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In the back half of The Blacklist‘s season 3, Liz hissed at Red, “Some things can’t be forgiven.” I believe she was actually quoting his own line back to him after she found out he lied (or appeared to have lied) about her mother’s alleged death.

As we’ve come to find out over the last few years, though, Elizabeth Keen is a pretty forgiving person. Or at least forgetful. You may recall her husband Tom Keen spent a decade-ish pretending to be a Warby-Parker-wearing third-grade teacher, when he was actually spying on her for Reddington as part of an old man’s club for sociopathic teens. And yet, he is now the father of her child and she actually re-proposed to him. And as for Reddington: After doing that thing for which she could not forgive him, Liz went on to work with him for another half a season and to trust him at least enough to remain in her life.

Until, that is, the need to protect her daughter finally pushed Liz over the edge. The interesting thing about this episode, however, is Liz isn’t the one being asked to dig deep on her moral quandaries regarding Raymond Reddington. She’s too busy trying to figure out if she should murder her other-maybe-dad or save his life. In season 4, it feels like the questions Liz has faced throughout the entire series are suddenly being directed at us… Can the audience trust Red? Given the presence of Alexander Kirk, his version of the truth, and the coffee can buried in his front yard, can we still believe Red has Lizzie’s best interests at heart? And given tonight’s final scene: Can we ever forgive him for what he’s done to our beloved Mr. Kaplan?

Perhaps you are a less naïve TV viewer than I, but though I’ve never bought into the idea that Red doesn’t lie to Lizzie, I’ve always believed his moral code centered around one very strict rule: Protect Elizabeth Keen. But season 4 is calling that into question. I certainly never thought his moral code would permit Red to kill one of his only two confidantes. And for what? Not agreeing with him about the best way to protect Elizabeth? Or was it, as Mr. Kaplan seemed to suggest in her final living moments, because of just how much she knows about Raymond Reddington? Season 4 is off to a right slippery start, indeed…

MATO, NO. 66

Mr. Kaplan managed to get a look at the man who crashed into their car and stole Agnes — his name is Mato and she knows another man he used to work for, Little Nikos. So Red, Dembe, Mr. Kaplan, and the recently arrived Tom are off to Amarillo (By Morning, presumably) in Red’s jet, while Liz remains captured in a tiny plane with her maybe-dad on their way “home.”

Oh, and she’s still not reunited with Agnes, which is probably why she decides to attack Kirk and shoot the pilot. I do love when Lizzie goes full John McClane, but I can’t say this is one of her well-thought-out plans. Next thing you know, she’s waking up in a crashed plane in the middle of the ocean. Luckily, she comes to before Kirk and is able to tie him up; less luckily, water has started flooding the plane’s interior. When Kirk wakes up, he says, “Masha, I’m your father, you can’t let me drown,” and Liz replies, “Watch me.” But by the time the plane fills with water and flips over, he’s convinced her she needs to trust him if she wants to make it out of this alive.

NEXT: Poor Little Nikos…

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James Spader returns as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, a mastermind criminal who teams up with the FBI.
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