Along with a new host, there's a new house, gym, and extra scale to benefit (or torture) our contestants
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“America, it’s time to get real!”

So said Bob Harper, the new host (we’ll miss you, Alison Sweeney!) of The Biggest Loser. The trainer’s additional role isn’t the only fresh facet to NBC’s long-running weight-loss competition. There’s also a new house, gym, and an extra scale to benefit (or torture) the 16 contestants, all of whom came to the ranch with a partner…or the anticipation of one. (Richard of Survivor, meet Erin of The Voice)!.

Here are this season’s sweet 16 and the trainers they’ll be paired with:

1. Richard and Erin (Team Dolvett Quince): She was a contestant on season 2 of The Voice who battled bulimia while attempting to survive in Hollywood. Richard, who is 54, was the first winner of Survivor and managed to make a joke about not paying taxes only 14 minutes into the premiere episode. Erin, 26, showed the most gumption in the gym, mostly because she appears to have the least to lose. Their win at the temptation challenge gave their fellow teammates an 8-pound advantage at the first weigh-in, even though it didn’t save one of their own. Erin’s current weight: 228, down 10 pounds. Richard’s current weight: 301, down 13 pounds.

2. Whitney and Felicia of North Carolina (Team Dolvett): Whitney, 29, kept mostly mum while her partner, Felicia, 29, quickly stood out as an excuse girl who chafed at how Dolvett predicted she’d be the first one to go home. Felicia’s current weight: 220, down 14 pounds. Whitney’s current weight: 243, down 10 pounds.

3. Colby and Hope of Georgia (Team Jen Widerstrom): Hope, 34, wants to have a kid “more than anything in the world” while her 30-year-old husband who calls the host “Mr. Bob” says she has to learn to love herself first. Hope’s current weight: 222, down 10 pounds. Colby’s current weight: 321, down 18 pounds.

4. Vicki and Lauren (Team Jen): Vicki, 53, almost pressed a button at the start of the show that would have rewarded her $20,000 in exchange for quitting the show. Instead, she used her time off the treadmill to get sweet (stretch) relief from a hot dude. She’s here with daughter Lauren, a 32-year-old nutritionist who can’t overcome the negative voices in her head. Lauren’s current weight: 223, down 11 pounds. Vicki’s current weight: 226, down 11 pounds.

5. Toy and Britney from Florida (Team Dolvett): Toy, 43, had everyone shedding a tear when she talked about her time living on the streets and how, while crashing at the home of her 27-year-old niece, Britney, her small boy drowned in the backyard pool. Toy’s current weight: 308, down 8 pounds. Britney’s current weight: 246, down 7 pounds.

6. Rob and Sarah of Georgia (Team Jen): Sarah, 27, doesn’t feel worthy as a wife and mother while her 56-year-old dad lamented that his daughter inherited his sense of worthlessness. Sarah’s current weight, 250, down 17 pounds. Rob’s current weight: 306, down 20 pounds.

7. Luis and Roberto of Illinois (Team Jen): The twins, both 36, were trusted to run the temptation challenge but gave everyone a big scare when Roberto — the largest contestant this season — lost his step not once but twice while climbing the ladder. Luis’ current weight: 285, down 23 pounds. Roberto’s current weight: 324, down 24 pounds.

8. Stephen and Jacky (Team Dolvett): Jacky, 42, freaked out while standing on the stage in her jog bra and cycling shorts while her 43-year-old husband thought he should have lost more during the first week. Jacky’s current weight: 290, down 14 pounds. Stephen’s current weight, 298, down 11 pounds.

And the first contestant to go home was:

Britney, who told her aunt on the way out to “stop blocking herself” and to “kill it” at the ranch. “You got this!” she said in tears.

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