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The Blacklist

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And Ressler is right! They head back to the uninhabitable land in Brenford and find that one of the old houses has smoke coming from the chimney. Inside, they find evidence of Steven living there, plus very high-end surveillance equipment. But no Steven — that’s because he’s using that surveillance equipment to track Anna Hopkins, and along with the rest of his friends, he’s just kidnapped her from her hotel. But since Aram was also able to use the surveillance equipment to track Anna, Samar and Ressler intercept the Invisible Hand’s getaway. And these vigilantes open fire on the FBI!

And all those Invisible Hands end up getting shot (it’s the FBI y’all!), except for one woman, who tells Ressler and Samar exactly where on the Brenford land Steven and Billy — the very very shot dude driving the getaway van — will be taking Anna. But she’s still in for a long van ride with these men who hate her. As it turns out, she was the senior executive of the branch of the chemical company that was responsible for the poisoning of Brenford’s land. And she was responsible for executing the first payout — along with the judge and lawyer who have already been killed — that kept the dangers of living in Brenford quiet for a year before everyone started getting sick…before everyone started dying.

The Invisible Hand members were all childhood friends, and then all of their parents died from bone cancer they got from the toxic spills in their formerly idyllic hometown. Now Steven has the same bone cancer his parents had, and nothing to lose. He leaves Billy bleeding out by the car, knocks Anna out, and takes her to the pre-dug grave. He’s shoveling on the dirt when Samar and Ressler get there, arresting Steve and performing CPR on Anna once they’ve dug her out. Steven doesn’t deny any of the murders: “I corrected what I knew to be wrong in the world… I will die knowing I did what I could.”

But we’re not done with the Invisible Hand yet. It seems that Red wants a private word with Billy the driver, who’s recovering from his gunshot wound. Red knows — presumably from the surveillance equipment at Steven’s, which looked similar to the surveillance equipment they found at Ian Garvey’s lair last week — that the Invisible Hand worked with someone called the Toymaker. With the threat of 20 more bullets to the abdomen, Billy gives Red the information, and he takes Liz along with him to threaten the Toymaker with a soldering gun. But the man says he’s a lover not a fighter, so he gives them the information he has on the GPS eyeball they’ve presented to him: The guy who commissioned it knew exactly what he wanted and the Toymaker built him “what might be the most advanced surveillance and counter-surveillance gear out there right now.” He says that the man was incredibly knowledgeable about the stuff, almost like he was…

“A cop?” asks Red.

Liz goes to Cooper’s office to ask to be put back on the Post Office team, saying it’s what’s best for everyone. “Meaning whatever you’ve learned about Tom’s death, having a badge is necessary,” prompts Cooper. He’s somewhat right about the badge: “Because I think whoever killed Tom has one too,” says Liz. She’ll need everyone’s help to crack this and she’ll have it. But still, the future looks grim as we hear Detective Singleton on the phone saying, “We’ve got to get everyone together. Agent Keen could become a serious problem.” On the other end of the line, Ian Garvey says he’ll deal with Keen, pushing his jacket back to reveal his U.S. Marshal badge. OOF.

A Few Loose Ends

  • They were fresh out of “I’m sorry I shot you” balloons. I loved that Red threw Anthony’s liposculpture in with his, y’know, life-saving surgery for a gunshot wound, but shouldn’t his cut of that Airbnb money be enough that he doesn’t have to steal drugs?!
  • I kind of hope Samar stays Red’s Post Office liaison even when Liz comes back. Liz will have all that intra-government crime to deal with anyway, and I like how much Samar/Ressler/Aram kick-ass crime solving we’ve been getting.
  • “Imagine the confidence a man has to have in his own genitals to take on a nickname like Big Willie.”
  • And along the same lines: “I’m not a big fish, Willie — I’m Moby Dick.”
  • Did we already know that Katarina’s dad was also a Russian spy? We’ve long stanned for Spy Baby Agnes, but Lizzie was really the ultimate third-generation Spy Baby.
  • Dominic calls Red to tell him that Masha was there looking for Oleander. Of course he didn’t tell her that he is Oleander, or about their connection, though it pained him. “You should tell her,” he tells Red. “Enough secrets, she deserves to know.” Dom and Dembe should start a support group.
  • Anyone take down all the Oleander clues from Tom’s notebook?
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