Raj moves out of his apartment and gets two new roommates

By Lincee Ray
March 09, 2017 at 09:15 PM EST
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It appears that Fiscally Responsible Raj is here to stay. Not only is he moving out of his cushy apartment, but he’s going back and forth playing his friends to see what kind of roommate deal he can negotiate. Howard offers a nice cot, space heater, and hot plate in the garage. Leonard suggests Raj stay in their spare room. Sheldon tries to talk Amy into introducing a life-size superhero figure into their home.

Clearly, he’s not a participate in the game. 

After hearing that an ornery raccoon has the habit of chewing his way into the garage on cold nights, Raj opts to accept the Hofstadters’ offer. When Sheldon learns that Raj will be staying in his old bedroom, he takes the news very well. This is the new and improved Sheldon. This version tries to hold in knee-jerk reactions and applies emotional filters. Everyone is shocked by how Sheldon isn’t flipping out.

Back in his apartment, Sheldon flips out. Poor Amy has to be the brunt of her boyfriend’s frustration. As it turns out, Sheldon is feeling a bit replaced. Amy understands, reminding him that he has a lot of memories in that room. It’s where he first told her he loved her.

Just as I thought, “Wasn’t that outside the room?” Sheldon corrects Amy. It was just outside his bedroom in the hallway. And I’m forever a Big Bang Theory nerd.

Amy goes on to say that Raj is probably feeling blue. He’s lost his apartment, he’s in debt, and he’s obviously humiliated. Sheldon should cut him some slack. Sheldon agrees and decides to get Raj a housewarming gift — a blank notebook to journal the great ideas inspired by his new room.

Of course Sheldon tags the sentiment with what he believes to be common knowledge: that Raj must be obviously humiliated, therefore, everyone should treat him with kid gloves. Amy has the wherewithal to escort Sheldon back to their apartment before he sticks another foot in his mouth.

A confused Sheldon immediately calls Dr. Beverly Hofstadter to help him puzzle through his emotions. Leonard’s mom tells Sheldon that he is obviously using his old bedroom has an escape hatch. Clearly, he’s worried about being trapped in a relationship with Amy forever. That bedroom is his safety net. Then Beverly pinpoints a problem with her son and his wife. Why is it that they are always trying to take on roommates? Are they avoiding harsh realities themselves?

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Naturally, Sheldon takes this newfound knowledge across the hall and reports it to everyone. He apologizes for taking out his own insecurities on Raj and informs Penny and Leonard that Raj is free to be the buffer they need to distract them from their own marital problems. Then he leaves to go have a conversation with Amy about what order he would eat his friends in case of an apocalypse. Newsflash: He’d save Amy for dessert.

Cue Leonard calling his mom. Dr. Hofstadter defends herself by pointing out that this roommate business is a theme. Remember when Penny offered for her brother to move in? Of course this is a problem, right?

While Penny and Leonard think about Beverly’s assessment, Raj leaves in the middle of the night to go over to the Wolowitz household. Meaning, he walks right up to Howard and Bernadette’s bedroom, scaring the bejesus out of them, to talk about his feelings. He hates that everyone is fighting because of him.

He makes up the couch and has a heart-to-heart with fellow moocher Stuart. When Raj asks Stuart if they should live together, Stuart exclaims there is no reason to leave the Wolowitzs. Why would he choose between independence and a steam shower? Stuart plans on retiring here, and if Raj has a brain, he should too.

The next day, Penny and Leonard ask Raj to move back in with them. They are entirely comfortable in their relationship and view this endeavor as simply helping out a friend. Raj agrees and Sheldon is forced to live with a tiny dog across the hall.

He may never visit Penny and Leonard’s apartment again. It’s a good thing he and Amy have a life-size Batman to keep them company.

Theoretical Laughter

RAJ: What’s is like sharing a bathroom with Penny? Is there hair everywhere? Does she share your loofah?

SHELDON: It’s nice that you’re helping out our friend.
LEONARD: It’s nice that you are taking whatever medication Amy’s been giving you.

HOWARD: You have a Raj. We have a Stuart. Maybe we can take them to the park and let them run around a bit.

BERNADETTE: Nobody needs a mooch living in their house forever.
STUART: Hey. That’s no way to talk about your baby.

Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, and Wolowitz, Amy, Bernadette—the gang keeps growing. Bazinga!
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