Sheldon says goodbye to Fun With Flags as the guys say goodbye to a professor—and we (maybe) say goodbye to mean Bernadette.

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Well, we all knew this time would come: Fun With Flags couldn’t last forever. The show had a good run—232 episodes, to be exact (unless you count the two-hour Fourth of July spectacular that someone didn’t record)—but with a full-time job and a girlfriend, Dr. Sheldon Cooper just doesn’t have time to teach us vexillology anymore. It’s a sad day.

Sheldon Cooper Presents Fun With Flags has appeared three times previously on BBT. It’s been a good gag, especially with his special guests Wil Wheaton and LeVar Burton—the latter of whom returned for the final run. But tonight’s was definitely the best one, thanks to the highlight reel: Amy dressing as a kangaroo, Kripke playing “Flag or Not a Flag,” Sheldon impersonating Betsy Ross (who, according to him, did not design our nation’s flag). And the kicker: Sheldon getting emotional over his show’s end and teaching us yet another use for a white flag.

But fear not, Flag-keteers! Because of one single commenter, Fun With Flags will live on. LeVar Burton must be so thrilled.

While Amy was having quality time with her boyfriend, the other ladies were at a work party. Dan, who only hired Penny because of their mutual fear of Bernadette, says he’s afraid of the “vicious little” blonde. Apparently she yelled at him and his grandson at the last company picnic for losing a three-legged race. But when Penny breaks the news to Bernie, she’s shocked by the knowledge that her coworkers are scared of her; in her mind, she should “be in a tree baking cookies.”

Bernadette continues to deny that she’s a bully; she simply learned from her father not to take crap from people. Penny wisely points out that being tough and being flat-out mean are two different things. (This has to be a nod to all of the viewers’ opinions of Bernie, right?) She wants to leave the party, but Penny wants to help her repair her relationships with coworkers, which starts with an apology to Dan. Granted, she took a turn toward the manipulative, so we’re definitely not going to be witnessing a whole new Bernie—but maybe it’s a step in the right direction.

Elsewhere in Pasadena, Raj, Howard, and Leonard are cleaning out the late Professor Abbott’s office; they are supposed to be going through his paperwork to find any important work. While cleaning, they find a bottle that Abbott’s mother gave him 50 years ago; it was to be opened upon his first major discovery. Leonard is finding it difficult to sort through this man’s life, especially when he finds journals with years worth of data—data which could have led to Abbott’s big discovery, which would have led to opening the bottle of champagne.

Howard and Leonard think they can use the supercomputer to decrypt the data; Raj finds the contact info for a professor who used to share an office with Abbott, which seems like the easier solution to solving the journals. They go to find Professor Sharp, and he tells them that the journals are actually Abbott’s food diaries.

They go back to the office to finish cleaning up; they’re clearly saddened by the fact that this man never made an impact on science. So they make a pact: When one of them gets a big breakthrough, they’ll open the champagne and toast Professor Abbott… then rub their success in Sheldon’s face.

Sadly, that moment will never happen—because Sheldon uses the champagne to celebrate his own success, the return of Fun With Flags. Now, I generally like Sheldon (I know, I know, rip me apart in the comments)—but I cannot support anyone who lets a bottle of champagne go to waste.

The Laughter Surplus

“I know you are thinking, ‘The final episode? Who will stand between us and flag ignorance?'” —Sheldon

“Don’t feel bad—someday someone will be throwing out your work, too.” —Howard

“That someone was Sheldon, and the day was yesterday.” —Leonard

“When stuff like this gets me down, you know what I like to do?” —Raj

“Sing ‘Hakuna Matata’ like an 8-year-old girl?” —Howard

“Wrong, smartypants. It’s ‘Everything Is Awesome’ from The Lego Movie.” —Raj

“Like my dad said, ‘Nobody likes a crybaby, except their mommies and Democrats.'” —Bernadette

“He puts the reading in your rainbow, the Geordi in your La Forge, and the Kunta in your Kinte: Mr. LeVar Burton!” —Sheldon

“It’s the end of Roger Abbott.” —Leonard

“And we still don’t know who framed him.” —Raj

“Wil Wheaton said, ‘Get a gate.’ I don’t know why I didn’t get a gate.” —LeVar Burton

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