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January 05, 2019 at 10:34 AM EST

Back on the home front, Liz and Jennifer are trying to sort through Dr. Koehler’s slightly altered dossier that Reddington handed over last episode, as well as track down someone who could possibly recover the data that was removed from it. And just as Liz is explaining why that person can’t be someone from the FBI, there’s a knock at the door: it’s dear old not-dad dropping in for a visit! Naturally, Red can’t know Jennifer is there, so the two sisters stomp around picking up files at a rapid pace, whisper-argue in harsh tones, and for some reason decide the best hiding place in what we know to be a two-bedroom apartment, is inside the closet right beside the door.

Red seems suspicious, but no matter, he’s there to tell Liz that Moreau appears to be collecting arms for a new job, so Ressler and Liz head to New York where his stolen car has turned up. A little detective work with Red’s arms dealer contact in L.A. reveals that Moreau wasn’t collecting guns; he was contracting a man named Maxwell Rudiger…to build a bomb…that Moreau is now apparently carting into the United Nations…in a diplomatic pouch that’s not subject to search…cool, cool, cool!

Ressler and Liz swarm into the United Nations, telling the police officers on duty to initiate their evacuation protocol, just as Moreau delivers the pouch (it’s really more of a briefcase) to a Turkish ambassador. Luckily, he’s a chatty guy so he doesn’t quite get around to opening it before Liz is rushing into the meeting room telling him to put the bomb down slowly and get the hell out of there. The…entire United Nations evacuates, Moreau included, unfortunately, and that gives enough time for Red and Maxwell to arrive, ready to diffuse the bomb.

Well, sort of. Red, uncharacteristically flippant about Lizzie’s safety as she stays behind in the bomb-filled conference room, wants to take his one chance to explore the United Stations, while Maxwell seems not at all confident about figuring out how to diffuse the bomb he made. But to the soothing score of Red giving a truly rousing speech at the General Assembly podeum about the powers of LSD and Cary Grant, Maxwell is able to diffuse the bomb. Liz arrives at the General Assembly to tell Red he needs to head out before the NYPD arrives (I see that misdirection, writers, and I applaud it!) just as he’s recounting the LSD trip that made him “imagine myself as a giant penis, launching off from earth like a spaceship.”

Liz is unfazed.

Well, by the penis announcements that is; but there’s something else that’s eating at Lizzie. The next scene opens up on Jennifer hissing into the phone, “Second thoughts?!” as her sister paces around outside the United Nations. Liz knows they need answers but after just saving the United Nations from a nationalist’s bomb because of a tip from Fraymond Freddington, she’s also feeling like: “Whoever he is, he does a lot of good.” Jennifer understands that Red has become an important part of Lizzie’s life, but “being ‘like family’ isn’t family—we have a plan, and if we stick to it, it’s gonna work out,” she tells her waffling half-sister.

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James Spader returns as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, a mastermind criminal who teams up with the FBI.
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