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One of the best decisions The Blacklist ever made was for Lizzie to finally get on board with the fact that, no matter what, without fail, 100 percent of the time…Raymond Reddington is harboring an ulterior motive when he assigns a Blacklister to the Task Force. No reason to have our protagonist looking like a chump every time she gets duped by a man known for his duping skills. If Lizzie just expects everything from Red, then she can’t be surprised by anything…

What I wasn’t expecting was for ol’ Lizzie Keen to pull a fast one of her own. Who looks like a chump now?

With Red locked away in a federal medical institution while trying to score a self-requested psych evaluation before his trial (ahem, more on that later), Liz and Jennifer are suddenly presented with a “cat away, mice will play” opportunity. But to move forward on tracking Gerald Klepper—the man they’ve determined was operated on by Hans Koehler right around the same time as Fraymond Freddington—they’ll need assistance from the FBI. Unfortunately, Lizzie can’t tell the FBI that she’s trying to find Gerald Klepper because the man they think is Raymond Reddington isn’t actually Raymond Reddington.

Gerald Klepper is a criminal though. So why not just tell the FBI that they should go after Klepper for criminal reasons. Tracking him down with the FBI’s resources will also provide Liz with the answers she so desperately desires…

Sound familiar? Like fraud-father, like maybe-fraud-daughter.


Friday’s episode opens with perhaps the worst possible visual: a waspy man in a suit hiding a young girl’s body in the woods. When he gets back in his car, it’s clear that he hit the girl while drinking and driving, and thought stashing her dead body in the woods would be a cool way to handle it.

That man turns out to be the hilariously named Digby Tamerlane, founder of CHIONE eCommerce Solutions and titan of industry, we’re told. But he’s not our Blacklister, oh no. That would be the mysterious bow-tied man who approaches Digby Tamerlane at a conference and tells him that he’d like to consult with him about “that incident near Rock Creek Park.” The man tells Tamerlane that there’s a credible witness to said incident, hands him a card for an RV park, and heads along on his merry, mysterious way.

Red has managed to delay his trial once more, getting himself sent to Springfield, Miss., for a psych evaluation, so Liz struts into the Post Office proclaiming that he gave her one last Blacklister before he headed Midwest: Gerald Klepper, a doctor who murdered 17 patients under the guise of euthanasia. He hasn’t been seen in 28 years. Sure, he’s listed in Koehler’s slightly altered dossier that Red handed over to the FBI and is now being followed up on by a different dedicated task force… but Reddington said Klepper is a very special case guys, PROMISE.

A private investigator hired by families of the victims tells Liz and Ressler that Klepper’s victims weren’t targets because they wanted to die, as the police originally thought—they were targeted because they wanted to live. Apparently, Klepper performed some self-designed cost-benefit analysis and decided that these very sick people who wanted to find a way to get better were using up resources he felt could be better used on healthier patients. So he sounds fun…

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James Spader returns as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, a mastermind criminal who teams up with the FBI.
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