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What do a princess fighting for women’s rights, a military weapon that can see through human flesh, and an intimidatingly hunky security officer all have in common? They all take center stage on tonight’s episode of The Catch. Plus, Alice could be falling for Chris (…er, I mean Ben) all over again!? Let’s get into it.

First things first, apparently Anderson, Vaughan and Associates has another “Gladiator” that we didn’t know about — Agent Shawn. From the get-go, Danny is clearly threatened by how close Shawn seems to be with Sophie, as we’ve seen some signs of him crushing on her in past episodes. Turns out Shawn is the muscle of the firm, and he’s going to be helping out the main team on this week’s case, much to Danny’s disappointment.

And that case is: Tech inventor Gwen has gone missing right before her passion project is supposed to be manufactured. The head of the military tech company Gwen works for, Philip, and Gwen’s longtime friend and business partner, Marie, bring the case to Alice and Val. Apparently, Gwen has developed a technology called ThruSight, which allows users to see through walls and even human flesh, so although it was created with the intention to help find survivors of natural disasters through rubble, it also has the possibility of being weaponized.

On the conmen side of things, Princess Zara tells Ben (whom she thinks is named Michael) that her brother is coming to take her back home. It’s been a week since anyone has heard from Qasim (because Margot shot him, remember?), but the princess doesn’t want to go back. Sick of the behind-the-times gender roles of her country, she asks Ben to help her disappear.

Ben discusses what to do with Margot as they go back to their apartment, only to discover a beautiful woman holding a gun in their bedroom. The woman works for the mysterious “Benefactor,” whom Margot, Ben, and Reggie owe tons of money to. She’s come to collect. Since Margot and Ben don’t have enough to pay their debts, Ben pays her $1.5 million to get a 48-hour extension, and he and Margot hatch a scheme to get Princess Zara to invest $15 million in a faux charity for women’s education and equal rights.

As a newly awoken feminist, Princess Zara is jazzed about Ben’s idea, and the cherry on top is that she knows it could also get her disowned by her restrictive family and allow her the freedom to live wherever she likes. In fact, Zara is so pumped about the plan that she immediately finds a charity she wishes to donate to. She brings the woman who runs it in to meet Ben. To Ben’s shock, that woman is… Alice!

Back on the missing persons case, we get our first bit of humor from this show as an insecure Danny stumbles and stammers along a hiking trail as Shawn takes the lead. Poor Danny feels he just can’t measure up to Shawn and fears that Sophie is falling for the muscled security officer instead of him. But, Danny’s stumbling does lead the team to their first break in the case: Gwen’s dead body.

With Gwen gone, Alice and Co. still need to find her laptop to get ThruSight back. Tech wizard Sophie does some tech wizard stuff and finds its location, and after another quick gag pointing out that Danny’s inadequacies are the joke of this episode (he can’t pick the lock, but Sophie already snuck inside), the team grabs the laptop and drives off. But they’re not home-free yet — not-so-dead-after-all Gwen rams into their car and tries to grab the laptop away!

A car collision can’t stop Alice Vaughan. She hops out of the car and apprehends Gwen. When the team gets back to the office (with nobody even remotely injured or at all shaken from getting T-boned by an SUV), Gwen reveals that she faked her death in order to keep ThruSight out of the tech company’s hands, alleging Philip of wanting to sell it to terrorists. After confirming that to be true, Alice and her team hatch a plan to give Philip the laptop back, pose as an online buyer to get him to sell it back to them, and then get their buddy Agent Jules Dao to arrest him when he shows up at the hand-off.

Everything goes as planned, except it turns out the person selling to terrorists was actually Gwen’s buddy, Marie, which follows the show’s main theme of betrayal from the ones you love most. To wrap up the case, Val and Alice get Gwen a new identity to keep her technology out of dangerous hands.

NEXT: A princess pays the price, and a romance is rekindled…

Over to Ben’s con, which is looking more like it might be Alice’s con at this point: After the Princess leaves the two of them alone, Ben reiterates what he asked her to do at the end of last episode — to stop chasing after him for her own safety. Alice points out that she has the power now, but Ben says there’s nothing she can arrest him for, which Agent Dao confirms through a mic in Alice’s ear. Now that Agent Dao and Alice are working together to take Ben down, he advises her to get a confession out of him, but Princess Zara comes back before that can happen. In a phone call later, Ben and Alice coordinate a rendezvous at Grand Park, where he promises to tell her everything she wants to know if she agrees to stop chasing after him.

That night, we see Margot going out to a bar to meet up with the gun-toting collector woman, whose name we later discover is Felicity. The two women wind up sleeping together (you know how one thing just leads to another sometimes…), and from their postcoital pillow talk, we learn some more details about Margot’s past. Turns out, she was a bigwig in the syndicate that she currently owes money to, and was believed to be next in line to take it over. Margot herself doesn’t believe she would ever have replaced the apparently misogynist “Benefactor,” though, due to the simple fact that she’s a woman.

The next day, Ben comes to meet Princess Zara to discover that her brother Bashir has already come for her. Ben is worried this means his con is ruined, but Zara promises that she has a plan to employ some “creative accounting” to still donate the $15 million that she’s promised. Turns out, that means turning to eBay — Ben finds that Zara is selling all of her possessions to get the donation money, and she presents Ben with the check. He’s clearly feeling super guilty about how the person he’s taking millions from is being so selfless.

As Princess Zara leaves, she gives Ben a necklace, telling him to give it to his “mystery woman.” Margot walks up to Ben disappointed, assuming that their con has failed. Ben tells her that he got the check from Princess Zara, but lets Margot assume that Bashir has already frozen her funds, making the check worthless. But Margot spies the necklace and surmises that they can maybe give it to Felicity for some more time.

Let’s check back in with the Danny-Sophie-Shawn situation for a bit before we get to the climactic scene of the episode. After the mission, Danny actually warms up to Shawn once he admits to being jealous of Danny’s job at times. As Danny begins to gush to Sophie about Shawn, she implies that he’s not really her type: “What do you do with all those muscles?” This piques Danny’s interest, and he asks if she’s ever date “a guy like that,” and she says “I don’t know, why do you ask?” as they exchange smiles. But of course, nothing good can happen for Danny — he finally asks Sophie out for a drink later on, but she’s already going on a date with Shawn! Sorry, Danny…

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While Danny and Sophie are floundering, there is hope for our main romance of Alice and Ben. They meet up for their rendezvous at Grand Park; Alice is there with Dao listening in to get a confession out of Ben, while Ben is there to convince Alice that their love was real. “It was real. What we had was real, and I love you,” Ben tells her, after reminding her that he wanted to run away with her rather than go through with his con. To cap it all off, he hands Alice Princess Zara’s $15 million check.

Alice is convinced and begins to well up. As Ben starts to give the confession that she and Dao came for, she signals for him to be quiet and reveals that she’s wearing a wire, choosing to protect him. Ben mouths a silent “thank you” and runs off before Dao’s men can catch him. Dao turns to Alice angrily, thinking she let Ben get away, but Alice throws down her wire and walks off with a smile. Looks like Ben and Alice’s love isn’t as dead as we thought.

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