My Big Fat Greek Counterfeiting Scam
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Whoa, WHAT!? Agent Dao and Ben in the same room and not trying to kill each other? The lines of battle are getting murkier and murkier on The Catch as allegiances keep flipping, and with a second season pick-up now secured, it looks like we’re just going to have to keep guessing about whom is really loyal to whom for some time to come. But let’s focus on the episode at hand: “My Big Fat Greek Kidnapping”… er, sorry — it’s actually called “The Package.”

Anyway, we pick up with our Lannister siblings, Margot and Rhys, filling each other in on all the latest hot gossip. Remember that Margot is is now posing as Alice’s therapist, so she’s able to let Rhys know that Alice is a problem that they need to take care of. In her therapy session, Alice reveals to Margot that she’s still sleeping with Ben and that Ben asked her to run away with him. You can practically see steam shooting out of Margot’s ears as she forces a polite smile to keep her cover.

Later Ben, trying to regain some control and put an end to this whole mess, comes to Rhys with a plan for the crime boss to return to London while he takes over the firm’s operations in L.A. and Margot moves to New York. Of course, Rhys is happy to hear his bestie is coming back to the Kensington Firm, but Margot isn’t happy to hear the plan. She feels betrayed that Ben would side with Rhys and offer them up to return to the firm, and lashes out, but Ben still decides to side with Rhys and brings Reggie with him after filling his partner in on the Alice-specific reasons of why he’s really staying.

With Margot out for the con, Rhys tells Ben and Reggie (whose name he still doesn’t bother to learn) about the plan for this week — to get master counterfeiter Leah Wells (Nia Vardalos shedding her My Big Fat Greek Wedding goofy charm for some real menace) to sign on to work with the Kensington Firm. But when Ben goes to talk to her in his signature disguise of suit and thick-rimmed glasses, she flips the script and makes demands of him, including the death of her former mob boss employer that sold her out named Jordan Hamlin, and the return of her impounded dog Paul McCartney. With Ben refusing to be a part of more murder, Rhys turns to Margot for advice on how to bring Leah in, and she tells her bro that the best move is to kidnap and threaten Leah’s dog. *Cue the Sarah McLachlan music*

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Over on the good guys’ side, Alice and friends have agreed to help Kelsey, an old friend and bandmate of Sophie’s, out of a bad recording contract (apparently, along with being a talented hacker, Sophie is also a talented singer… I feel like she was that kid in high school who was the star athlete, had a band, made straight A’s, and somehow was still well-liked). Anyway, the team finds out that the head of Kelsey’s label, Nathan, has been filming his artists having sex in order to release the tapes and garner media attention, which he’s planning to do to Kelsey. Hmmm, a record producer sexually exploiting one of his young female artists; sound familiar? Luckily, Alice realizes that the boy Kelsey was sleeping with is another of Nathan’s artists, and that his age and length of contract mean that the producer’s been filming him since he was under 18. They slap an underage pornography lawsuit on Nathan and Kelsey’s free to go. (Oh, and at the end of the episode Danny gets a peek at Sophie’s ukelele-playing past, and he’s super smitten).

NEXT: Rhys has a bone to pick with Margot, and Ben chooses a side…

Back to the dog threatening: As Leah is escorted out of the Weatherby Hotel by guards, Reggie walks by with Paul McCartney and signals that he’s going to kill the pooch if Leah doesn’t sign a form transferring her stay to the Weatherby, and thus agreeing to work with the Kensington Firm. However, Dao and Alice learn about the transfer and bring the feds to the hotel at the time it’s supposed to happen, and to make matters worse, Ben and Rhys walk into Leah’s room to discover that her guards are knocked out and she’s not there!

This leads to a scene that’s a bit difficult to map out, so stick with me. Ben and Rhys are inside a hotel room with two unconscious guards, and Agent Dao and Alice are outside the room’s door trying to find Leah Wells on the other side. With no escape from the hotel room, Rhys draws his gun at the door as Dao draws his gun and has the bellhop override the code. And at the worst possible time, the two formerly unconscious guards wake up and point their guns at Ben and Rhys. Basically, everyone’s got guns pointing at everyone, but as always it’s Reggie to the rescue. He catches Dao and Alice before they enter the room and claims to be a U.S. Marshall, leading them down the hall and then disappearing to give Ben and Rhys enough time to kill the two guards and escape.

The three con men recoup in their hotel room, and Ben is upset that Rhys shot the guards (look, Ben, you shouldn’t be surprised that Rhys likes to kill people by now). The three men are confused as to what happened with Leah, until Perd Hapley comes on the news and reports that Jordan Hamlin has been shot dead. Rhys immediately knows that Margot was behind it, and calls her to confirm it. Apparently, Margot’s been playing the long game on this one: telling Rhys to steal Leah’s puppy so that she would distrust him, and then giving it back to her along with the murder she also asked for to cement the bond between the two women. Rhys is fuming that Margot stole Leah from him, and hints at next week’s drama by yelling, “You didn’t just steal from me, you stole from mummy, and I’m going to tell.”

So we’ve gotten through the Kesha-inspired case and the counterfeiter con, now let’s talk about the Alice-Ben stuff. In what is basically a clip show of the whole season to this point, Alice spills everything about her relationship with Ben to Margot in their therapy sessions, including the fact that she knows his name is Ben, not Chris. When Margot tells her brother about that fact, he surmises “Alice Vaughan is not the problem; the problem is Benji.” After Rhys loses Leah later, this thought is obviously in his mind when he erupts at Ben, accusing him of being disloyal and revealing that he knows about Alice by threatening her life if Ben missteps.

Pushed up against a wall, it’s finally time for Ben to actually choose a side. As Alice walks into her house, it seems clear that he has. She finds Ben standing in her living room with Dao, and he tells her, “You asked me to choose; I choose you.”

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