Sheldon shares a secret he's been keeping for two years

By Lincee Ray
February 16, 2017 at 09:33 PM EST
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I wish this episode of The Big Bang Theory had a little more meat to it. I understand that Raj and Sheldon experienced epiphanies, but their progressions fell a little flat for me. Luckily, the last few minutes had an unexpected revelation that made me giggle.

Let’s start with Raj. We know he’s a spoiled child who doesn’t take care of his own financial needs. When Dr. Koothrappali voices his concern for his son, stating that no woman wants a man who can’t get by without an allowance from daddy, Raj is upset. His father no longer wants to force an arranged marriage? How mean!

Raj processes this rejection using retail therapy. He buys Halley a brand new crushed velvet baby cape from Gucci. It’s just what she’ll need should she go yodeling in the Alps. Raj explains to his friends that his father has officially given up on him. He surveys the group see if he indeed is a spoiled little rich kid.

Survey says? A resounding yes.

Raj doesn’t pay his rent, his car note, or his credit cards. He doesn’t know what he spends on food because the housekeeper does all the shopping. Let the judging begin! Howard and Leonard assure him that he can live on his salary if he just makes some changes to his budget. Or better yet, he should actually make a budget.

The obvious place to start is for Raj to find a cheaper place to live. Option one is to move in with Bernadette and Howard. Stuart already lives there. What’s one more vagabond? Howard puts the kibosh on that idea and offers up option two: Raj can move into Sheldon’s old bedroom. Penny falls on her sword and is quick to let Raj know he is welcome at Hotel Hofstadter any time he wants to stay. Raj politely declines. CRISIS AVERTED!

The next time we see Raj, he’s brown bag lunching it in the cafeteria. He’s ditched his dog walker and is ready to live the life of a normal person. We’ll see how long this lasts.

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Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy celebrate date night at a restaurant. They spy Bert at the bar. He’s waiting for his G-Harmony date. G-Harmony: for geologists who are ready to find love.

When Bert’s date stand him up, Sheldon invites him to join him on his date with Amy. They talk about the defunct search engines that they miss (shout out to Ask Jeeves) before moving on to a conversation about how Sheldon and Amy met. As you may recall, they met online, and their first date was at a coffee shop. Tepid water, please.

Bert says that he envies The Shamy. Other than the fact that they only have sex once a year, they are pretty much the perfect couple. Cue Amy spitting out her margarita. It turns out everyone knows about the annual birthday coitus, and Amy is mortified.

Sheldon is confused by this turn of events. He has no idea how everyone at Caltech found out. He only told Leonard, Howard, Raj, Kripke, a few professors, and the sweet lunch lady who cuts the crusts off his sandwiches.

Amy finds it humiliating that her sex life is water cooler talk. Say hello to Sheldon and Amy’s first big fight! Amy goes to bed angry.

Sheldon enters the bedroom with a whiteboard showcasing the Zones of Privacy. Amy and Sheldon are in the middle. Friends are in the next circle, including Hawking. Stuart is in the next circle. And strangers are in the last one. Sheldon understands that the middle one, the circle regarding intimacy, is reserved for Amy. And maybe Dr. Fink, if things get red and irritated.

Amy asks about the mark in the middle of the intimacy circle and Sheldon explains that the dot represents thoughts he doesn’t share with anyone. Amy wants to hear an example, and since Sheldon is sort of in the doghouse right now, he obliges.

Two years ago, he got his driver’s license. He didn’t say anything because being chauffeured around makes him feel important.

Could this be a game changer? Will Sheldon drive himself to the train store? Will anyone let him borrow their car? Time will tell.

Theoretical Laughter
BERNADETTE: You didn’t have much when you moved here. How’d you get by?
PENNY: Well, you can get free food and wifi from the neighbors. Just know you might have to marry one of them.

AMY: There’s Bert at the bar. We should go say hi.
AMY: Because that’s what you do when you see someone at a public place.
SHELDON: I have multiply retraining orders that say otherwise.

SHELDON: This is our first fight as a couple who live together, and I’m not sure of protocol. Television tells us that the man is supposed to sleep on the couch, but you’re more sofa-sized.

Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, and Wolowitz, Amy, Bernadette—the gang keeps growing. Bazinga!
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