Sheldon loses an entire day, thanks to some cold medicine

By Lincee Ray
April 06, 2017 at 09:12 PM EDT
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Do you know what may be funnier than drunk Sheldon? A Sheldon who is hopped up on cold medicine. After committing to working on the navigation system with Howard and Leonard, as well as providing input on his project with Amy, Dr. Cooper is stretched a little too thin. Is there any amount of lentil soup in a hydration backpack that can keep his immune system from retaliating against his body?

I think not. A bigger question is: Where are Sheldon’s pants?

The day starts out fine. Sheldon double dips back and forth, spouting off solutions left and right. Much like the spork, it appears that this idea will never work. Spoiler alert: It does. Sheldon kills it and even has time to solve problems while he does laundry to get the stain out of his pants. Thanks soup sack!

It’s Penny who sees the early signs of a sickness coming on. She reminds Sheldon that he is a delicate flower who got a cold while watching Frozen and a nosebleed while watching Up. Sure enough, he goes down for the count, and Amy insists he leave his germs somewhere other than her toast.

Over at the House of Wolowitz, Bernadette is having trouble accepting that her maternity leave is almost over. She likes the idea of getting out the house and having intellectually stimulated conversation, but what if Halley forgets her? Will she have time to bond with her daughter in the ten minutes she’ll have between the time she gets home and Halley’s bedtime? Cue the tears.

She asks Stuart not to tell Howard, but Howard has a keen sense for when Bernadette is upset. He naturally thinks he’s the reason his wife is in a mood. He begins listing off things he’s done, including the time he forgot to tell Bernadette that her great aunt died. Howard has been sending Christmas and birthday cards. What in the world?

Bernadette finally confides in Howard. He understands and tells her that whatever she chooses to do, he will support her. The good news is that Halley is a baby and she won’t remember anything. He says babies are stupid. Examples include peek-a-boo and got-your-nose.

Later that night, the gang finds Sheldon, naked from the waist down, on Leonard and Penny’s couch. He has no recollection of how he got there. Curse you, cold medicine! He looks to Penny to help him through the protocol for remembering a lost evening. Penny’s first suggestion is for Sheldon to check his body for tattoos. Sadly, our boy didn’t get any ink during his wild night. I would have rejoiced for a “live long and prosper” tat. In Klingon.

Sheldon quickly realizes that his super secret notebook, the one with all of the super secret government stuff, is missing from his bag. Raj uses Sheldon’s phone to check the places he visited. There’s the apartment building, the university, and a cowboy bar. Yeehaw!

Sheldon and Raj take a trip to the bar where they are greeted with a boisterous, “SHELDON.” He bellies up to the barkeep, who knows Sheldon by name and presents him with the missing notebook. The one with top secret quantum guidance system solutions. Say again?

Not only did Sheldon tell the barkeep all about the project, he made everyone in the entire bar pinky swear that they would never tell anyone what he shared with them. Here’s hoping the government doesn’t find out, because I don’t know if Sheldon could make it in a federal prison.

Who would sing “Soft Kitty” to him when he gets sick?

Theoretical Laughter:

SHELDON: You hold my hand, you kiss my mouth, and you draw the line at 102 fever? What happened to our love?

HOWARD: Something’s going on with Bernadette. Did she say anything to you? Be honest. Did you tell her I tried her breast pump?
STUART: No, but I mentioned it to my therapist.

AMY: How can he not remember a day?
PENNY: People who are abducted by aliens lose a day. Maybe it happens to aliens too.

Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, and Wolowitz, Amy, Bernadette—the gang keeps growing. Bazinga!
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