They say that breaking up is hard to do.

By Lincee Ray
Updated May 08, 2015 at 04:28 PM EDT
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Who would have guessed The Big Bang Theory season 8 finale would begin with everyone’s favorite nerdy couple making out on the couch? The moment was jarring. Should we assume that Sheldon and Amy’s relationship has heated up to a slow boil? Did something happen in the fort a few weeks ago? And why does it seem weird that he’s kissing Amy at the beginning of the episode, but it’s completely believable (and bittersweet) that he’s holding an engagement ring at the end of the episode? Could this be the last we see of Shamy? Where’s my BAZINGA, Chuck Lorre?

Before we tackle the engagement ring shocker, let’s back up a bit. Sheldon removes Amy’s tongue from his mouth to ask her a very important question: Should he start watching The Flash television show? Even though I think the answer to that question is a resounding yes, Amy is upset that Sheldon is thinking about Barry Allen instead of the fact that it’s their five-year anniversary. Amy ices Sheldon out for an entire day as punishment.

Sheldon asks Penny and Leonard to help figure out why Amy is so upset. Penny suggests that Amy is probably tired of not moving forward in the relationship. Sheldon defends with “it’s called ‘foreplay,’” before he reminds Penny that she and Leonard have been engaged an entire year and have not set a wedding date. Touché.

Meanwhile, Raj is contemplating breaking up with Emily. I think he should do it. And it’s not because she wants to have sex in a cemetery. Okay, maybe a little bit for that reason, but the majority of my aversion to Emily is because I have very little invested in her character. In fact, I forget all the time that she exists. Unfortunately, Raj isn’t able to pull the trigger once push comes to shove. Instead of ending it, he tells Emily he loves her. I guess doing it on someone’s grave is easier than being honest.

Speaking of honest, Bernadette and Howard are tired of Stuart taking advantage of their hospitality and eating all the special yogurt for women. Bernadette tries to drop the hammer, but Stuart’s phone rings in the middle of her speech. It’s his father calling to wish him a happy birthday. Bring on the guilt-ridden cupcake! And welcome to the family, Stuart! Your name is officially on the chore wheel.

Back at the apartment, Leonard and Penny knock out some parameters for the wedding. After agreeing to a black tie ceremony in a church, Sheldon reminds them again that the date is still pending. Leonard barks back. He and Penny are in love. It doesn’t matter when they get married. Penny slides over to Leonard and tells him that she’s free tonight. VEGAS BABY!

While Penny searches for 24-hour wedding chapels, Leonard wonders if they are crazy for eloping? Penny is emphatic that they should keep driving. No surprises! No regrets! No smile from Leonard?

Penny presses her fiancé. Leonard has a secret. Remember when he was doing research in the North Sea a few years ago? Apparently, when you’re stuck on a boat, a common way to pass the time is by drinking large amounts of alcohol. Leonard unwisely made out with a girl and never told Penny. He wants a clean slate once they cross the threshold of the Chapel of Love.

Leonard: Are we still getting married?

Penny: Yes.

Leonard: Because we love each other? And it’s the happiest day of our life?

Penny: Don’t push it.

Something tells me we won’t be hearing wedding bells just yet in season 9. At least, not with Penny and Leonard. Sheldon and Amy? Perhaps. It’s a fact that Amy has been a positive influence on Sheldon. Yes, it’s been a slow burn for many years, but he truly cares for her. When Amy asked for some time to reconsider their current situation, Jim Parson’s reaction to the request was perfect. He respects her enough to answer, “Okay,” but loves her enough to hold on to that engagement ring tucked away in his office desk.

I have no doubt that Sheldon will one day ask Amy to marry him. Here’s hoping the ceremony is in Klingon.

Theoretical Laughter

Sheldon: Amy is mad at me and I’m not clear why.

Penny: Were you talking before she got upset?

Sheldon: Yes.

Penny: That’s probably it.

“Other than Jenny Craig, you’ve never broken up with a girl in your life.” —Howard teasing Raj about Emily

Emily: Are you breaking up with me?

Raj: No. I’m just pointing out that you are dark on the inside and I’m dark on the outside.

“Gollum, you’re an expert on rings. What do I do with this one?” —Sheldon holding up the engagement ring he had tucked away for Amy

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