Sheldon proves brunch is better with booze

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Strange things are happening on The Big Bang Theory. Penny is signing autographs at a comic convention. Leonard is a love guru. Bernadette test-drives a minivan. And not only has Sheldon replaced his signature superhero T-shirts with a starched button-down, but he’s getting tipsy on mimosas during brunch. Was I the only one who felt like we needed a bazinga this episode?

The fact Penny lands a spot selling autographs behind a folding table at a dinky comic-book convention says a lot about her role in Serial Ape-ist. Sadly, that message indicates her performance was pathetic. Most “fans” remind her the movie was absolutely awful. Others share their appreciation of her shower scene. The good news? Everyone agrees Penny is smokin’ hot.

When nerdy Nolan asks for a kiss from his favorite worst actress, Leonard adjusts the change maker on his belt and intervenes. There’s no way Leonard is going to let his wife kiss comic-loving dorks. It takes Nolan a solid two minutes and absolute confirmation from Penny to even entertain the idea that a guy like him could be married to a girl like her. Jeff gathers his entourage so they can sit at the feet of the master.

Leonard regales his subjects with tales of a scientist who finally wore down the babe who lived across the hall. He amuses them with stories of his various marriage proposals and the one that finally stuck. He delights them with the small detail that his beautiful wife makes more money than him. I totally get it. It’s been 10 years and some of us are still in shock Leonard and Penny ended up together.

While Leonard campaigns for King of the Nerds, Howard freaks out the baby will eventually make his or her way into this world. I have to admit I’m looking forward to the birth of little Wolowitz, but the months leading up to the blessed event have been rather dull — including Howard and Raj buying a minivan without consulting Bernadette. Since her attitude is a little frosty, Howard tries to win Bernadette over to the “mother side” by demonstrating the special features of this award-winning vehicle.

DVD player? Check. GPS system? Check. Trunk that opens with just the kick of a foot? Check. Howard throwing out his back imitating this feature resulting in a trip to the ER? Check. Subplot shenanigans boring? Check.

Across town, Amy has convinced Sheldon to have a party now that they’re living together. The Sheldon we all know and love puts on a normal shirt and slacks and cooks brunch as a surprise for Amy. What is going on? I love how Sheldon is growing and willing to experience new things with Amy, but this entire scenario seemed out of character to me.

Sheldon decides they need a dry-run brunch before inviting their real friends over. His guests include Stuart, a guy named Bert from the geology lab, and the Romanian lady downstairs who’s learning English by watching television. The odd crew watch Sheldon try to open a bottle of champagne for 15 minutes. Fun fact: According to the Romanian lady, 15 minutes can also save you 15 percent at GEICO. Sign me up.

Sheldon sticks his foot in his mouth, revealing Stuart and the other guests are on the “trial team.” Stuart’s feelings are hurt, so he decides to leave. Zeroing in on social cues, Sheldon recognizes the awkward moment and consoles his friend with kind words and a loving toast. Then they kill a pitcher of mimosas.


Theoretical Laughter

Howard to Bernadette: “Look at you. Willy Wonka would roll you to the juicing room.”

Leonard: “And that is how a short asthmatic scientist landed a stone-cold fox.”

Episode grade: B-

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