing, and it’s sent to Sybil. She calls over her daughter, and Margot points out that both Ben and Rhys have betrayed them by allowing Alice to be here. Sybil agrees and offers Alice leadership of the Kensington Firm to make sure the con goes off without a hitch.

When Morgan and Stephanie notice Ben, whom they thought to be gay, making out with a woman, they ask what’s going on. Alice and Ben fill the newlyweds in on the counterfeiting scam going on with Morgan’s mother as the target, and then they all find and tell Virginia, as well. After getting everyone up to speed, Agent Dao and Val corner Sybil in the kitchen and arrest her, but the truck where the money should be is empty. Turns out, Margot was a step ahead of Alice and stole the dough with Sybil’s assistant, Jamison, whom we also see her making out with.

Alice and Ben don’t seem to mind too much, though, especially since Rhys surprises them with tickets to Togo so they can get away together at long last. Finally, our central couple can just go relax on a beach and forget about all this crime — it seems too good to be true! And, of course, it is. As Alice arrives home to pack her bags, she finds her house filled with FBI agents.

Turns out, an anonymous tipster (i.e. Margot) called in that a certain irreplaceable masterpiece had been stolen (i.e. that painting Ben hung up in Alice’s room from episode 1). Margot calls Ben to tell her that she’s the head of the Kensington Firm now and that she tipped off the feds about Alice’s stolen painting. As Alice is being taken away in handcuffs, Ben rushes in and confesses that he stole the painting, asking the FBI to arrest him instead of Alice. If there were any doubt that Ben truly does love Alice, it’s certainly gone in this moment.

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