Sheldon pops a very big question and Amy gives him an answer

By Lincee Ray
September 25, 2017 at 09:35 PM EDT
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The premiere of season 11 of The Big Bang Theory starts where the cliffhanger left us back in the summer — with Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper on one knee asking the adorable Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler to be his bride. But before she can answer, Sheldon takes a call on the phone ringing in his pocket, because heaven forbid he let it go to voicemail. Rude.

Leonard and Penny are worried about their friend. They quickly learn Sheldon hopped on a plane to be with Amy after kissing Ramona because he realized Amy is the only one he wants to kiss for the rest of his life. Leonard, Penny, Amy, and I all think it is the sweetest thing ever.

Of course, Sheldon couldn’t pop the question without one particular man’s blessing. And that man is Stephen Hawking, who immediately instructs Sheldon to make Amy’s finger like Saturn and put a ring on it. Is this the nerd version of Beyoncé’s single-girl power anthem? Because I love it.

After Sheldon explains to Penny and Leonard that he did indeed ask Amy’s father for her hand as well, the couple is excited to hear what Amy said in response. Sheldon hangs up on them so he can get Amy’s answer, before calling them back immediately to report that SHE SAID YES!!!

Please, please, please let their ceremony be in Klingon.

Sheldon calls his mom, who takes complete credit for praying this union into existence, even though it was born from another woman’s advances toward her son. After agreeing that Jesus can be Ms. Cooper’s plus-one to the wedding, Sheldon shares the good news with Raj and Howard. Howard knocks on the bathroom door to inform Bernadette that a wedding is in the future, and she shouts her congratulations as she stands bewildered, holding a positive pregnancy test.

If it’s a boy, do you think they will perform the bris in Klingon?

Bernadette confides in Penny that she’s pregnant again. After choking back the shock, Penny plays a little defense, encouraging Bernie that the baby is a blessing and Hallie will be such a sweet big sister. All confidence unravels when Bernadette shows Howard the positive test. Helberg and Rauch volley a series of hilarious reactions back and forth, proving that their comedic timing and ability to translate multiple emotions using only one-word answers (yes and no) is unmatched. Like it or not, Baby Wolowitz No. 2 is on the way. Additionally, Howard’s new non-bowl-cut hairdo is looking all sorts of fly.

Back in New Jersey, Amy convinces Sheldon to stay an extra day to have dinner with a few of her colleagues. When the colleagues spend the entire evening praising Amy’s character and intelligence, Sheldon is legitimately confused as to why brilliant people wouldn’t want to engage him in titillating conversation. He is Dr. Sheldon Cooper, after all. Once they return to Amy’s hotel room, she storms off, irritated that her fiancé is such an insensitive idiot.

Meanwhile, while Raj vacillates between buying The Shamy an engagement gift or himself a lonely heart club gift, Howard and Bernadette try to convince Leonard and Penny to get pregnant too. That way, they can do this parenting thing together. Call me crazy, but I think this is a FABULOUS idea! Let’s give all the guys babies. And let’s get Raj a girlfriend who sticks with him, too. While we’re at it, let’s get Stuart someone who appreciates a man who can get really good deals on Wonder Woman figurines.

While Penny and Leonard laugh at the idea of being parents, Sheldon video chats an old friend for some advice. Poor Hawking is there again, listening as Sheldon drones on about how silly people in this world can’t appreciate being in the presence of a world-class mind. Oh the irony.

After much contemplation, Sheldon uses an Avengers analogy to help walk Amy through his epiphany. Much like Iron Man in a Captain America movie, Tony Stark can just fly in, give a thrill, and fly away. Sheldon realizes he should have been the delightful cameo in Amy’s life. Instead, he was like the Hulk. He admits that he’s proud of her and will do a better job of spotlighting her achievements now that they are a team.

Amy forgives him, knowing that he’s going to have an entire lifetime to practice. They hug it out, and Sheldon offers to go back to Pasadena. You know — where everybody knows his name.

Here’s hoping he’s not upstaged by Future Wolowitz!

The scene flashes forward three months. I assume this time jump is to offset Rauch’s real-life pregnancy. Amy is back in town, showing off her ring and hugging it out with Ramona, who was the catalyst for Sheldon’s proposal.

Let’s make some guesses: Will Sheldon and Amy get married before the end of the season? When will Baby Wolowitz make his or her debut? And for real, do you think there’s any way the Cooper/Fowler nuptials will be Star Trek-themed? Make it happen, Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady!


“More than one woman was interested in you? I might have prayed a little too hard.” — Ms. Cooper upon hearing Sheldon kissed another woman before proposing to Amy

“It’s like having Optimus Prime over to dinner and not asking him to turn into a truck.” — Sheldon, upset that Amy’s colleagues didn’t fanboy over him at dinner

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