Comic book author Neil Gaiman puts Stuart's comic book store on the map.
The Comet Polarization
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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…

Digital media is powerful. Stuart knows this firsthand. It only took one tweet by comic book author Neil Gaiman praising the comic book store for it to gain instant recognition. Masses of Gaiman’s followers listen to the legend and make their way to the Comic Center.

Also, did we know Stuart’s shop was called the Comic Center? Where have I been?

The guys wonder how they missed Gaiman visiting the store. We see from our perspective that they technically didn’t miss him. He was there the entire time. Once he even tried to participate in a conversation, but was brutally rebuffed. The best part? Gaiman’s cameo standing right beside a clever easter egg: one of his Sandman comics. Nerds unite!

Naturally Sheldon has a problem with all of the riffraff in the Comic Center. He prefers Stuart’s shop to be empty and sad — just like a funeral home that sells Pokemon cards. Now Sheldon has to sit next to strangers on the couch, contend with the disappointment of a sold out book, and he has to overcome major anxiety when Stuart hires a female assistant manager named Denise.

He complains to Amy, using Black Panther as an example to further explain his plight. To Sheldon, the Comic Center is like the country of Wakanda. It’s a hidden gem. If that world is opened to just anyone, it won’t be special anymore. The analogy makes sense until Sheldon starts complaining about Denise. Excuse me, Dr. Cooper, but I think the women of Wakanda make that place special. I’m sure Denise will have the same effect on the store.

Howard agrees with me. He encourages Sheldon to have a conversation with Denise. She actually knows her stuff.

Challenge accepted.

Denise takes one look at Sheldon and using only context clues from the t-shirt he’s wearing, she completely pegs him. Sheldon becomes a fan of Denise and sings her praises, which annoys Amy. We see her march into the Comic Center and just when you think Amy is going to lay the smack down, she leans in and asks Denise to teach her everything she knows about comic books.

Hey, Amy. Turn around and ask Neil Gaiman, too. He’s right there!

In other news, Raj discovered a comet. Or Penny discovered a comet. There’s a healthy debate going over which one is correct. Raj positions the telescope, looking for Mercury. Penny looks through the lens and sees something fuzzy. It turns out, it was a comet.

The celebration is cut short when Raj tells Penny that he put his own name on the registration form. Penny is livid. People think that just because she’s a pretty blond that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Who cares if this jeopardizes Raj’s career? She will not stand him stealing her comet!

Leonard tries to smooth things over with Raj. It doesn’t work. So he takes the opposite tactic and encourages Penny to fight her own battles. She doesn’t need her husband to do the dirty work. She’s a strong independent woman. To the amended words of Katy Perry, Penny is a champion and Raj needs to hear her roar.

Penny arrives at Raj’s house. He apologizes, admits he was a jerk, and promises to put her name on the paperwork.

So, technically, all Penny had to do was deliver a low growl. Or demure meow. No roars needed.

Theoretical Laughter
Sheldon: “Who are all these people? Is this a flash mob?”

Sheldon: “You’re comparing this place to Comic-Con? Can I go to the bathroom next to a wookiee who got his zipper stuck in his fur?”

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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…
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