Amy's got a secret that could affect her relationship with Sheldon
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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…

Any episode of The Big Bang Theory that features Sheldon and Amy awkwardly fumbling through a live simulcast of “Fun with Flags” is typically hilarious. The humor is multiplied when Raj and Howard lend their musical talents to the production as the house band. Way to go with the catchy theme song, Footprints on the Moon! I haven’t wanted to purchase a song this much since “Thor and Dr. Jones.”

While Sheldon and Amy educate their flag-loving audience, Bernadette shares a secret with Leonard and Penny. Amy’s apartment has been ready for weeks, but she’s repeatedly told Sheldon the contractors are behind schedule. Someone’s having fun with her experimental living situation.

Sheldon eventually notices Amy deflects the conversation any time he mentions her apartment. He complains about Amy’s odd behavior to his friends, noting he feels strongly that she’s hiding something from him. This is inconceivable conduct, especially since Sheldon shared his body and his Netflix password with her. Leonard caves and spills the beans regarding Amy’s apartment situation.

Not knowing if he should be angry or flattered, Howard offers some advice: Sheldon should hang on to this information until he needs to use it against Amy in the future. Leonard commandeers the conversation, warning Sheldon this is terrible advice. Howard perks up and says he knows a secret Penny has been keeping from Leonard. Does he want to know? Bazinga. Howard is going to tell him anyway. Penny has been secretly moving Leonard’s collectibles into storage a few items at a time for months. Cue Sheldon and Leonard searching Leonard’s room for a certain Superman action figure.

As the list of vanished items continues to grow, Leonard becomes baffled he never noticed missing stormtroopers or his bedside Klingon word-of-the-day calendar. He and Sheldon bond over the fact their significant others have been deceiving them. The question is, should they confront Penny and Amy? Or should they wait and see how far they’re willing to go with the charade?

The girls walk into the apartment and Sheldon immediately confronts Amy. Penny, who just learned Amy’s apartment is indeed ready for her to move back in, covers for her bestie. She claims they just came from the apartment and confirms it will indeed be a while before Amy can return.

Leonard and Sheldon are confused. They begin speaking Klingon to each other, wondering if Penny is lying or if they’ve been misinformed this entire time. I loved every second. Amy jumps on the same bandwagon and starts speaking her secret language to Penny. Both groups try to work out the missing links as I laugh my head off. Raise your hand if you Googled an English-to-Klingon translation site to make sure they were pronouncing “dammit” correctly. Or was that just me?

Penny finally encourages them all to speak their native tongue so they can drag these secrets out into the open. Should Sheldon be mad at Amy for lying? All she wanted to do is spend more time with him. Should Leonard be mad at Penny for stealing his Batman key chain? He didn’t even notice.

Howard, Bernadette, and Raj walk in and all fingers point to the pregnant lady for blabbing in the first place. Bernadette apologizes, followed by Amy telling Sheldon she’s sorry and Penny threatening to toss Leonard’s wizard robes if he doesn’t calm down. Sheldon concedes he feels his living experience with Amy has been positive and he’s open to continuing the arrangement. Penny tells Amy in their secret language to “be cool” at this news. It was the best moment of the episode.

That night, Sheldon struggles with the logistics of his new living situation. Will they live at Penny’s apartment or Amy’s? Should they find something that is their own? What about moving out of Pasadena? Just when he begins to really freak out, Amy subtly hums the theme song from Star Trek. Sheldon rolls his eyes at the thought of his girlfriend singing him such a silly lullaby. 2001: A Space Odyssey is clearly a better choice. Amy launches into the familiar tune and Sheldon falls fast asleep.

Moments later, Sheldon scrambles out of bed. He misses his old bedroom and wants to see it. He crosses the hall, enters the apartment, and follows the sounds of a club beat. He opens the door to see a scantily clad Penny whipping a chained-up Leonard in leather chaps. How do you say “50 Shades of Nerd” in Klingon? Sheldon’s room has been turned into a sex dungeon? Only in his nightmares— thank goodness.

Sheldon remains conflicted. Does he want to live with Amy or not? We find him standing in the hallway between his old apartment and the one he shares with his girlfriend. Amy arrives looking puzzled. Sheldon explains he’s contemplating Buridan’s Donkey, an illustration of a hungry donkey that, when placed between two equal distances of hay, is paralyzed by indecision and starve to death. I will file this away as “useless Big Bang Theory knowledge” right beside Schrödinger’s cat.


Theoretical Laughter

Howard: “JPL is actually developing a robot arm that could grab an asteroid before it hits us.”

Leonard: “So their plan from saving the Earth from Armageddon is hoping a bunch of scientists can catch a ball?”

Raj: “If we’re all going to die, why am I eating so much kale?”

Sheldon: “Everybody wants to spend more time with me. I’m like a man made of sugar in a world of ants.”

Leonard: “I got you this pink Power Ranger. You can put it anywhere you like.”

Penny: “Okay, but you may feel some discomfort.”

Episode grade: A

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In truth, just about everyone on The Big Bang Theory is an adorable geek — even comparative regular girl Penny (Kaley Cuoco). But Sheldon (Jim…
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