Carrie and Walt head to Manhattan for Halloween and he takes a major detour to Gayville

By Tim Stack
Updated February 05, 2013 at 05:01 AM EST
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Well Carrie Bradshaw is really growing up fast on The Carrie Diaries. Last week, there was the vagina art show. This week, it’s experiences with ecstasy, gaydar and men groping unconscious women who think they’re actually birds. At this point, by the season finale, I’m predicting plots involving heroin and furries and plushies. This was sort of an oddly dark episode of The Carrie Diaries, particularly the final moments — which I’m okay with. There were always episodes of Sex and the City that flirted with sadness, particularly towards the end of the show’s run.

So it was Halloween in the land of The Carrie Diaries — leading to a good portion of the characters experimenting with drugs. But things started off innocently enough as they typically do on this show (don’t forget last week had hamster adoption mixed with the lady business art show). Sebastian decides to have a Halloween party at the diner where Carrie and her pals have lunch. What high schooler rents out a diner? That feels like something they would have done on ER for like the hospital holiday party. Carrie didn’t have to worry about such things, though, as she was basically disinvited from the party since Sebastian broke up with her last week. Anyways, she was high-tailing it to the city for Larissa’s Halloween party at her apartment in Soho. Weirdly, she was only taking Walt with her and leaving the ladies at home. But that decision made sense once we saw that they were attending as Princess Di and Prince Charles. AnnaSophia Robb spends more time in wigs on this show than the cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Truthbomb.

Meanwhile, goth Amber Tamblyn — I mean Dorrit — had her Halloween spoiled when her father found her stash of toilet paper, eggs, and shaving cream and forced her to stay home. She ate a bunch of candy, watched Poltergeist, got scared and then hugged her father. Her storylines are the ones that seem most at odds with the rest of the show. Like she’s adopting hamsters while the rest of the show is hallucinating on drugs.

Speaking of which, Carrie and Walt arrive at Larissa’s Soho apartment, which seems to be mostly inhabited by go-go boys and ladies wearing feathery masks. Sounds like a New York Halloween party to me! They meet The Carrie Diaries’ newest character, Bennett, who is a columnist at Interview and Walt’s idol. Immediately, I was like, Okay this dude is gay. But Walt and Carrie had no such gaydar. We all know, though, that Carrie will become quite familiar with the New York gay scene later in life.

NEXT: Walt and Bennett get…um…closer

After they meet Bennett, Larissa gives them both ecstasy to try. Not even a cheese tray or a Tab first — straight to ecstasy! Carrie drops hers on the floor but Walt swallows his. This is where the show got a lil’ cray cray. Larissa admitted she had not only taken two ecstasy pills but also LSD and began to hallucinate that she was a bird. Carrie took Larissa to her bedroom while Bennett looked after Walt, who had quite a tolerance for drugs; the dude seemed totally fine. Even in her bird state, Larissa was able to impart some wisdom on Carrie: “It’s exhausting being fabulous.” Lady, tell me something I don’t know. Carrie seemed genuinely disappointed to hear that, though.

Bennett and Walt took a little trip outside where Walt finally started feeling the effects of the drug…or being in the presence of a cute guy. His heart started racing and he grabbed Walt’s hand to feel. Basically, they went to first base. Then, Bennett planted a kiss on Walt’s lips, which totally freaked out Prince Charles. He said he wasn’t gay and that he had “a girlfriend in Connecticut.” I’m fairly certain he’s not the first closeted gay man to use that excuse. Walt took a walk and saw two thugs threaten a gay couple. He stopped the attack but clearly it freaked him out about revealing his true feelings. I like this storyline and am interested in where it’s going. I think the idea of coming out in the ’80s is actually a really compelling plot.

Mouse and Maggie decided to go to Sebastian’s party so they keep an eye on him and the raucous diner soiree. Mouse and Sebastian connect over a game of Pac Man and develop some genuine chemistry; she was wearing a really cute tie. And then he pulls out a joint and starts smoking it! Not even a cheese tray or a Tab — straight to weed! Unfortunately, the cop with whom Maggie is having an affair shows up. Do we even know his name? I’m just gonna call him Officer Shmitty. So Maggie and Shmitty basically break off their weird affair in the bathroom of the diner, but she gets rid of him. That allows Mouse to take a few more puffs of Sebastian’s joint.

The episode ends with Sebastian dropping a totally stoned Mouse on Carrie’s doorstep. Thanks a lot, blondie! I’m frankly surprised Mouse wasn’t more freaked out by Princess Di trying to take care of her. And then Walt ends up going to Maggie’s house and the pair have sex! Somehow I don’t think a wedding is in the cards for these two….

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