Every new discovery comes with a little bit of ridicule.
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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…

Scientists aren’t the only ones discovering things on The Big Bang Theory. Not only did Leonard figure out an interesting new take on his work with super fluids (like his fiancee, I didn’t really follow that train of thought), but Penny uncovers a few mysteries of her own involving Bernadette dressed in head-to-toe tulle, and Amy writing fan fiction about a beloved literary character. As with any new discovery, critical feedback can make you or break you. It’s best to grow a thick skin, and beware of the trolls!

Leonard’s breakthrough leads him straight to the one person who will honestly say if this is a good idea. Sheldon listens as Leonard peppers him with big scientific phrases, before congratulating his roommate on his new revelation. The idea is good! Sheldon rewards his little buddy with a kitten sticker displaying the interjection, “MEWOW.” He works out the math, writes a white paper, and invites Leonard to join him in simultaneously clicking their thesis onto the World Wide Web.

The paper receives positive accolades from various scientists, but human nature dictates that Leonard and Sheldon focus on the comment trolls. Sheldon fights fire with fire by sparring with the troll. He claims that he and Dr. Hofstadter stand behind their paper, and later will be standing behind the troll’s mother. Mewow!

Sheldon goes one step further. He requests a face-to-face meeting with the troll. Seconds later, the familiar sound of a video chat “tone” bubbles up from Sheldon’s laptop. It takes a few minutes to muster the courage, but the four Caltech friends hover around the monitor, ready to defend the paper.

Hello, Stephen Hawking! As it turns out, the good professor is just messing around with his Words With Friends pal. He actually thinks the paper’s premise is intriguing. Even though we didn’t get a Howard Wolowitz impersonation of Hawking, it’s still pretty cool that this amazing man continues to pop up on The Big Bang Theory.

While the boys talk shop with Hawking, the girls have a movie night across the hall. Amy and Bernadette dig around online and find Penny’s gorilla movie she made with Wil Wheaton. How’s that for storylines circling back?

Amy and Bernadette laugh at the terrible dialogue. Penny becomes frustrated at the heckling trolls in her apartment. She decides to do a little Internet surfing of her own. What does she find? Why it’s Bernadette at a beauty pageant, decked out in a Peaches-N-Cream antebellum dress. Oh look! She reworks the lyrics of the Spice Girls “Wannabe.” I tell you what she wants, what she really, really wants is a tiara.

Bernadette cringes under the scrutiny of the other trolls, desperate to have the spotlight find another victim. Guess what? Amy writes Little House on the Prairie fan fiction about herself and posts it on the Internet! To the tablet!

Penny finds the site, ecstatic that the fanfic also includes a time-traveling physicist named Cooper. Penny makes fun of Amy for asking the time traveler when Montana becomes a state (according to Amy, this is considered flirting in the 1800s), but the mood shifts when Cooper comes to “Amelia” as a boy and leaves a man. MEWOW!

In her best 1-900 voice, Amy recites her prose, detailing each and every emotion. Call me crazy, but it looks like Kaley Cuoco and Melissa Rauch are actually digging the story! Just as it’s about to get really steamy, Leonard barges in to share his Professor Hawking news. The moment is lost. Everyone, including me, is irritated at this ill-timed interruption.

It’s a good thing the last moments of the show treat Amy’s fan-fiction fans to a special live action flashback with Amelia washing Cooper in a tub. They discuss the water temperature, Spiderman underoos, and the fact that there is a lot of rhyming in the future. Cooper stands up, and Amelia begins to towel dry his naked body. She asks him about the ways of physical love in the future…

Annnnddddd SCENE!

If anyone comes across that fan-fiction site, please share. I think we’d all like to know how the story ends.

Theoretical Laughter

“When did my idea become our idea?” —Leonard

“When I mixed it with Sheldony goodness, and cooked it in the Easy-Bake Oven of my mind.” —Sheldon

“That might as well say, ‘Directed by Joss Whedon.’” —Sheldon, endorsing his own name on the white paper

“You mess with the bull, you get the horns. I’m about to show this guy just how horny I can be.” —Sheldon, writing a response to the comment troll

“Even in your fantasy Sheldon is kind of exhausting.” —Bernadette, challenging Amy on Cooper’s character development.

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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…
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