Bernadette goes back to work, but it's Howard and Stuart who have all the feels.

By Lincee Ray
April 13, 2017 at 09:20 PM EDT
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The Big Bang Theory

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Do you know what I miss? Fun With Flags. I’m not the only one. Me and roughly two hundred people (excluding Penny and Leonard) are totally interested in Sheldon and Amy’s new show Fun With Flags: Behind the Flags: A Retrospective. It’s informative. It’s entertaining. And it has a kicky theme song thanks to Raj’s sweet guitar skills and Howard’s ability to tickle the ivories.

When Amy opens the phone lines for viewers to call in to share their favorite Fun With Flags moments, we experience the longest pause in the history of The Big Bang Theory. Thank goodness Bert calls in, breaking the silence, to share with this small part of the world that he has a new girlfriend named Rebecca. It has nothing to do with flags. He just wanted everyone to know.

While Sheldon and Amy field calls from Bert bragging about his relationship status, Howard tries to calm Bernadette’s anxiousness about returning to work the next day. She’s obsessed with watching the cameras at the daycare center, even though Howard assures her that all the employees are trained, recently vaccinated educators who all went through a rigorous round of background checks. Stuart isn’t any of those things and they feel safe with him. It’s all good.

A trip to the zoo further flings Bernadette down a guilt-induced path. All of the animals care for their babies way longer than she did. None of them chose their career over their child. Once again, Howard gives her the freedom to stay home from work, but she chooses the daycare. She’s thinks Halley needs to learn independence from her parents (*cough, Ms. Wolowitz, cough*).

Cue Howard staring at his darling baby through the glass of the daycare center, unable to leave the premises. Oh look! There’s Stuart too! Neither can stand it, so they decide to bust Halley out for a fun-filled day at the aquarium. Yay for skip days!

Howard and Bernadette aren’t the only ones who are having trouble adjusting. It seems that everyone is concerned about Bert’s new girlfriend. The word “gold digger” comes to mind when they all learn at dinner that the two lovebirds met on a dating website. The end. There was no story. We know nothing about the girl, other than the fact that she is a trainer and really became interested in Bert when he updated his profile to include his MacArthur grant money. Dolla, dolla bills, y’all.

Lines are crossed when Sheldon announces that Rebecca is younger and far more attractive than Bert. Amy makes him sit in the hall so he can think about what he’s done. Then she encourages Bert to rethink his relationship with Rebecca. The next day, Bert agrees to end things with his soulmate. He wants to hold out to see if he can find a hot, young blond who likes him like he is.

Sheldon belly laughs, but Amy isn’t there this time to put him in time-out.

Bert regrets his decision. Now he’s the only one walking around in his apartment in his underwear. He decides to buy Rebecca a jet ski to try and win her back. Sheldon, forever with his foot in his mouth, invites Bert to join their friend group, should someone choose to drop out. Unless, of course, it’s Raj who drops out. Then they will need someone of color.

The next day, Sheldon and Amy decide to do a retrospective of their Fun With Flags retrospective. They receive one phone call. Guess who? It’s Bert! The jet ski worked! It looks like the friend group will remain intact for now.

Theoretical Laughter

BERNADETTE: What if she likes the daycare people more than us?
HOWARD: She already likes soap bubbles more than us.

PENNY: Is this your first time dating a scientist? I was going to start a support group.
REBECCA: No. I was engaged to a Scientologist.

RAJ: What did Amy have that attracted you?
SHELDON: Her mind, kindness, and her body.
AMY: Relax. We’re the same blood type. He knew he could harvest an organ.

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