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August 06, 2018 at 11:17 PM EDT

Now, on to tonight’s big winner, so to speak. “Garrett’s the one for me,” says Becca tearfully. “He’s gonna be my teammate, he’s gonna be the best partner, he’s gonna stand by me every single day. He would be somebody that I could see my dad loving so much.” And so when Garrett arrives, Becca doesn’t leave him in limbo very long. “I reread my journal, and you were the first guy I ever wrote about in it,” she says. “I wrote that you reminded me of home, you reminded me of one of the most important men in my entire life, and that was my dad.” All of this is a long way of saying…


You know what comes next: A bended knee, a Neil Lane product shot, the Final Rose, and a moment of beachfront bliss.


And my God, if Costco doesn’t capitalize on this free publicity, their PR team should be fired.

Don’t think you’re getting a bathroom break, folks — because now we’re LIVE in the studio with Mr. Chris Harrison. A round of applause for the happy couple, please.


“I’m just ready to start life,” gushes Becca. The no-longer-Bachelorette says she didn’t truly realize Garrett was The One until after the hometown dates. On her way home, she was eating a sad “breakfast quesadilla” at the airport and happened to run into Garrett’s sister and nieces, who greeted her with a warm hug. “I just started crying into this quesadilla,” marvels Becca. “Oh my God, I love this man.”

After a cutesy look at Becca and Garrett’s “happy couple” weekend … and a look at the rose bush Garrett and Becca planted during one of their weekends together (uh, okay), we finally get to the question on everyone’s mind: What about those Instagram likes, though? Garrett begins by reiterating his apology from May, saying, “I didn’t realize the effect of a double-tap or like on Instagram… I’m just trying to grow as a person, be a better person on a daily basis.” He went on to say that the things he liked went against what Becca “stands for,” and as a result “it made it really hard on us as a couple.” At that point Becca jumps in to say that she definitely does not “condone” what she calls “the Instagram situation,” and says it was a “major thing” they had to talk about after filming ended. Still, she accepts his apology and his willingness to “learn and grow” as a person. “I just want to move forward,” she says, “and continue to educate ourselves.”

Fair enough, I guess? People should be allowed to learn from their mistakes, I suppose — so I’m choosing to believe that Becca will exert a positive influence over that big ol’ lug beside her. Thoughts, rose lovers?

So what’s next for these two? Becca wants four corgies, a Costco membership, and the ability to walk around in public with her fiancé. And as a parting gift, Harrison tells the duo that they’re getting another free trip to Thailand, plus their very own minivan… complete with an #equality bumper sticker!


Excellent trolling, Team Bachelorette. Bra-vo.

Welp, rose lovers, thanks for taking this “journey” with me. Before you go, let me know how you’re feeling after this finale. Will Becca and Garrett last? Should Blake be the next Bachelor (if Wills says no, of course)? And did Garrett’s latest apology change how you feel about him? Post your thoughts below! And be sure to get some sleep, because there is no rest for Bachelor Nation: Paradise starts tomorrow!

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