Howard builds a relationship with his brother and Sheldon builds a fort.

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The Big Bang Theory has decided to balance the loss of Howard’s mother by introducing his brother. I’m pleased to announce that Josh (Matt Bennett) is everything a younger Wolowitz should be. He’s a geek who leans a little more toward the trendy side of the scale. Instead of tight pants and whimsical belt buckles, Josh prefers hip glasses and funky sideburns. Above all else, this kid wants to build a relationship with the brother he never knew he had. This is a good thing. The world needs more Wolowitzs.

Josh didn’t come into Howard’s life accidentally. Howard’s lawyer tracked down his father to sign over the title of the house. Howard was relieved that he didn’t have to meet or talk to his father. But the next day, the doorbell rings and there’s Josh on the other side, grinning at his brother. Of course, everything wasn’t butterflies and rainbows in the beginning. Upon hearing the news, Howard understandably has a hard time digesting this new reality.

Raj is completely on guard. He’s convinced that Josh needs money, a kidney, a cornea, or part of Howard’s liver. Why else would he show up out of the clear blue? He consoles Howard, who is physically crumbling at the thought of his father living his life with another family. Howard decides to ask Josh to leave, but when he finds Josh ogling over his NASA headshot, Howard dives headfirst into big brother mode. The night ends with Howard embracing Josh, delighted at their shared love of science, magic, and robotic arms willing to perform naughty acts.

Meanwhile at Sheldon’s place, Amy is irritated that Sheldon continues to mope during date night because he wasn’t chosen to attend a weekend symposium at the former home of Richard Feynman. For those of you who may not know, Feynman is a famous physicist. (Thank you Google.) Amy reminds Sheldon of the disclaimer in the relationship agreement stating that pouting is not allowed. Sheldon produces a creepy photo of himself smiling to assuage her anger. I may have nightmares about that face when I fall asleep tonight.

Sheldon admits that being left out of the symposium feels the same as the times his brother and sister never let him play in their forts. Amy’s solution is simple: build a fort. Moments later, linens are gathered, lights are strung, and the living room is transformed into a child’s wonderland. Star Wars sheets were utilized, as well as a load-baring blanket featuring Batman. Fort Cozy McBlanket is officially deemed the best fort in the history of all forts. I think it was the physics lending library that sealed the deal over Knox or Sumter.

Amy’s phone beeps, signaling the conclusion of date night. When Sheldon suggests they suspend the parameters of date night so she can stay later, Amy negotiates a sleepover. Sheldon admits this is a big step. Amy reminds him it’s a big fort. Sheldon concedes and offers to let Amy borrow a toothbrush and some pajamas. Fortunately for our prepared friend, she began hiding emergency sleepover packets all over the apartment two years ago for an occasion such as this. If she wasn’t so cute, I’d be concerned. Long live Shamy.

Across the hall, Wil Wheaton is interviewing Penny for his podcast. Hoory for Wil Wheaton cameos! This guy is hilarious. While interviewing his Serial Ape-ist 2 co-star, Wheaton tells Penny that their terrible little movie actually has a cult following. When Kevin Smith (yes, the director Kevin Smith) calls in to berate Wheaton like he does every week, he casually mentions to Penny that he would cast her in a movie in a heartbeat.

Leonard thinks this is a ridiculous idea. Why would she want to go back to acting when she has a successful job? As they argue, Wheaton begins commentating the fight to his listening audience. His timing and facial expressions were spot on. As the argument progresses, we learn that Penny makes twice as much money as Leonard, and even has a “guy” who handles her diversified portfolio.

Diversified portfolio? Our little Penny has come a long way since waitressing at the Cheesecake Factory. Leonard cracks, demanding that Penny do something dumb to prove that she doesn’t think her life is better than his. Penny suggests she audition for Kevin Smith’s movie. Wheaton gently reminds Leonard that his fiancée just played him like a violin. Something tells me this loser isn’t going to be invited into the fort when he gets home.

Theoretical Laughter

Sheldon: “I’ll give you three guesses why I’m irritated.”

Howard: “Something happened different from the way you wanted it?”

Sheldon: “I guess news travels fast.”

“What if he’s in prison? What if he’s a spy? What if he’s in a Beatles cover band? I’m just saying, if he had your nose and haircut, he’d make a killer Ringo.”—Raj, confused why Howard isn’t curious about his father

Josh: “I always dreamed of having a brother to play catch with.”

Bernadette: “Keep dreaming.”

“For those of you listening at home, I’m shaking my head no.”— Wheaton’s response when Leonard asks him to turn off the podcast

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