Amy and Sheldon take a mathematic approach to wedding planning
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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…

Angst is a feeling I rarely experience when watching The Big Bang Theory. So it’s odd that I felt it not once, but twice during “The Confidence Erosion.” Who knew planning a nerd wedding and sudden friction in a lifelong friendship could make me all twisty inside? I settled in for a few laughs and ended up chewing on an antacid.

The wedding planning starts off great. In fact, I cashed in all my laughter watching Amy and Sheldon execute a mathematical approach to their pending nuptials. It’s called decision theory, and each person makes half of the decisions in a back-and-forth fashion. Brilliant, right?

When Amy chooses “invitations,” she quickly ignores Sheldon’s suggestion that their blessed event be announced through a hologram projected out of R2-D2 in favor of Old English calligraphy on Egyptian papyrus. It’s a good thing, too, because Sheldon is able to utilize R2-D2 when he chooses “ring bearer.” That’s a much better use for the droid.

Everything moves along with ease until Amy feels that the illusion will be distorted if she arrives in a Little House on the Prairie-inspired horse-drawn buggy to be met by an honor guard of Storm Troopers.

Sheldon: “I see what you’re thinking. You’re thinking you should drive in on a replica of Luke Skywalker’s land speeder?”
Amy: “That will never be what I’m thinking.”

Sheldon offers a trade: If Amy wants to forego the Storm Troopers for people dressed in calico frocks, then he will pick the first dance. And by pick, he means do away with entirely. Amy bristles. The toasts will be in Latin. Sheldon counters with Klingon vows. Hilarity ensues.

The next day, after concluding that asbestos centerpieces are taking it a step too far, Sheldon suggests they get married at City Hall. Amy agrees they should go for it. Sheldon picks the next day, offering the Beverly Hills City Hall if she’d like a destination wedding. Amy is ecstatic, while I’m ticked off that my dream wedding for Sheldon and Amy is not going to happen. Their relationship has been a slow burn for years. Don’t we deserve a big sci-fi party to commemorate this occasion?

As they sit and wait for their names to be called, Sheldon asks Amy if she’s sad they aren’t going to have a big party. She says no as I yell, “YES,” at my television. Once their names are called, Sheldon hesitates. Thinking he might bug out all together, I pop my first antacid.

Instead, he morphs into sweet Sheldon and tells Amy that he does want a first dance at a real wedding. The fact that he found her at all is a miracle in itself. Then he spirals down a hilarious bit, comparing Amy to dark matter. Nice. Now go find an R2-D2 so we can get this show on the road.

In other heartburn-inducing news, Raj has a job interview to be a consultant at the Griffith Observatory. With images of La La Land dancing in my head, I tuned out Penny trying to pick an outfit for Raj that makes him feel confident. Later that day, looking dapper in a dark suit, Raj is ridiculed by Howard for being a waiter or working at a funeral home. When Raj’s dad calls to ask how the interview went, Raj reports, “Not well.” Dr. Koothrappali blames Howard for always making fun of his son. He claims Howard is a bad friend, no matter how many times Raj defends him. Raj confides in Penny and Leonard, asking them if they feel his lack of confidence is Howard’s fault. Once Leonard admits that Penny is mean to him, Raj decides he is done being disrespected.

To prove it, he refuses to go to lunch with Howard. After 15 years of ridicule, he asks to spend time away from his best friend. He doesn’t eat with the guys in the cafeteria, he doesn’t accepts Howard’s half-hearted apology, and he even stops straightening his hair, going full-on curly fro. You know Kunal Nayyar is raising the roof on this decision.

Raj ends up landing the job at the Griffith Observatory and knocks it out of the park on his first lecture. Everyone congratulates him on a job well done, except Howard, who sulks in the back. I fully expected there to be a reunion by the end, because we’re talking comedy sitcom here, but Raj holds strong. He thinks he’s a better person with Howard out of his life. Case in point: A girl asks him for coffee after the lecture.

Although I don’t like this hiccup in Wolopali BFF dynamic, I do hope Raj dances with the girl in the observatory stars before he makes up with Howard. Is that too much to ask?

Penny to a very pregnant Bernadette: “Hey, you had unprotected sex with Howard. You deserve to be miserable.”

Howard to Sheldon: “Which mental hospital are you guys registered at?”

Raj defending Howard: “It doesn’t mean anything. His people come from a very sarcastic village called Brooklyn.”

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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…
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