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“Irish” is all Red needs to hear to know it must be Arthur Kilgannon who’s taken over his routes. But Red knows Arthur to be “a man with exacting standards,” and that’s exactly what he tells him when he shows up at Arthur’s home. Arthur says his son assured him the deaths due to poor conditions were a one-time incident; Red informs him that people are dying left and right thanks to his son’s operations.

That doubt seems to inspire Arthur to look further into this smuggling business his son is running, and soon he’s storming into his son’s office. Like Red, Arthur is not okay with packing desperate people “in equipment unfit to transport livestock.” And Colin is not okay with his father questioning his leadership skills, and he’s definitely not okay with his dad telling him, “You always has a mean streak, even as a child…. Sorry, Colin, you’re out.” You know how I know he’s not okay with that? Because he chokes Arthur out, killing his father with his bare hands. Sicko.

That also means the Post Office really doesn’t have a way to get to Colin, who is operating out of Bulgaria, where his family has protective political connections. They can crack down on the transport once it passes though Macedonia, but they’ll have to send someone on the inside…

“I know what it feels like to be seen as less than human, a thing transported for money,” Dembe tells Red, convincing him why he must do this. “You saved me from that, which is why I know you’ll want me to try and save others.”

The next thing we know, Dembe is joining a large group of refugees and guards are putting bags over all of their heads, including the little girl who is fleeing a migrant camp in Greece along with her parents. And you better believe that gentle-giant-angel Dembe is about to be so sweet to her. Once transported to Macedonia, they go to a shipping complex that seems to serve as an undercover weigh station for Colin’s hub of smuggling operations. The bad news is that there are hundreds of frightened migrants there; the good news is that the Post Office is able to track Dembe’s device there, and they’re confident there’s enough inside to make a case against the Kilgannons, get the local authorities involved, and get Dembe out.

With that temporary sense of relief, let’s check in on Tom, shall we? He’s meeting up with Pete’s ex-girlfriend, Lena. The bearded man who has been following her is also there, watching. They’re at the gas station where Pete last used a credit card in Lena’s name. Inside, Lena proves herself a natural super-spy as she distracts the attendant while Tom goes in the back to scour the security footage. He’s able to spot Pete and snap a few photos and — I kid you not — from zooming in on the dashboard of a car in a picture of a screen displaying grainy security footage, they’re able to read the name of a hotel off of a keychain.

And thank goodness for super-spies and super-eyes, because they do find Pete at that hotel. But he’s not happy to see them — he insists that he’s been attacked, and he’s got the three missing fingers to prove it. Ick. He says guys came to his house to get the bones and kill him, but first they tortured him into saying how he got the bones. But he didn’t give up any names, and Nik came in while he was passed out. He woke up to the men choking Nik and was able to sneak out, but he knows they would have killed him. And wouldn’t you know it — there they are, busting into the hotel room and knocking out Tom with the butt of a gun.

Things aren’t going that well over in Macedonia either. When Dembe tries to stop the guards from placing the little girl in a separate truck from her parents, he gets punched in the jaw, breaking the device keeping him connected to the Post Office. But perhaps that will be all right, because local authorities are pulling in now by the dozens. Inside, they find hundreds of humans packed into trucks…but no Dembe.

It seems that seven trucks made it out before the authorities arrived, including the one holding Dembe and the little girl. The drivers were instructed to ditch the trucks in hard-to-find places and evacuate. So unless the Post Office is able to find the drivers, they have little hope of finding the seven trucks quickly. And speed is a factor here, because Aram notices that these aren’t just any trucks, but airtight refrigerated trucks. He calculates there will be enough oxygen to last two and a half hours before everyone inside suffocates.

Not on Reddington’s watch. He goes back to Arthur Kilgannon’s house, and upon learning that he’s died, Red forces Arthur’s widow to get Colin on the phone. With the threat of Red putting a bullet through his mother’s head, Colin tells him to go ahead: “I would have done it eventually, but you could save me the trouble.” Red gets off the phone, crestfallen, and apologizes to Mrs. Kilgannon. In return, she tells him that if he lets her go to her computer, she can give him Colin’s exact coordinates via a tracking device on his sports car. I write, “Yaaaas Irish queen!” in my notes. (Recap continues on next page)

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James Spader returns as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, a mastermind criminal who teams up with the FBI.
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