A game of 'Food, Friend, Fight' brings Sheldon and Amy together again!

By Lincee Ray
Updated November 20, 2015 at 05:17 AM EST
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We were this close to reuniting Shamy in the Thanksgiving episode, but it all fell apart at the end. I was certain Chuck Lorre was going to throw us a bone due to the recent news of Sheldon and Amy’s pending milestone. I guess we’ll have to wait for the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, the entire gang is celebrating Turkey Day apart this year. Sheldon will be touting his aquatic-themed Pilgrim facts at the aquarium. He offers his extra ticket (which was originally reserved for Amy) to his friends. No one bites. Leonard and Penny are cooking Thanksgiving dinner, while everyone else will be serving food at a soup kitchen. Sheldon kindly offers both tickets to Amy who, in turn, invites him to join her for some disgusting cafeteria fare. Sheldon is in!

Over at the soup kitchen, Howard is irritated to learn that their shift is six hours long. He’s even more annoyed when they are given the task of washing dishes. How is he supposed to help a child who could be mistaken as a boy from the cast of Oliver if he’s stuck standing at a sink in the back of the kitchen? (Please sir! May I have some more dish detergent?) Raj encourages Howard to use the act of washing dishes as a form of meditation. When Howard relaxes, the manager barges in, asking for three volunteers to help serve the line. Bernadette, Raj, and Emily drop their sponges and leave Howard staring blankly at a pile of dirty dishes.

Across town, Penny is eager to enjoy her first Thanksgiving with Leonard as husband and wife. Leonard asks her to pull up some recipes on his iPad, but it’s locked. All Penny needs is the security code, which is Leonard’s birthday. She tries and fails twice before Leonard realizes that his lovely wife does not know his birth date. This piece of information leads to a fun game of “Who Knows Who Best?” The answer? Leonard.

Penny: Who’s my favorite Spice Girl?

Leonard: Baby.

Penny: My favorite member of NSYNC?

Leonard: Justin.

Penny: My favorite Backstreet Boy?

Leonard: Nice try. NSYNC forever.

Meanwhile, Sheldon gathered a list of safe topics for polite conversation for the road trip to the aquarium with Amy. After droning on and on about pets, vacations, and the weather, Amy encourages Sheldon to talk about whatever he wants. Sheldon thinks for a moment before asking Amy if she’s had coitus with any other men? Awkward. Amy takes a breath and shares the details of her romantic interludes. FYI: Zero coitus.

While Sheldon is playing 20 Questions with Amy, Howard finds a new dish washing buddy in the form of Tesla Motors and SpaceX business magnate Elon Musk. Howard pours on the charm, scores Musk’s email address, and shares a half-eaten slice of pumpkin pie with his hero. Stay in school kids. Dreams really do come true.

Perhaps Penny should dream about memorizing her husband’s birthday, because Leonard is loving that fact that he knows every detail about her — even the fact that she hated the orange lingerie he bought her for Valentine’s Day. Sure Penny thought it made her look like a slutty carrot, but that’s not the point. She never told anyone about that lingerie. She only wrote it in her diary. Whoopsie!

Leonard tries to make things even by letting Penny read his online journal. Unfortunately, the only exciting news to report was that we are a few weeks from the new Star Wars debut. Leonard knows the only way he can fix this is to put on the aforementioned orange lingerie and make Penny take a picture of him to post on Facebook. When he waltzes in the kitchen looking like a masculine version of a slutty carrot, Penny is mortified. He makes her giggle by dancing, pelvic thrusting, and booty humping. Naturally, this is when Raj, Howard, and Bernadette return from the soup kitchen. Here’s hoping they don’t serve carrots for dinner.

Back at the aquarium, Sheldon and Amy have a delightful time playing “Food, Friend, Fight” which is an aquamarine version of “Kiss, Kill, Marry.” For those of you who care, Amy would eat an electric eel, fight a shrimp, and befriend a puffer fish. You know, so she can have someone who understands what it means to be bloated during that time of the month.

Later that night, Amy calls Sheldon to tell him that she had a great time. She also tells him that she’s ready to be his girlfriend again. Jim Parsons delivers his line beautifully: “I excel at many things. But getting over you wasn’t one of them. I think I need to be your friend.” Mayim Bialik nailed her performance as well. Watching her try to be brave in the midst of such devastation was heartbreaking.

It’s been nine episodes of emotional angst. I think we are ready. Bring on The Shamy!

Theoretical Laughter:

Sheldon: How many dates have you been on? Who were they with? Where did you go? Where did you meet them? Did you sleep with them? And how much longer to the aquarium? I’m getting kind of hungry.

Amy: I’ve been on six dates with three different people. It was either for coffee or dinner. One I met at bookstore and two I met online. I haven’t slept with anyone. The aquarium is 40 minutes away and there’s a baggie of Cheerios for you in the glove compartment.

Sheldon: Regular or honey-nut?

Amy: I mixed them.

Sheldon: You mixed them? No wonder gentleman callers are pounding down your door.

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