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July 16, 2018 at 10:01 PM EDT

Where does the time go, rose lovers? It seems like only a few weeks ago we were watching Becca getting dumped via split-screen on The Bachelor, and now here we are at hometowns on her season of The Bachelorette! They grow up so fast.

Hometown Date No. 1: Garrett.
Location: Manteca, CA.
Family present: Mom (Barbara), Dad, Granny, sister (Allison), brother, and assorted other relatives in non-speaking roles.

How do we know that Garrett is a frontrunner? Becca wore her best romper just for him.


“He always makes me smile,” Becca gushes. “I just want to frolic through the trees with him.” Garrett gives the Bachelorette a tour of his family’s land, which is part of their “agricultural business.” Shades of Chris Soules, right? He and Becca clamber up onto some kind of planting contraption, and Carlos fires up the engine. What, no “Love is like planting your seed in the ground while a guy named Carlos drives you around” metaphors? Missed opportunity, Team Bachelorette!


“Life with Garrett would just be so good,” coos Becca. “He’d be a hot dad.” Next up, he and Becca plant a rose bush (awwwww) and then relax under the shade of a tree to chat about Garrett’s failed marriage. Once again, Garrett paints his ex as a villain — she tried to separate him from his family, etc. — and he realized that their “family values” no longer aligned. But everything will be fine, Garrett tells Becca, provided his family doesn’t see any similarities between her and his mean ol’ ex-wife. “I hope that they see that I’m nothing like his ex,” Becca frets. No pressure, honey! So let’s meet the family!

Garrett comes in hot, making a toast to the joys of being with “the people that you love and that you’re falling in love with,” and mom’s eyebrow raise is priceless.


Cheers! Garrett’s sister Allison is intrigued as well, so she pulls him aside for the day’s first debrief. “I can just be 100 percent myself around her,” he gushes, but Allison isn’t ready to give up her “protective” role just yet, especially after the pain of his divorce. “We love you so much, Garrett,” she says tearfully. In another room, Garrett’s dad is giving the same speech to Becca. “When this all came about, it broke him,” he says. “And I hated it.” Dad pleads with Becca to cut Garrett loose if he’s not The One, because his family can’t bear to see him heartbroken again.

Garrett’s mom Barbara seconds and thirds that point. “One of the most gut-wrenching things I’ve ever had to watch was the night that he moved out of his home,” she says, choking up. “He turned to me and said, ‘Mom, am I making the right decision?’” Now that her boy is out of that “dark hole,” Barbara will be damned if some TV girlfriend is going to send him back to its depths. Becca assures mom that she takes marriage seriously, explaining that she shares Garrett’s “deep values.” Barbara seems cautiously optimistic. “If Becca is the future,” mom tells Garrett, “she’ll be embraced by our family whole heartedly.”


Awwww, aren’t moms the best? As for Garrett’s dad, he seems like a nice enough guy… until he mocks his son for saying “Love you too, Granny” to his grandma. Seriously, if this is the kind of bulls— toxic masculinity Garrett grew up around, no wonder his values (as measured by Instagram likes) were askew. (Next: Blue Cheese or Ranch?)

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