Sheldon is a little uncomfortable with a certain hookup

By Lincee Ray
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Although the season 9 finale of The Big Bang Theory was a tad lackluster, we do have something rather spectacular to look forward to in future episodes. Here’s hoping Chuck Lorre puts a little bazinga in the budding relationship of Dr. Alfred Hofstadter and Mary Cooper. Can you imagine the possibilities if Leonard and Sheldon are half-brothers? If they are related by marriage, do you think Sheldon will let Leonard sit in his spot? Or whistle in the apartment? Will the roommate agreement evolve into something conducive to siblings?

Before I geek out further on fan-fiction ideas, let’s back up to the beginning of the relationship. Penny and Leonard have agreed to exchange vows in front of their friends and family since Beverly’s feelings were hurt that she wasn’t invited to her son’s real wedding. Amy plans to wear a purple satin dress and stand really close to Penny so she can perform her fake maid-of-honor duties should the need arise. Sheldon has invited a few folks to the wedding, including his dear friend Stephen Hawking, Robert Downey Jr., his mother, and Erno Rubik, the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube. So far, Mary is the only confirmed attendee.

When Beverly finds out that Leonard invited his father to the celebration without consulting her, she’s outraged. Who cares that she was cold, emasculating, and hadn’t touched him in years? Alfred had an affair! This doesn’t deter Leonard from picking up his father (played by the wonderful Judd Hirsch) from the airport and delivering him to an emotionally frigid apartment. Mary clasps her Crucifix and purse full of garlic. (Does garlic work on atheists as well as vampires?) Beverly remains ice cold until Alfred calls her a hateful shrew. Ah, family gatherings. Isn’t cutting tension with a knife super fun?

While Penny and Leonard convince everyone to join them for a fancy dinner, Howard and Raj celebrate that the quantum vortex apparatus is actually working. As soon as they bro hug it out, Howard received an email from the U.S. Air Force requesting a meeting regarding his guidance system. Is this a coincidence? Or is the government watching? Just in case, God bless America!

Howard is nervous that the government is going to take over the project. If he refuses, he will be wiped out. Think about it. What happens in Avatar, Jurassic World, and E.T.? The military shows up, and the scientists disappear! No one at the university or Channel 4 news can help them now.

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The paranoia grows when Howard, Bernadette, and Raj head out to meet the others at the restaurant. Howard is convinced he’s being followed, which is actually true. But instead of a secret government agency, it’s Leonard, who thinks Howard is using his Waze app to avoid a wreck in greater Pasadena. Howard drives like a maniac to distance himself and ends up walking a line and touching his nose after being pulled over for a traffic violation. Clearly this is another way the government is determined to hold him down.

Back at the restaurant, Mary and Alfred continue the tête-à-tête​ they began in the car ride over. Even though Alfred is an anthropologist, he admires Mary’s faith. He shares a story about how he prayed really hard for Beverly to turn into a pillar of salt. Beverly peppers insults his way, reminding everyone at the table the Alfred is broke. After moving on to Mary’s inadequacies, Alfred excuses himself from the festivities. Mary joins him. We learn that they are both staying at the same hotel right before Mary accepts his offer to join him in a nightcap.

Between Mary and Alfred’s possible hookup, Bernadette’s baby, and a Jurassic World situation with an engineering twist, I think it’s safe to say that season 10 is poised to be pretty exciting. Before you go, make sure to read EW’s interview with executive producer Steve Molaro on that shocking twist and what we can expect next season. See you then!

Theoretical Laughter

Penny: Your mom gave me a hug!

Leonard: Did she think you were choking?

Penny: This is so funny. I never thought my second marriage would be to you.

Howard: If we object to the military taking over, we disappear. Like every American Idol winner since season 4.

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