Sheldon has been secretly working for the military
The Tesla Recoil
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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…

You know it’s going to be a long episode when the guys start movie night by giving a history lesson on the biggest rivalries in science. I’ll keep it simple for you: Who cares that Edison supposedly invented the light bulb? He was a bully and a publicity hog. If you’re interested in fanboying a true scientist, try Nikola Tesla. He has a car named after him AND he invented the electrical grid. That’s hot.

With all the Tesla talk, Leonard and the guys are inspired to check out Tesla’s coil, and they invite Sheldon to come along the next day. Unfortunately, he can’t make it. The reason is classified and top secret. Leonard cracks this unbreakable code and discovers that Sheldon has been secretly working with Col. Williams of the U.S. Air Force for weeks.

Howard and Leonard call Williams to get to the bottom of this disappointing news. After confirming that Sheldon did not give any details, proving he can keep a secret, Williams has no trouble verifying to Howard and Leonard that Sheldon pitched him an idea that modifies their guidance system into a communications system.

The guys march straight to Sheldon and Amy’s place, ready to throw down with their former partner. They demand to know why Sheldon would work with the government behind their backs. Sheldon doesn’t understand the firing of emotions. He had an idea, he presented it, and the military agreed to implement. What’s the big deal?

Howard and Leonard have zero patience for Sheldon. So they call him the worst name in the book. He’s acting like an Edison.

The horror.

Sheldon blames his mom for his current situation. If she hadn’t instructed him to go make friends 20 years ago, he would never have been tagged with such an awful label. Amy consoles her boyfriend, assuming that he’s not really angry at the name calling but more concerned that he hurt his friends’ feelings. Sheldon agrees. Caring too much about people’s feelings has always been his fatal flaw. #sarcasm

Howard and Leonard head straight to the lab to figure out a way to stick it to Sheldon. Instead, Leonard comes up with a way to make Sheldon’s communications idea even more efficient! There’s just one problem. With Sheldon voted off the island, who is going to do the math?

Enter Barry Kripke. Oh, how I’ve missed John Ross Bowie! Sheldon is one unhappy camper and is super annoyed when he later hears that the military has dropped his project for another team at Caltech. He falls on his sword, heads to the cafeteria, and congratulates Leonard and Howard. Classic Tesla move.

But Howard and Leonard have no idea what he’s talking about; they haven’t presented their idea to Col. Williams yet. All simultaneously turn their heads toward the guy at the next table. KRIPKE. Or should I say — the new Edison.

In other news, Raj and Ruchi develop a casual relationship after bonding over a televised game of cricket. When Ruchi offers a bedridden Bernadette a “come back to the office soon” gift, Bernie calls B.S. She thinks Ruchi is gunning for her job, and she wants Raj to figure out if it’s true.

Raj doesn’t believe that there’s any way Ruchi would do that to Bernadette. Boy, is he wrong. Ruchi is determined to steal projects while Bernie is away. Raj breaks the news to his friend, but he still pines for Ruchi. That’s code for: He’s afraid she’ll stop sleeping with him if she finds out he’s a double agent.

He decides to go with some good old-fashioned honesty, so he tells Ruchi that Bernie feels threatened but that Ruchi shouldn’t worry because Bernie is just hormonal. Also, he took up for her. Ruchi claps back that she doesn’t need defending. He’s not her boyfriend. Raj explains that whether Ruchi likes it or not, they are in a relationship. She needs to figure out how to deal with it.

So she dumps him. No more hanky panky. No more Austin Powers.

Theoretical Laughter
Amy: “Isn’t he sexy when he’s all fired up? He really gets my current alternating, if you know what I mean.”

RAJ: You’re the one who wants to keep things casual.
RUCHI: There’s a difference between casual and weird.
RAJ: Not how I do it.

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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…
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