Bill Gates makes his Big Bang Theory debut
The Gates Excitation
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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…

It's a big episode for The Big Bang Theory. After eleven seasons, Bill Gates finally makes his way into the lives of our favorite scientists. Of course, his cameo lasts just under a minute, but what can you expect from a multi-bajillionaire? Mr. Gates is a busy man, I'm sure. He's off saving the world and using technology to do it.

Just like Batman and his bat signal.

When Penny announces that her pharmaceutical company is hosting the founder of the Microsoft Corporation, all of the guys scramble to weasel their way into the agenda. All except Sheldon. He's convinced that Penny is playing an April Fool's joke on him and relishes in the fact that he's too brilliant to fall for such an elaborate prank.

Leonard tries to play the husband card, followed by the, "I'm a scientist and should be there to help you communicate with the nerd genius" card. Penny remains strong. She really wants to impress Gates so he will consider her for a position opening up in his company. Although this bit of information does not play out in the episode, I have a feeling a detail that is this specific will eventually come back around in the future.

Leonard concedes a bit, offering that he's already met Bill Gates once when his mom took him to a lecture at Princeton. As he reminisces, Leonard adds that Gates never once made fun of him for crying as he met his idol. Sure Leonard was a grown adult at the time, but the moment was impactful all the same. Tears are a natural reaction when meeting greatness.

The next day, Leonard, Wolowitz, and Raj try to triple-team Penny to convince her to let them tag along to meet their hero the next day. Penny becomes annoyed and shows Leonard the itinerary for Gates' trip. Once she picks him up from the hotel, it's a jam-packed schedule and she can't take advantage of her position. She kisses her husband good-bye and walks out.

The door shuts and Leonard jumps up to report that he just saw the name of the hotel where Bill Gates is staying. There's no time to lose. To the Batmobile! Or the Corolla!

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While the boys prepare to do some light stalking, Amy visits Bernadette to try and pull her away from the kids for a while. Bernadette admits that she has forgotten how to talk to grown-ups and thanks Amy for helping her not fall into the trap of being one of those new moms who does nothing but talk about her kids all day long. Then she proceeds to talk about her kids all day long, when she's not singing the praises of Bob the Builder. Talk about geniuses.

Amy instructs Bernadette not to be so hard on herself since pregnancy can actually alter a mother's brain structure. There are positive changes, such as multitasking and detecting danger. Bernadette calls Amy's bluff. She knows her friend was bored out of her mind at dinner. Congratulations, Bernadette! Another plus for "mom brain" is sensing non-verbal cues and recognizing condescension. Let's hear it for Mother of the Year!

Across town, Leonard, Wolowitz, and Raj hover in the hotel lobby like wealthy businessmen or eager prostitutes. Howard is anxious to catch a glimpse of Gates. His dream is that Gates will he be wearing a working replica of Tony Stark's Iron Man suit. When you're dealing with a guy who has unlimited resources, this could be a likely possibility.

Leonard, on the other hand, is starting to feel guilty that he's sneaking behind Penny's back. That guilt melts away when he sees Gates. He rushes over to reintroduce himself and when Dr. Hofstadter starts crying, Gates recognizes the major weeper immediately.

All this time, Sheldon refuses to believe that Bill Gates is actually in town. Then Leonard shows him the photo he took with Gates in the hotel lobby and the vein in Sheldon's head shows signs of distress. Leonard shares the hotel's name with his former roommate and just when I think it's odd that the billionaire would stay at the local LaQuinta in Thousand Oaks, Leonard mutters, "April Fool's" under his breath.

I'll give Penny all sorts of credit, though. She does manage to secure an invitation for Leonard at the reception her company is throwing for Gates. Leonard knows that he can't meet Bill Gates for a fake second time, so he opts to pretend that he's sick. Naturally, Penny video chats with her husband and he unwisely answers. Who do you think is right there beside Penny? Billy Gates. BUSTED.

Leonard posts "I'm Sorry" signs outside of the door so he can properly apologize to Penny. Of course, Sheldon finds them and thanks his little buddy for going above and beyond to make up for sending him on a wild goose chase to meet Bill Gates.

I'm sure the red roses and romantic dinner will not be wasted on him.

Theoretical Laughter

Penny: I'm not leaving you for Bill Gates.

Leonard: Are you sure? His internet is probably really fast.

Howard: Why is your screen name John Williams?

Raj: Because I always score.

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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…
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