Kitty almost brings the wedding to a halt when she tells Robert what she did to stop a potential scandal; plus, Justin learns the identity of Lena's married man
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Robert and Kitty’s wedding was just as I expected — with the champagne flowing as freely as the family secrets — except that I never actually believed Robert and Kitty would say, ”I do.” Excuse me while I pass Tommy a $100. And tell him that I think Rebecca really should’ve gone to him before she told Justin that he’d slept with Lena….Okay, I’m back.

So, here in our Brothers & Sisters TV Watch, we’ve often discussed how difficult it must be for the show’s writers to juggle the ensemble drama’s many story lines. But this episode made you appreciate their struggle even more: How do you threaten Robert’s campaign and nuptials, pit the McCallister clan (hello, Garry Marshall!) against Kevin for dumping Reverend Boyfriend, and further complicate the Tommy-Lena-Justin triangle, while still saving enough airtime to reward serious BS fans with little moments like Sarah reporting in on her 20-minute conversation with a Republican bachelor about quail hunting, Kevin looking annoyed that Tommy put his feet on the coffee table (and was wearing sneakers), and Nora inquiring about Holly’s whereabouts when she couldn’t find her date? The answer to that question is, of course, that you make Sen. Robert McCallister the most decisive politician ever. It took the man approximately two seconds to decide that the ceremony should continue after Kitty interrupted it to tell him about the man that she and Kevin had blackmailed to suppress his story about the senator’s supposed Gulf War heroics. (He knows Robert’s first choice wasn’t to rescue the men — fate intervened.) That’s also the same amount of time it took Robert to okay the next attempt to quiet the guy, who spin doctor Isaac (guest star Danny Glover) said was shopping his story. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Isaac say he was retired the first time he was on the show? I know Kitty trusts him, but I can’t help wondering if he was actually confirming and planting the story for one of Robert’s rivals instead of trying — and failing — to suppress it. That’s crazy talk, but admit it, that would be juicy. Especially since Isaac is making a move on Nora now that Stan (guest star Chevy Chase) appears to have gone bye-bye because he couldn’t take her scolding him for smoking pot at the wedding.

Sally Field only had a few scenes this week, but naturally, they were some of the best. She and Calista Flockhart were priceless in ”the talk” scene, where Nora’s sweet smile lured you into believing that she was going to wax poetic about the joys of marriage — and Kitty’s face showed that, for once, she was actually eager to hear what her mother had to say. I wasn’t expecting Nora to launch into that ”And before you know it, you will have completely forgotten who you are and what you stand for” speech, but it was classic. So was Nora having to leave Kitty a message on her cell because she was banned from seeing her before the ceremony…and Nora using their walk down the aisle to assure Kitty that she’s a strong enough woman to be both herself and Robert’s wife…and Nora and Sarah passing the glass of champagne back and forth and calling for the waiter. In the end, I found Robert and Kitty’s wedding vows slightly anticlimactic — though judging from the tears on both Flockhart and Rob Lowe, they were extremely moving to some. (As I said last week, I have a hard time celebrating ”romantic” Robert. And have we ever actually seen this vulnerable side Kitty referred to?) Too bad Kitty didn’t go with Sarah’s suggestion: ”Our love is like the war: out of control, endless, without reason.”

NEXT: Questions of fidelity

Speaking of out of control, it’s time to get rid of Lena, right? Her suggesting to Rebecca that she sounded jealous while talking about Justin was awesome, but now she’s served her purpose. Justin brought her to the wedding, and Rebecca figured out that she’d slept with Tommy and told Justin about it. Justin then confronted Tommy, and their fight landed them in Secret Service detention (alongside Kevin, who’d offhandedly threatened Robert’s life for the way he verbally assaulted him for dumping Jason, and Stan, who’d been caught with a bowl). I hope Justin asks Lena about how she could go on about ”the married man” to him in bed when she was talking about his brother — ewww. And though I think Robert was a little harsh on Kevin, I like that their confrontation ended with Kevin basically saying, ”If you acknowledge that the pain of this breakup will hurt your brother, maybe you should acknowledge that these relationship are real and support gay marriage.”

Now, this week’s final questions:

· Were the McCallisters right to dis Kevin? And is he ready to be with Scotty, when even Scotty doubts it?

· Should Rebecca and Sarah be that chummy? Don’t get me wrong — watching them bond over their mutual appreciation for attractive Secret Service agents was more enjoyable than watching them fight over Joe….

· Are brown bridesmaids dresses ever a good idea when the groomsmen are wearing black tuxes?

· How long until one of the Walker siblings is talking to another Walker sibling about Tommy’s affair and Julia overhears them?

· Why did that old acquaintance (Ken Olin) come to see Holly? We’re all guessing he’s really Rebecca’s dad, right, but why’s he in the picture now? I say he’s sick and needs some kind of donor. My mother says he wants money.

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